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03 Mar 2012 16:40:22
all this religion stuff is a bit far fetched. In the Bible it says that Moses came down the hill in his triumph, but cars & bikes weren't even invented then.

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Talkin about religion, i was watchin a documentry about the turin shroud the other night, just wondered what other people(you lot) thought about it?
huddz red

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I have always thought it was a fake even when i did believe in catholisim. now i think its a big hoax even more.

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There's a very good book which i can't think of the name now but.. It maintains the image is that of Jacques de Molay the last Grand Master of the Templars who died around 1314.

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03 Mar 2012 16:26:50
seen a programe called the end of the line on curret tv(virgin 155) predict by 2048 that the oceans will be empty of fish,there is a massive ship capable of fitting 8 aeroplanes in that is catching fish,not everyone agrees about the date and think its exagerated but they all agree that every fish in the ocean has declined dramticly,anyone remember how cheap cod and chips was from your chippy? and how expensive it is now, things need to change.

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The rapid decline in large fish in the species is the problem. Most caught now are still juvenile and limiting the fishing is trying to preserve the stocks. To be fair if we stopped fishing for five to ten years the natural stock would have chance to mature and stronger breeding stock would leed to more fish. The biggest problem to come from over fishing is the rise in predators with no competition, largely the hombolt squid. Nasty piece of work that now has a major foothold. It could be the limiting factor now in preserving fish stock levels. CheltBlue

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You're right, things do need to change. The cost of fish and chips is outrageous and needs bringing down


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