Conspiracy Talk Archive November 03 2012


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03 Nov 2012 20:30:56
Whats every ones thoughts on the FEMA camps? yous think the Illuminati are behind it?

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03 Nov 2012 20:30:23
Anyone hear about the meeting at bohemian grove it took place 3 week ago and mitt romney and obama were supossenly spotted along with other celbs to bow down before the owl.

{Ed033's Note - If politicians are asked to go to these rituals, if they don't go, their career won't go any further.

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Not heard much about this sort of thing could you explain more please ?

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I thought it took place in july 14-29th.

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Not true Ed politicains go to the grove all the time , Bill clinton was spotted at it , theres pictures all over google of him there

{Ed033's Note - You didn't read my reply correctly. Your above reply would confirm my above reply

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