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03 Oct 2011 23:26:55
Hey guys anybody know what's going on in italy? Their prime minister has been in court an in the papers for paying for sex, he owns a football club in a league were match fixing has been proven several times with teams being relageted and players banned. Now the american girl amanda knox and her boyfriend convicted of killing the english girl have been released. So either bent coppers and judges sent them down or let them out! Then we av the mafia, are they behind it of is italy the most corrupt place in the world or is it in my head?

C m sucks

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Weirdness last week with Northern Italy offering to pay off the debts of the south in return for independance. Mental. I'll try and dig up the article.


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Whats going on in italy hookers that's whats going on silvio is getting down with the bitches and the ho's

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03 Oct 2011 21:32:30
does anyone else think that george lucas was telling us something , with his star wars film , the good and the dark side , and the universe is teaming with life much like earth and our ancestors called them angles etc , what do you think, and may the force be with you..........lfc

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I think it was him saying Communist were bad and Capitalism was good remember it was the cold war and the space race

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It was Russia V America

Remember Regans SDI Not STI

Look at most hollywood movies russians are always bad (very few films where russians were good)

Russia is the only country that scares america

They can't threaten the Russians with HARRP like they do most other countriers cause the Russian invented this technology and the Illuminati stole it from the Russians.

They can't threaten the russians with nuclear weapons the Russians have more atomic bombs then the whole of NATO combined

Forget Bin Laden he was american made and used only for to change the laws in america and take away civil Liberties from the american people which Bush did.

The real boyeyman or more correctly counter balance to America is Russia and the americans hate that.

They have the people of the west convined Russia bad america good when its not like that at all.

Russia constantly watches the moves of the illuminati and dislikes what they do but cannot do much about it.

No one country can stop the illuminati

Many films have hidden messages not just star wars

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03 Oct 2011 21:05:41
Muammar Gaddafi gave a speech to the U N on 23rd september 2009, it was 1 hour 36 minutes long.
He had not visited the U N headquarters since he took power in 1969.
He talked of USA giving Israel $3000000000 of military aid each year for decades (which is true).He talked of swine flu (strange to know that Donald Rumsfelds firm have made billions out the vaccinations of swine flu since). Yes the same ex US defence secretary who orchestrated the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
He called for a U N inquiry into the murder of JFK. He slammed the U N for failing to stop 65 wars since 1945.
He said the United Nations Charter said nations were equal,whether large or small.
The veto power bestowed upon the five permanent members of the security council (USA,UK,FRANCE,RUSSIA,CHINA) was therefore, agai nst the Charter,and he neither accepted nor recognized it.
He also called for oil to be priced by the euro instead of the dollar.
That my friends is why Libya was attacked by NATO/ZIONIST NWO.

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Everybody know the hawks in the American Administration are from Israel and that israel is a satellite state of America don't they?

The doves in the American government are from europe

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03 Oct 2011 19:34:18
Can we now get back to conspiracies rather than political polemics over the rights and wrongs of Empires?

All empires did wrong, Rome, Spain, British, Japanese, American, Russian, everyone has blood on their hands.

How many of these events were manipulated by the Illuminati?

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Without Policical histronics they would be no conspiracies its politicans who carry out the wishes of their illuminati masters directly or indirectly

With smaller countrie the work of the illuminati is done indirectly most prime ministers of smaller countries are not even aware of the decisons made up in the higher echelons of power yet these decisions effect their poeple

Who elected herman von rompey?

Who elected Jose maneul borosso?

I live in europe I was never given the chance to vote for either of thse jokers or any other candidates

500M people in europe are affected by these idiots who cary out the work the illuminati?

I know its boring listening to the european parliamnet but give it a go for a few minutes, most ideas that would benefit working class people are shot down

why does the european parliment
presidium meet in private?

The truth is out there unfortunately we have become so dumbed down and so controlled we can't see whats right before us?

The enchanted one

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03 Oct 2011 16:46:22
Any 1 think Michael Jackson is still alive?

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Possibly, after all good way to clear his debts and get some privacy, but i do think he is.

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Yea me 2! He's def worth more dead than alive an no1 knows what he really looks like anyway! My best mate thinks Le Toya is actually Michael

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Micheal is alive with 2Pac lol

Irish Red

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No, he's definately dead.


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Who's dead ted

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03 Oct 2011 15:37:59
So what do people on here know about zionists? Are they really in control of the world as I'm being told? And also, why was Gaddafi so bad? From what I've read if you wanted to farm in Libya he gave you land, tools and even seeds to get started. Do our government do that?

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Why do you think the col. was good?

He left libya with 6 Billion in Gold Bullion what does that say about him?

He also had countless other billions in banks accross the world what does that say about him?

Libian people who no longer lived in Libya but criticized him from afar could not return to their home land for fear of recrimination - what does that tell you?

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Gaddafi was misunderstood history gets it wrong on so many occasion like hitler he was the first hippy an was trying to bring love to the world DeLipz

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A strange one.

Yes Hitler was a veggie, environmentalist into his new age medicines and mysicism like most of the nazi's. But still a scumbag.

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Want to know about Zionism ?. Check out Eustace Mullins on youtube!

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03 Oct 2011 13:38:19
i know how the system works. I fully understand it. It is a great cause of sadness. But because i say how it should work i'm deluded? Well you carry on being condescending. I guess there's no room left in the world for idealism. Mort

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No one is being Condescending to you Mate you are being self absorbed

Get over it.

Idealism is fools gold

Positivity is good

You can have the last word Mate I don't need it.

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I've been reading this all day, where is the anonymous poster being positive?

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Yo must be a slower reader to read this "all day"

And I have read no anonymous posts

Just from Mort & the enchanted one

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There is nothing wrong with Mort saying how things 'should' be done. It doesn't make him deluded or anything else. The fact that we have conveniently developed 'civilisation' into something that cannot function through means that comprise idealism is terrible. Doesn't mean anyone's deluded. What's deluded is to see the problems we have and to sit there saying 'yeah but that won't work, this won't work' - the only reason things don't work the way they should is because nobody can be bothered to do things the right way. Nobody can be bothered to overthrow our government and just rule the country differently. Nobody can be bothered to stop eating s**t, drinking s**t, watching s**t, yet we all sit here and say it's wrong. Who's the deluded one? Mort, for saying the way things should be done? Or perhaps all those people in 'less developed' countries who live within their means and who need no western input to live their lives in harmony with the planet? Or is it us, who go on buying PS3s and laptops and paying for gas and electricity and water (what the f***) and working long days to ruin our health and then spend all our earning paying for healthcare. We buy fuel at over 1.30 a litre yet Mort is delusional for his ideals? Sorry but screw that - I also have ideals, it doesn't mean I am deluded. Nobody who says 'the world would work better if' is deluded - it doesn't matter if the 'if' is so unlikely due to whatever reason, it really doesn't matter if it is urealistic - the only reason the idealistic ways of lfie are unrealistic is because we are materialistic people. I could quite happily move to Belize, go live in the jungl, support myself, go back to basics, no need for electricity, no need for technology, I could be self sufficient. Why don't I? Because I LIKE my life the way it is, and that is why we will remain stuck. We all like our water to be heated while we sit there pay come company for the pleasure. We all like the internet, our mobiles, nice clothes. That is why ideals won't work, because the human race is materialistic and it is our culture to be so. Mort isn't delusional, we are.


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Unfortunately my response if I were to make one to you wont be posted as I would tear your post to shreds so no point in making one that addresses your post

Sufice to say mort was being self absorbed ask an adult to explain that to you read morts posts again and think about it!

The enchanted one

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That's not the point mate, there's nothing to tear shreds into for my post. I don't side with one eprson over another but I don't side with anyone who calls idealists delusional. Now 'enchanted one' your posts contain more waffle, statements that end in question marks, and general sweeping comments than anybody else's on here! Calling people delusional is very offensive and you shouldn't do it. Calling yourself enchanted is arguably delusional and a LOT of the stuff you post you say with utter conviction yet you say stuff that is seldom wise, new to us or actually on topic, you just waffle. So why don't you consider this before 1) calling anyone on this site delusional (its a conspiracy theory website for god's sake) or indeed threatening to tear into my post. This isn't about anything other than you not being so sanctimonious. Your response to my othr post is utter drivel too, if you were to read my post it is pretty clear that I asked a simple question about a book and before we know what's going on the're an essay from the enchanted one that nobody asked for, which doesn't address the question. Your posts are as self-absorbed as mine, Mort's, LFC's anyone, so my advice is to simply not call people anything as it will backfire. Even if you have a point.

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I ask questions to get people to think for themselves and not to be accepting anything of others including me without using their own judgement and research {Ed001's Note - why do you feel the need to be so insulting and derogatory to everyone else? I had to remove most of this post because all you seem to do is put others down.}

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See what I mean the eds defend the errant posters

What was so insulting pointing out he an idiot?

It okay for him to be insulting to me? {Ed001's Note - you are the errant poster here, you do nothing but insult people, then you have the cheek to whine when they answer back.}

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03 Oct 2011 12:59:55
enchanted one you tell me to grow up? Think you need to follow your own advice. I was merely stating how the system should work. I alluded to rwanda. Maybe you need to read and understand what people write. Mort

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If you think the system can work how you have desribed it then you are deluded mate.

Trying looking at how the system actually works?

If you understand how something works there is hope for change if you live in ignorance there is little hope

The enchanted one

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03 Oct 2011 11:39:06
so by saying i'd use the united nations to do the job it was created for and use it to remove dictators who oppress and murder people i'm an imperialist? really? I thought that actually it was the decent human thing to do, you know intervene and save lives. I've been disgusted many a time by british and american foreign policy when we've just stood by and let massacres happen because there's no financial benefit in it for us. Rather than just helping people. Sorry if that makes me an idealist. Lets step away from the illuminati run everything a moment its a question of morals. I know britain and america are far from perfect but compared to some of these hell holes. Or should we leave our fellow human beings in these kind of conditions? Peace isn't the absence of conflict its the presence of justice. No one should live in poverty. Everyone should have the right to choose. If this makes me a dreamer then so be it. So was john lennon. So was kennedy. So was martin luther king. And i am happy to be in there company, apart from being assassinated by the illuminati. Mort.

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The UN don't do as you have suggested.

Where were the united nations when the people of Rwanda were getting slaughtered?

Answer no where to be seen!

The UN only enter after being embarassed into action or mostly when their is a benefit to be gained for their masters, grow up, your leftie thinking is not funny, nor endearing!

The enchanted one

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Exactly why do people in countries the world over live in Poverty?

Its not because they have not been saved by the west?

Its because the west allows immoral dictators to gain a foothold and they do little to remove them infact sometimes they help these dictators to stay in power by selling them arms.

Countries that have received little or no no aid from the west have done better than countries which have been supported heavily by the west. Check out this statment you will see its true.

So the points you make are inappropriate and false.

Don't take politics at face value, dig deeper and search for what is not apparent

The enchanted one

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John Lennon was brilliant signer and songwriter however he spent a great deal of time high and always looked for an ideal world unfortunately we the world are the polar opposite of his views

Lennon thinking is great its how the world should operate but its not how the world operates

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The U.N are a the puppets of the usa who are the puppets of the Bankers who have raped the world from its oil and gold but other then that there Ace's in my book

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03 Oct 2011 11:06:46
imperialistic great britain and vatican rome have been responible for many bad things in the past , but i try to put the good things they have done to, giving the world and other countrys- schools , hosiptals , universtys ,roads , railways , independent govement and free elections, infrastructure ,. first aid and help in times of diasters, leading science and techenolgy , banking , which can be a good thing if its fair and descent, and to be fair thoughtout history many empires all over the world have ruled at different times , doing very bad things and some good stuff.............lfc

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They have also been responsible for Murder
Asset stripping a country of its natural resources
Oppression of mankind in large areas of the world

Does the "good" outweigh the "bad"

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I was hoping a feelow Red would have more sesnse!

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Yes mate you are right , but you cant just throw away the good things that came out of it , sure make sure the bad things never happen again but its just the truth , if you just learn ,forgive and move on , in life we all have to.........lfc

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Mate you need to develop some deeper thinking its not as easy as saying, learn, move on, etc.

I am not british, I hold no grudge against britain, so your comment is not for me but I can see how for others what you say is not that easy

You have to look at both sides

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All i did was give the good and the very bad , if you read on down the page you will see that , i understand forgivness is a peronsal thing , and everyone is entilted to their own view/.........lfc

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No mate you did not just give the good and bad points

read your own original post again

You told people how thay should behave
irrespective of anything else and while I agree with what you have said you are making a complicated situation trivial

For the outcome you have suggested wounds need to be closed

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Yes maybe your right mate , everyone needs to come to their own peace at their own time , i admit sometimes i try to give a answer too quickly , peace to everyone..........lfc

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Dont forgat if it wasnt for the English the Irish Famine would'nt have happened !

Irish Red {Ed001's Note - I really feel they should rename it myself, after all there wasn't a famine as such, there was plenty for the Irish themselves, but it was taken off them.}

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For a person who claims irish ancestory you sure know veery little there was a famine

The yield from the potato crop was way down due to potato blight and this was the main problem that sparked the famine
and wiped out half the population through death or emmigration {Ed001's Note - no, there was enough food for the population of Ireland, there just wasn't enough to export too. But the English took the crops to feed themselves anyway and left the Irish to starve. It is not me in need of checking my history.}

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If the potato crop had not failed it would have been largely irrelevant what the british took as they took crops in previous years

Still think you are right? {Ed001's Note - There was no famine, there was enough potatoes grown to feed the people of Ireland. But the English took those potatoes to feed themselves. The people of Ireland were starving anyway, because the English took too much from them. A lower crop yield just meant that they were no long subsistence farming, they were dying of starvation while the English lived like kings.}

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The bitish took from the fields each year what made 1847 or black 47 different was that potatos the staple of the irish diet was wiped out by potato disease

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So a lower crop yield meant nothing then?

What planet are you from Mate are you an alien?

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Ed.001 is spot on. A critical evaluation of the famine here in Ireland is often clouded by sentiment as opposed to reason. Much of Europe was ravaged by blight in 1840s. However, in Ireland the potato was a staple diet for up to a third of the population. Other crops were taken by landlords and english leaving the poor of Ireland to starve or leave.

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Ed001 said there was no famine, you have said there was, so how is he spot on about the famine if one never existed?

Now go back and read your own post mate it makes no sense! the point you are trying to make is lost?

The fact that much of Europe was subject to potato blight in the 1840's means what exactly?

The worst year of the potato blight in ireland was in 1847

And practically the 8M or 9m that existed in ireland at that time were dependent on the potato to survive, most meals revolved around the potato.

Have a rethink Mate and get a primary school history book? {Ed001's Note - I never said any such thing, your lack of comprehension is astounding. I said that the Irish had enough to feed themselves, but the food was taken off them. Obviously you are so busy trying to be a smart alec that you are not engaging your brain before you type.}

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Dont forgat if it wasnt for the English the Irish Famine would'nt have happened !
Taken from an above post

Irish Red {Ed001's Note - I really feel they should rename it myself, after all there wasn't a famine as such, there was plenty for the Irish themselves, but it was taken off them.}

there wasn't a famine as such - Ed001

Still think you said there was no famine Ed001? {Ed001's Note - trying so hard to be a smart alec you are still missing the point. Like I said, there was no famine as such, perhaps your lack of comprehension of the English language is so poor that you missed the 'as such' bit. There was enough food for the Irish but it was taken off them. Now please grow up, stop trying to act clever and pick holes in what is said. You have no reply to the point, just a pathetic little insistence in refusing to accept what anyone else has said.}

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From a post above

Still think you are right? {Ed001's Note - There was no famine, there was enough potatoes grown to feed the people of Ireland. But the English took those potatoes to feed themselves. The people of Ireland were starving anyway, because the English took too much from them. A lower crop yield just meant that they were no long subsistence farming, they were dying of starvation while the English lived like kings.}

First you say Ed001 the irish were strarving anyway then you say they had enough to feed themselves which is it?

Read your own replies Man, your logic is all over the place, I am not one of the idiots, I fully understand what yu say and I am not trying to be a smart alec of any kind just pointing out your wrong Mate and as uaul you cannot see it? {Ed001's Note - you are really sad you know. You don't even have the intelligence to understand a basic sentence or to comprehend a meaning. There was enough food grown in Ireland to feed the Irish and more. The Irish were an enslaved race and their English masters took the bulk of the food off them, but most of the time that left enough for them to survive, just. During the so-called potato famine, crops all over Europe were hit hard so the English took extra from Ireland to make up for it, leading to mass starvation for the indigenous population that were denied access to the food they had grown. What is so difficult to understand? My 10 year old daughter understands it.}

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What made it worse was the corn laws. what happened in Ireland was a major factor in getting the corn laws repealed. as usual in this country it takes a tragedy beofre common sense kicks.

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Yes as an Empire we did many bad things. But we did end slavery. Look at what the Spanish did in the America's nobody ever slates them.

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Irelands population grew from 4-8 million between 1780 & 1845, land plots were made smaller so the crop which could keep the people fed was potato, by 1840 one third of the population was reliant. 1845 the blight arrived by cargo boats, wiping out one third of the crop that year, followed by 2 years of losing three quaters of the crop. Starvation and an increased suceptibility to diseases such as cholera, dysentry & typhus wiped out more than a million people, with another million emigrating. As a foot note Irelands population was back down to 4 million by 1911

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03 Oct 2011 10:14:41
To "all terrorists are muslim" . You sound like EDL ,you know THE thickest
of all racist movements .Everyone take a look at MUSLAMIC RAPE GANGS
on youtube ,it tells you everthing you need to know really .
To Mort , you crazy mixed-up kid. The oppression of the Irish is not mostly
ancient history and the tone of your post does come across as imperialistic
(and patronising ) . You may be a fellow leftie but i think you have blnd spot ,
try to be a tad more humble comrade !

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03 Oct 2011 00:42:18
My Oil And Gas - Ireland and Norway

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