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03 Sep 2012 23:28:19
just watching gladiator and its the bit where russell crowe's fighting the big german dude and there's four tigers chained in pits. Now tigers as we know come from india so there must have been some trade. India was known as Alexander the Great had reached india five hundred years or so earlier. But there seems to be no record of Romano-Indian trade.

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It's a film so it's not going to be 100% accurate

{Ed033's Note - There was trade between india and Rome. Rome was trading all over the world. Also a Roman shipwreck was found off the coast of Brazil near Rio di Janiero but that was kept quiet.

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Cheers ed33 re the gladiator/tigers/india trade topic. To the other guy who replied i know its a film and films especially in hollywood are not a hundred per cent accurate. Indeed there are many factual, historical, and costume inaccuracies in gladiator but the tiger thing got me. They could easily have used lions, which there is documented evidence for lions being used in the games and also were easier to acquire, but they used tigers for some reason. There have been suggestions for years that trade amongst the ancient world was more widespread than originally thought. Maybe i'm over reaching but its certainly a possibility. Also the editor mentions the shipwreck of a roman galley off the brazilian coast. I remember reading about that as a kid how they were turning up all these amphorae by the dozen. Supposedly they were blown off course. Well thats some strong storm to blow them all the way to south america without sinking before hand. The fact is that there is a lot of stuff in classical and pre history that we don't know about or is kept secret or covered up. Its heresy and career suicide to go against the prevailing orthodoxy in the academic world.

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Why would a discovery of a boat off of brazil be covered up? i dont get it, what would be the point? {Ed001's Note - because it would go a long way towards proving that the history we are taught in school is false. Mind we already know most of it is complete nonsense, the Romans never built any roads, for starters, they just improved the existing roads, turned them from grass tracks into proper roads. A boat like that would prove that countries that we are told had no contact, were actually in regular contact and trading together.}

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I follow that train of thought that it would show that some of the history being taught is wrong but i can't see the benefit of hiding that knowledge, lots of things learnt in schools, say 60 years ago, are not taught or have been adapted to include new evidence and discoveries i can't see that this would be any different.

I'm by no means saying your wrong or i disbelieve it but i just can't see what it would achieve by pretending it never happened and the history books are 100% correct. What am i missing?
Tom {Ed001's Note - because it completely changes numerous things, admitting the technology was there to navigate around the world. It calls into question all the beliefs regarding the Sphinx and Pyramids, for starters. All those things that 'conspiracy theorists' have been saying about them, well it would be much more believable now.}

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Agreed Ed, it changes so many preceptions and commonly held ideas. The Romans were great engineers just look at whats left to us like the Colisseum, and that Aquaduct in France, the really big one. No one has been about to recreate Roman cement after all.

I disgaree slightly with you on the roads Ed. Yes whilst they did just build over existing grass tracks it still took a bit of doing as was building per se as opposed to just wlaking over a bit of grass but thats my only quibble.

Its like the Monty Pyhton sketch though, what did the Romans ever do for us? And if there was trade between South America, the Far East and Rome then it changes the whole ball game as these places should not have known about each other until a 1000 years later.

We know that Columbus wasn't the first to America, but now maybe it seems the Vikings wasn't either. And was Marco Polo really the first Italian at the Chinese Court? Intriguing. {Ed001's Note - Marco Polo wasn't the first, it is well known that he was merely following a well trodden path to the East. He was just the first to record what he did. That is why Romans are held up as inventors of so many things, they didn't do them first, they are just the ones who kept records of everything. In particular Julius Caesar, who was determined to leave a mark in history by having every detail of his life recorded. By the way, many Roman roads were not built on grass tracks, they just improved the top layer used, so that it was more usable, all year round. The Romans were very like the Japanese, in recent years, they didn't create and invent things, they took existing technology and improved it.}

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Fair enough Ed they were massive self publicists but someone still had to do it.

Its tantalizing though, it just seems almost out of reach.

Have you seen much of the suspected trade with America? I was reading yesterday about the Beverley Roman coins, its a set of 4 Roman coins that were found in Massachusetts although there is a lot of contraoversy over who found what and where. {Ed001's Note - more in terms of items being found that have a connection with the Americas, such as cocaine traces in Egyptian mummies. Though a very good friend of mine is a Native American/American Indian or whatever they are called these days, and he has told me a number of their legends, most are astoundingly similar to ones we get on this side of the pond. Also, they used to play a variant of football (or soccer if you prefer) that was recognisable to early settlers. There are numerous other things I have read about over the years which suggest contact with Europe, despite genetic histories suggesting there was none. A regular trade route, would explain that.}

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Well one theory is that all these similarities were spread by the post antlantean survivors fleeing the catastrophe to different parts of the world.

Or of course it could be that there's a cross cultural contamination spread by trade of course, but how would the Romans for example know to go to south America in the first place.

I've seen the docu on the cocaine mummies, and there obviously a lot of parallels with Egypt and South America. What are the chances of 2 cultures on 2 continents 1000's of miles apart both having similiarites such as pyramids and mummies? Parallel development theory is crap. Then you have the central American legends about how their forefathers were taught by a bearded white man which is why they didn't initially oppose the Spanish as they thought it was the prophocised return.

With the Romans being big on self publicity though you'd think there might be more evidence? or maybe its right there and not being looked at properly?

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Interesting stuff about the boat in Brazil, Id allways thought the Romans thought if you went further than scotland you fell off the edge (they sent st Andrew to the end of the world?) dont get me wrong I know they teach us allsorts of jokes in school, we had to say the lords prayer every day, I laugh now thinking I used to endulge in mumbo jumbo chanting! I will look more into this boat found in Brazil, anyone got any links ?


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03 Sep 2012 22:06:31
just watched our war the last platoon on bb3 and just feel proud about are army what they do in Afghanistan, don't get me wrong i don't think they should be there, but normal men and women putting there lives on the line.

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I found it heartbreaking putting young lads through that, BLUE_TOWNZ

{Ed033's Note - British soldiers have been sent to Afghanistan since the 1800's and every time they go there, the British soldiers get slaughtered

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Is it not also true that the afghans have never lost a war? look at history its in plain view... makes you wonder why bother..

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Check out the film The Objective..
refrences to the 1800's when british troops were mysteriously killed in afganistan..
thought it was a good film with a hint of conspiracy about it and aliens

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03 Sep 2012 21:47:47
What's everyones view on bigfoot...... Do you believe there is such a creature or is it just made up? Hope u don't think it's a silly question


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I do believe in Bigfoot, to many sightings from around the world, plenty of isolated places to hide and the Patterson Bigfoot tape,the Bigfoot series on the discovery channel does my head in thou, it tries to much to be dramatic.

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I think it's real, worth watching Lloyd Pye's human origins video, he has some good views on bigfoot.


Everything You Know IS Wrong - Lloyd Pye

{Ed033's Note -
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Very interesting video.

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Wow, that video was very interesting, thanks for putting it on, really enjoyed it...... Explains everything


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Not sure. MASSIVE cryptozoology fan, but hoax after hoax is starting to wear my faith thin, to be honest. Bigfoot, I'm 50/50 on, despite the history and countless 'sightings'.

Orang Pendek, the Yeti, Mawas, Yeren - I'm closer to 100% in terms of believing.

Fascinating subject matter anyway.


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03 Sep 2012 18:07:47
Hello everybody,

Usually i just hang around reading all the latest ''threads'' and not commenting. Although i was wondering, could anybody name a few ''ex-conspiracies'' , events that would have been ongoing conspiracies if not found out/investigated etc. Something that was eventually publicly exposed which prior had been covered up. Hope you guys get my drift,


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There are plenty if you google it from the usa giving stds to a series of experiments in the 1940s that infected hundreds of prisoners, prostitutes and mental patients with sexually transmitted diseases in order to study the effectiveness of the drug penicillin.

then mk ultra in Canada, then there is the false flag like Operation Northwards to Iraq invading Kuwait were a usa news agency interviewed a young Kuwaiti girl crying telling a reporter the Iraqi army killed sick children in a hospital, a few years later they found out that the girl was a actress and was paid for by the cia.

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The pentagon papers proved a conspiracy .


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Theres a website I read a bit since called something like conspiracies that turned out to be true, there was some good ones on there.


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One of my favourites were the CIA agents who dressed in arab robes and started shooting civilians, only to get caught by the local police. This in turn forced a rather uncomfortable US government to ask: Can we have our agents back? while trying to make it look like it was Al Qaeda :)


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