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03 Aug 2013 23:11:42
hello i'm new to this site but very interested and curious about everyones views on differant subjects iv heard lots of theorys about 9 11 the royals iluminata etc but what about jesus god good evil. thank you look forward to reading your views

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1) If Jesus did exist he'd look middle eastern. However, trying to convince all those crusaders to go on a rampage in the middle east would be quite difficult if they thought the son of god could potentially be among the soon to die sinners. Money might have worked for some of them but it wouldn't work as a motive for everyone.

2) God backwards spells Dog. Probably means nothing, though it would be interesting as animism existed in the past. Also, I think the personification of god is a defense mechanism for unimaginative, insecure and xenophobic people to cope with infinity. It's more likely it started the other way around, so maybe a way for the powers at be to stop people from being imaginative, feeling secure and believing that everything has equal right to existence.

3) As for good and evil, dualities exist only in the low dimensions.

Bonus) A lot of old monasteries that had painted walls portraying magic mushrooms were demolished. It is believed by some that that is what the holy spirit represents.

Tip) As priests were historically the ones holding on to all the hidden knowledge and thus power, if someone is seeking truth one might want to avoid organised religion. On the other hand if one is trying to understand propaganda and the effects thereof, that would be the place to start.


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Okay thank you for reply

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You are most welcome.

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All I am saying is the bible of ever culture is propaganda.

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Everything paticularly with political motive is propaganda it is not a by word for lies

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For me the bible was relevant for the time. but imagine at the time the bible came out if people were harking back to images of cave paintings telling them this is how they should live their life.

it is the same today, although the stories may hold some moral guidence, they have to be translated into a scenario of today. A good annolgy of this is when you were at school having to do shakespre in English, it was like reading gibberish. the English teacher was the translator. so everyone undertood.

The problem with the bible and other books of its elk is that there is no translator and the words written inside are gospel - pun intended.

no one should be living their life based on a book or books written thousands of years ago. maybe learn from the moral messages in there. but don't try and apply them to todays life as it is not relevant

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A SERIES of lies that is designed to create a set belief system within you, in an attempt to alter the way you perceive and think, thus predetermining the way you behave. That would be my definition of propaganda. Also, what do you mean by politics?

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03 Aug 2013 14:16:05
So your thoughts on Google's new "Always listening" voice recognition on the new Motarola phone? Sounds kinda suspicious, it's bad enough that they listen to our phone-calls and messages.

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There is plenty of rumours connecting Google to the NSA and in extension to the whole US spying program to begin with. As for your question, sorry to be the barer of bad news, anything with a speaker/microphone registers all sounds in its range. All that is needed is some reprogramming and a medium to store the data on the spot or some kind of infrastructure for them to be transmitted and stored elsewhere. So even your beeping microwave can be turned into a surveillance device provided you live in one of those "smart" homes.

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03 Aug 2013 09:41:03
Don't know if this is conspiracy as such, but I live in the Stoke-on-Trent area, and on Thursday night at about 10 pm I heard a jet passing overhead very low. Went outside to see what is was and saw what I can only imagine, by the speed they were travelling, two fighter jets passing over the horizon travelling westbound. They then banked and came back overhead travelling east. I heard nothing else so googled it on Friday morning and not much was mentioned, but someone said on another forum that they'd seen two "fully armed" Apache type helicopters on the edge of Stoke-on-Trent about three hours before. Any ideas?

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03 Aug 2013 11:15:59
I saw 2 apache looking helicopters a few weeks back flying over Northampton.

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I heard some really loud jets a few days ago over where I live, I didn't see them though.

Probably just some training exercise or the conspiracy theorist in me thinks they could be guiding/flying along side something. I was like half 11 ish so nobody would of seen anything.

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Apaches are silent. When I was in the forces I was walking along a cliff edge then all of a sudden an apache just popped up, their immense

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03 Aug 2013 02:20:04
Embassy closures all over the Middle East because that thing that America used to fund and probably still does might do some 'terrorism' this weekend?
Well those of us who find the US propaganda machine as a manipulation of people's state of mind will have obviously looked at this headline news from a less obtuse point of view? So what do we think is going on people?

Matt_RFC hello again regulars!

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{Ed033's Note - Hello and welcome back Matt_RFC

Increased police helicopter activity in Cyprus for the last 2-3 days. They seem to be flying close to the Dhekelia British military base.

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