Conspiracy Talk Archive November 03 2013


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02 Nov 2013 23:51:20
Was listening to the news here in New Zealand and they were describing the guy who did the shootings in the airport in LA. It was strange that they knew so much on the news so soon after it happened. Usually it takes a while for the information to be released but not long after it they were reporting that he had items in his bag about the new world order and had been telling people about the new world order and how it was taking over and that. To me it protrayed anyone who believed that the new world order was a reality as being a crackpot who would be capable of the same thing as this guy. I do believe that mind control is a reality and what better way to turn people against the believers than fear.

That's the problem isn't it PmacC, we can undo all their unjust laws in a week, but deconditioning takes longer. People have to take responsibility for what they let in their heads.
As for the controllers actively targeting anybody anti-nwo, we can stop calling it that. The duality of order versus chaos is a trap of their design anyway, neither is the optimal outcome.
We can start calling it world slavery or something of the sort and use some of their trigger words against them.

If it was a set up job then there was probably already a prepared file ready to hand over to the media full of useful facts. They've done it before, in recent and not so recent times. if I remember right New Zealand papers were printing full bio's of Lee Oswald hours after the shooting despite him only being in custody for a few hours. Mort.