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03 Jul 2013 21:17:11
Well I think we could do with a cheering up, I know things get frusrating at times but afterall, "the pearl of great price" is so-named with very good reason.

As it happens i've been saving something for a rainy day. I'd like to introduce (to those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure) a book. It is a book equally deserving of a place on this page, as the 'book review' one (if you'll gracefully allow this indulgance, eds), for it is no ordinary book. It is Etidorpha.

So is it fact or fiction? I can't tell you, but I can tell you that Etidorpha is not a book for the Oxford graduate; with rigid mind set in someone else's nonsense - instead it is a book for the seeker; the thinker; the ponderer, a book for minds who know there is much more in this world than meets the eye.

The book is still available to buy, however i've included a couple of links to read online. Keep a tight saddle. pea

Great stuff pea cheers for the links pal, got 8 chapters through before bed, was absolutely knackered but for some strange reason the vividness of that book played on my mind for an hour or so. Keeping me up until it got me thinking back to times where I have felt strange company there in my bedroom or at one of my mates house where we witnessed a spatula fly from the draining board in his Kitchen to off the back of his couch in the living room with enough force to make a small incision on the leather (weirdest house I've ever been in. ), about half an hour later I felt a strange phenomena coursing through my body and as I closed my eyes I saw strange signs & random flashing images streaming through my mind at a speed of thought unknown to me, like weird faces masks monuments & fire as bright as the sun while my brain seemed to be pulsating inside my head & I had this weard sensation warming it's way through my spine. I put it down to lack of sleep & to a very small extent paranoia as paranormalities don't normally bother me in the slightest as I have never physically seen a ghost, but the things that were happening I've never felt before in my life truly strange how the brain works as the imagination runs wild. I've been unwell for the past week & had a bit of a traumatic experience a few weeks ago that I lost sleep over so I'm putting it down to that & I do not expect the same thing to happen tonight when I read on thought I'd share that if anyone's had any similar experiences I'd love to hear them.

Rise & Shine

Only on DMT Rise and Shine, mate ;-)

Melbourne CFC

Unless there's some of that in lemsip mate I don't think it was that maybe I'm just nuts lol.

Rise & Shine

Thanks for that link pea. Haven't read any yet but intend to.

Rise & Shine, this is going to sound strange but I had a similar experience the other day. Let me know if anything like this has happened to you.

The other day I woke up, about 3:30pm, as you do when out of work.

I was certainly awake, no doubts in my head. I checked my phone for the time, sent a text. Felt too tired to get up just yet. Thought, "right another half an hour".

So, closed my eyes, felt this weird tingling in my head, like under the scalp but not the brain. Felt the tips of my fingers heating up, almost like I had them on the side of a boiling kettle. Wasn't sore though. I was definitely still awake, I opened my eyes partially. I could see my room. But there was more. I concentrated harder.

I can only describe what I saw as CCTV footage, from an elevated view I was watching a live stream of cars driving, people crossing a road etc. It was an unknown city, I could even smell the city. An industrial smell. Now I don't live in a city so I know the distinction between the two. I could even feel the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle nature of it.

It was really strange because I could sort of 'tap in'. If I opened my eyes completely wide I was in my room, it wasn't dreamlike or anything. I could even hear my dog barking at the neighbors kids playing football.

But when I rested my head down again I tried to see what I saw, and I could, I had my eyes squinted I could 'feel' it all again. Watching these people from a height, like as though I was a security camera. This went for about 40 mins.

I swear I'm not on drugs of any kind, I don't even take a tablet for a headache. Strangest thing so it was.

My thinking is that is just a chemical imbalance causing me to hallucinate but the thing is I've hallucinated before several times as I'm prone to a fever and it felt nothing like that.

Weird, weird, weird. Anyone else experience any unexplained phenomena they'd like to share?

Fascinating NIGunner cheers for sharing mate, the way you say it was in under your scalp I said the brain pulsating, but it was exactly like you mentioned it was more like my scalp was pulsating on my skull, and exactly like you said I could tap in unlike you I could not think about what I was seeing because then it was something else so rapidly just the strangest things I tried to link them but it was impossible to train my thought on any of it. When I opened my eyes the room was blurry like a heat wave I just thought it's because of this stripy black, grey & white wallpaper I have on top of how tired I was. Then when I closed my eyes everything would be black & all these light blue coloured images (apart from the blinding bright firey flashes) would course through my mind at an unbelievable rate I just more or less "tuned in and enjoyed the show" if you like to see If my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something lol. It went on for 15mins or so then got up had a drink of water then fell asleep no problem. Have a read at that book it opens up the imagination.

Rise & Shine

To NI Gunner, I have had several similar experiences, where its like you can see the 'real' reality, you know what I mean? Not one shade of green on a tree, but thousands of shades. The feeling that buildings don't look real, that there out of place and shouldn't be here? I mean, like, buildings aren't shaped like life is, they're too square, they're like boxes. Then you realise life is not shaped like a box, its shaped like a tree, branches, roots and leaves spreading into the universe and you feel like you can touch it, it's there, right in front of you and it's wonderful. Then the moment goes and you're back to living in a box (house) going to work in a box (car, van, bus etc) working in a box (office) then you go home and stare at a box (TV).
Oh how I wish my life was shaped like a tree.


I can't say I have had a similar expirience and I am certainly no expert but to me that sounded like an out of body experience.