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03 Feb 2012 13:26:00
Injections vaccinations and MMR

Any thoughts

Personally I believe theseare all used t dull our senses etc

Lurgan Red

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It depends on if they do whats said on the tin. If they don't then whats in them.

Maybe someone should swipe some and get them tested.

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Not sure if this is relevant but watched a documentry on JFK's son touring around the US trying to advise that the injections they give out are the main cause for the diseases and epidemics like swine flu and bird flu. He had top doctors research bird and swine flu and found out the only way to contract these would be through direct injection you couldnt catch them if they were airborn! not sure if i have this all right but definatley worth a watch and he does have top doctors confirming it as well!

Runcorn Red!

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03 Feb 2012 00:13:02
Just watched question time only because phil redmond was on and it was like having a man off the street on the panel and telling it how it is in simple terms, first question should the rbs chief lose he's knighthood and was it right he never took he's million pound bonus,well as you expected they all agreed he loses he knighthood but conservites think one thing and labour another like spoilt kids in the playground,then it comes to phil for he's opinon and he sez forget about that how the hell has the government allowed this to happen,the politicans could not look him in the face,well worh watching on bbc iplayer,i won't tell you about the other topics,check them out. . Frankyscouse

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Franky this mess came about cos Labour signed off a load of contracts for the bankers cos they didn't want the mess of having to deal with them.

Now we have the other lot in and they've inherited the mess, and bowed to public pressure.

The thing is its in a contract and as such its legally binding, they are owed that money and are well within their rights to claim it no matter how distasteful it is.

The govt whether Labour or Tory or Monster Raving Loony couldn't just turn round and say no your not having it cos then they'd wind up in court being sued for breach of contract so they have had to rely on public pressure to shame these people into not taking bonuses.

Not an ideal situtaion but what pisses me off is Ed Balls sitting looking smug, half of this is his mess as he was supposed to be the brains at the treasury.

And Milliband is useless the sooner he goes the better, the only problem is i don't see any natural replacement for him so i guess we're stuck with him till he gets annihilated at an election then we have to put up with a Tory majority for 5 years.

Anyone with any suggestions for Labour leader? {Ed001's Note - is it just me that thinks the Millibands are just clones of Tony Bliar? They speak exactly the same, must be the way they are trained to talk.}

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True Ed, they are all middle class posho's who have no idea of what its like to be a working man juggling bills, rent, council tax every month.

Milibands dad was a champagne socialist at Oxford for gods sake. One of those o lets look at the poor people types no doubt.

What has happened to the Labour Party though? Where are all the proper Labour people gone?

There was a only Blunkett and Prescott, Blunkett lovely chap but cos he's disabled he's got no chance, and Prescott sold us down the river to brown nose Blair in exchange for a non job minesterial title and all the perks then sucked up to Brown for a Title and now swans around the Lords, some working class hero he is!

Until Labour can actually get someone decent in charge they will struggle.

All Ed can do is try and suck up to the middle classes, the same ones that dropped Brown and ran back to the Tories. And the rest of them just try and appease the underclass on benefits, sorry but as a working man i'm sick of seeing my 25% of my wages going on keeping the workshy in fags and stella.

Sorry for the rant.

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