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03 Mar 2013 16:20:56
Ok watching The Da Vinci Code (ok ok I know) but i'm thinking two things. Firstly it does build a plausible case, certain things do require closer examination. Secondly what if its a bit of dis info. What if there are other things that their trying to hide so put out something that most people have already heard of anyway as a distraction? Thoughts?

{Ed033's Note - Interesting that Dan Brown based the Da Vinci code book on what he had read in books talking about the mysteries surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau such as The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail book, but there seems to be no mention at all of Rennes-le-Chateau in The Da Vinci Code movie

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03 Mar 2013 17:02:38
That's true. i'd forgotten that. I've read most of Brown's source books at college years before he was even published. I also remember reading another book about the same time I read DVC. By Lynn Pinkett and Clive Prince where they were saying the real secret was to do with John the Baptist. I'll have to look it up after dinner.

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Mort u ate your dinner yet

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05 Mar 2013 15:06:27
Nope i'm wasting away. The mrs decorated and packed everything into the man cave so can't get into the man cave and only just got broadband back. Mort

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The theory was JTB was in fact Christ and not the other way round. that was their theory.

The whole holy blood Holy Grail book tells the story of the Cathers etc and some interesting things, but then it basically just say. THIS IS WHAT WE THINK IT MEANS and goes on to ramble about how they theorise Mary Magdalene was pregnant and Jesus was the childs father and she fled to France,. but they do not have any evidence or anything to back this up. Also, IMO France at the time was tribal and the almost feral people living there would be unlikely to accept and take in a foreigner to their shores, your go, this story becomes more like a story that they made up.

What would have been better for them was to go with the Cathers and knights templars rise to power which they do touch on.

They, the KT found something when they were digging in Jerusalem which gave them immense power, some say this was the cup of Christ, others believe it was the alchemy knowledge or something to do with the philosophers stone. no not harry potter the chemical process! anyhow a rag tag group of mercenaries in affect became a power house overnight with immense wealth and power.

Their power continued even after their apparent break up on Friday the 13th and all that, and the survivors fleeing to Scotland, England and most notably Switzerland which still bears their emblem on their national flag to this day and also became powerful basically overnight with banking etc.

But as I said, it would have been better if they had explored these theories in details.

TA {Ed001's Note - how was France almost feral back then? There is plentiful evidence of a very well organised trade network with the Middle East region. The people would be well used to dealing with those foreigners, and would be extremely likely to have a proportion of them living around them. Makes no sense to say they would be unlikely to accept them, most of those attitudes you are referring to were later inventions. Brought in by medieval kings needing to get people to fight their wars for them, what better way than patriotism and making others out to be less worthy? You are talking about a time when peoples, such as the Romans, were moving around, tribes would migrate, mingle and become other tribes altogether.}

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Maybe feral was a bit harsh, but my point was that the Gauls who had not been displaced by Romans or who were not settled under Roman rule would be unlikely to accept a pregnant foreigner and their contingent in their fold.

Was it also the same book that said the offspring of Mary became the Merovingians or was that in another book? I can't remember. Anyhow, as I said the interesting parts form the Holy Blood book was the part about the Cathars and the Bezieres – spelling. massacre and why so many chose to die rather than go free?

I know religious doctrine of the time was Christian and the whole of Christendom, but why turn your back on your faith to die as a heretic?

TA {Ed001's Note - the Gauls were a very mixed group of people, why would they not accept a pregnant foreigner when they were all foreigners driven out of other lands by the Romans? I really don't think you have a good grasp on the history of that time, if you feel that. You seem to be talking about a group of people using modern beliefs, with no idea of how the belief system has been changed since then.}

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The Gauls of the time were either under Roman rule, or if their settlement became too large or too powerful they would be moved on like travellers by the Romans.

The Gauls living under Roman rule were free to trade and prosper to a degree, but history does not give the impression that the Gauls were welcoming to foreigners. The story indicates they were welcomed with open arms? Also, why would the Gauls who worshiped animals, rivers etc accept foreigners and a new belief system? {Ed001's Note - what history does not give that impression? Because any history I have read, ones that don't refer to them as barbarians, show them to be trading with the world and living hand in hand with local peoples. For instance, in Britain, there were Britons, Cornish, Gauls and many other small groups of people, all mingling and trading, with little issue between them. In fact they were happy to unite to fight the Romans. I don't see what you are on about regarding beliefs, when there were hundreds of different belief systems spread throughout the area. Why would they suddenly be against one more? There is no reason to think that would be so at all. Again you are bringing modern thinking into it and not realising that they did not think the same way as you think they did.}

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Yeah at the time of the crucifxtion somewhere around circa 33ad Gaul had been part of the Empire for something like 70-80 years, The younger generations wouldn't have known anything else. The Gauiish nobility (basically the ones that survived Alesia anyway) would have been Romanised.

I think i've finally managed to track down my copy of the Templar Revelation and plan on reading it at the weekend. Now if only I can find where she's hidden Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Mort {Ed001's Note - also there were none of the overpopulation pressures you have nowadays, when new people arrive in an area. There were more jobs than people, so any new people were welcomed as a helping hand in gathering/planting crops, even if they had no skillset to add to the community.}

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Also turning up heavily pregnant at least proves she's fertile which is a big selling point in some cultures today never mind back then, probably wouldn't be short of offers.

The best thing to do would have been to skedaddle straight put of Judea, but the only real options you've got are settle in some other province of the Roman Empire or head east into Parthia. Rome's probably the easier option as its larger so more chance of anonymity. At this point no-one really cares about Mary Magdalene apart from a few Jewish religious figures that JC had upset. But with him dead they'd probably not be too bothered about her. All speculation but I can see her heading to Gaul, its far enough away from Judea, its litle more than a Roman backwater, little more than a staging area for campaigns in Germania and shuttling troops into Britannia, its safe, quiet and there's enough good sized towns to hide in for a quiet life. The locals aren't going to cause any trouble, the Roman's wouldn't be bothered as long as taxes are paid on time. Mort

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08 Mar 2013 13:52:00
Gaul wasn't feral. Germania was. Gaul's problem was it wasn't uncivilised enough. Germania was uncivilised and never conquered. Gaul was civilised enough to resist but not uncivilised enough to win. Pretty much every civilised nation around got conquered by Rome.

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03 Mar 2013 15:54:09
Did anyone see the programme about Mermaids awhile back and how they found a body washed up on a beach and how goverment officals covered it up. Your thoughts?

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It was a mockumentary.


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So I wasn't the only one who fell for that!

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