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03 Sep 2013 21:10:08
Incase you wonder is the USA will hit Syria, the Rothchilds and Murdoch have already been given oil rights!

http://www.craigmurray. org. uk/archives/2013/02/israel-grants-oil-rights-in-syria-to-murdoch-and-rothschild/

What a world we live in eh.


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A tit bit for ya, Isreal really means Isis Ra. It's from ancient Egypt as I'm sure most of you will know.


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Before the Iraq war (if you can call it that) there was a meeting in London to divide the oil fields between the major players, and they said make sure the oil installations are bombed, set of fire, ect! cause the we can get the tax payer to pay for the new ones.
Remember the news saying the Iraqs had set them on fire!

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Isis Ra is pronounced ishra.


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{Ed033's Note - Allegedly, Israel = IS RA EL = ISIS, RA, EL

Thanks ed, think that was it.


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I posted at the end of last week that this is the main event, I still believe that is true, there seems to be a critical mass coming, every person I come into contact seems to becoming awake, now a few years ago I had to be careful with my chat but now! its like something good is going on, even knowing the USA thinks it controls us they are out of control now.

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{Ed033's Note - I'll believe it when I see it. I still think it's actually only a fraction of 1% that is really awake, and what your seeing is an unexplainable as yet 'sophistication upgrade' that everyone has gone through to different degrees over the last 5 years or so.

04 Sep 2013 08:34:29
Interesting, Ed. But also not entirely surprising, for example; a couple years ago at the end of '2012' movie trailers we had the words "Google The Truth" up on the screens of packed cinemas.
Now I know they can largely get away with such stunts, hysteria, hype, lies, misinfo, disinfo, but with these moves, they are taking a gamble, I don't mean to sound naive, but they are gambling with that annoying 1% (or is it 1% of 1%?), but then they always do though. Insurance and Gambling (which are the same thing) is one way in which they control us. Big money, there must be a swollen bank account somewhere (not that i'm pointing at the Grey Nuns or anything).

I've said it before, and i'll say it again; as soon as you stop believing (and the emphasis is very much on belief here) in the authorized, official version of the world, there is a ready made, equally duplicitous, phony 'alternative' world waiting for you to walk right into.

It's always worth remembering this. pea

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{Ed033's Note - {Ed033's Note - To add to your excellent 'alternative' world waiting for you point above. How many people have left the mainstream mind set (which imo is a brainwashed mindset) and then (I'm not saying the following is wrong or bad):

1.) Been seduced into a cult (whether religious or not) and been brainwashed by that cult and had their lives ruined

2.) Been seduced by the 'Self Help' gurus that tell you, you can be, do or have anything and all your dreams come true and all you have to do is (buy the 'gurus' book, dvds, tapes, cds) and just imagine it all and ye shall have it all (i.e. 'The Secret') and people give up their job to follow their dream only to find, they've lost any money they had and if they don't get a new job quick they're going to lose their home

3.) Been seduced by conspiracies only to then have their relationship break up because their partner still has the mainstream mind set. Then become the 'Black Sheep' of their entire family by being the 'Conspiracy Theorist' and also being ridiculed at work by their mainstream mind set work colleagues

4.) Been seduced by the 'Freeman' movement and lost lots of money, lost their car, lost their home or went to prison because they didn't know enough

5.) Been seduced by the 'New Age' type thinking where all we have to do is wait and do nothing because everything is going to be alright and all the evil of the world will be gone and all the good people are going to move into the 4th dimension and it's going to be like paradise very soon

06 Sep 2013 11:22:25
It's all so true, Ed0033, and very well described. How many of us have, or still do, fit one of those five descriptions? It's a rocky road, much of it designed to make you crazy (especially New Age claptrap), which can make it dangerous; for it's more than enough to 'tip' a person.

What follows can include (but is not limited to) two options;

1. Re-engage your disbelief (e.g. 'i was into conspiracies once'/'it's a phase you go through' etc. )


2. A question now arises, which is; what are they trying, so fervently, to hide?

However, daunting as it may seem, and even scary at times, it's well worth pushing on for those who have the mental strength to do so.
It can be scary, when all your beliefs (be they conscious or sub-conscious; for a person might be a little surprised at those beliefs they have adopted without realising it ~where religion fails - art prevails~) have been stripped away and you find yourself with nothing to stand on, nothing to lean on. But, then you realise that all you were standing on (and I wish this site had italics) was never there in the first place. pea

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03 Sep 2013 13:18:33
it would seem logical and feasable that alien life does exist. if every star is like our sun and each has planets around it blah blah blah. but alien abductions? really? so a species has the technology to actually get here in the first place then gets here having either travelled at vast speeds across space or bent space and time then decides its a good idea to land his big shiny craft with lights flashing everywhere illuminating the night sky to borrow a human being to then 'PROBE" it? lol really? if the technology is available to get them here then logically they would be advanced enough to either live amoung us or be hidden out of our way. its conceivable that people may have seen craft, ufos, whatever you will but if aliens wanted to observe or learn about humans wouldn't there be more discreet ways? I can't believe they would want us to know they were here as if they did why wouldn't they appear in their thousands?

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I can not speak for aliens why or what is the reason so I will throw back a question at you, we class ourselves as intelligent (debatable I know) compared to other species on earth, so my question to is why do we study every animal /insect on earth?

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Whilst I believe in Aliens, but not their visitations, I have to say that franky made a great point.

Curiosity is seen in all life forms and I daresay any other beings probably harbour the same desires for knowledge of the unknown that we do.


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{Ed001's Note - in my experience, the more intelligent you are, the more curious you are. So highly intelligent aliens are likely to be extremely curious.}

Maybe they abduct us so they can make cures for our viruses and diseases that they might get if they decide to invade?

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There is little doubt that any visitors to this planet are more scientifically advanced than we are. The only reason to study our physicality is to find better ways of killing / controlling us. If they are studying us for peaceful reasons they would reveal themselves, as kidnapping is an act of aggression (unless they have been told to stay hidden by dark forces from this planet). Being a peaceful chap it wouldn't bother me if they needed voluteers to examine ( unless it was a anal probe, I don't do butt stuff! lol) as this would bring the races closer together for our mutual benefit.
Ultimately I feel the alien invasion stuff is exaggerated in the media to keep open minded people in their place ( climate of fear ). I just don't find the secrecy aspect makes any kind of sense!

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Lino I do not think it is that simple, like I have posted many times I think there are many species of aliens and like us there are good and bad, to be honest if abductions are real which I do believe it is for a reason, as we as a species we are aggressive and skeptical so I doubt there would be many volunteers, personally if I was a alien and I got dropped off here I would be terrified.

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Since the big bang the beginning of time as we know it and lead to believe that's what happened, if alien lifeforms are capable of getting to our planet why can't we reach them.

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I don't think any alien species that reaches this planet have any reason to fear us frankie mate, the aggressive ones would just crush us, and the friendly ones ( here for knowledge/curiosity ) would learn more by being out in the open. Saying that I do tend to watch a lot of sci fi so I maybe colouring my opinions with star trekisms. I just find the cloak and dagger stuff highly illogical captain.

. I'll get my coat

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Forgot to respond to the unnamed poster above, technology wise it would take us many hundreds of years to reach proxima centaurii ( nearest star after the sun) with the tech we have today ( I'm not a big believer in black tech, even though I concede that some tech is being kept from us).
Plus whos to say after we launch a ship, that a hundred years later we could break ( or circumvent ) the speed of light and overtake the first ship. This would mean it would be pointless until the faster tech was discovered. But then do you wait even longer for an even faster tech? Mars is 18 months away with current tech and getting there is going to take many billions of dollars, and would be mankinds greatest achievement. I'm certain in my lifetime ( i'm 38 now) we may just make mars but any further is going to takes hundreds of years.
Liono 74

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Lion mate I think you hit the nail on the head, all sci fi movie's the aliens are going to take over the world and kill everyone, when in reality they have probably hardware to destroy anyone, btw I am not suggesting every alien would be friendly I just think we are in more danger from the shower who run this planet.

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Don't believe in black tech ops? Read up on Tesla, where's all his stuff? The guy was a genius, half of which he came up with many would find hard to believe in this day and age.
Boomtown jones x

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03 Sep 2013 10:37:52
just one other thought. why do some people find it so hard to believe that a government would assasinate its own president or that the idea there may be other lifeforms that exist in this massive universe or that one country may purposely allow an event to happen to start a war yet they may well believe in a god that they have never seen or that if it does exist in any form and is so good and great allows mankind to be so evil and destructive at times? just find it all a bit odd so many people dismiss conspiriacies so easily. RedLeigh75

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1) Never bothered to read history
2) Lack of imagination. Selfishness
3) Never bothered to read history
4) Lack of understanding as to what free will is
You are kind of jumping from subject to subject there and without using any punctuation marks, you are probably going to confuse people rather than engage them in constructive discussion.

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Very true red.

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I apologise for my rambling on i'm on my soap box today. my post is just a generalisation. my frustration at how some things are glaringly obvious yet people brush them off yet some people will willingly believe in a god they have never seen. I have a friend who doesn't understand nor care for politics. if you mention politics, wars or conspiriacies she brushes it off as nonesense etc etc. yet when the news comes on with images of kids hurt by chemical weapons shes like well that shouldn't happen we should do something.

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03 Sep 2013 10:28:04
i don't wish to sound like a doomsday merchant but history shows that every now and again the reset button has to be pressed either to eradicate one species to introduce a new one or simply to control a species that is expanding out of control. its quite probable that more advanced species have existed prior to our own and have been reset by cataclysmic events and such events as wars do in effect reduce population figures. the fact is the earth has finite resources. food, water and oil are necessary either to live in one way or another. I understand the ethic of some tree hugger claiming "no blood for oil" but no oil = no economy whichever way you dress it up.

the western world is often referred to as the civilised world but were only a fuel strike or three square meals away from becoming very uncivilised. in the movie the matrix humans are referred to as a cancer. in effect we are consuming all the earths resources yet we are still unable to expand and grow beyond our own earth. perhaps human kind needs to be reset, populations expanding number controlled before we literally do bleed the earth dry.

I suppose at least then there will be no more resources left to fight over. grim thought but maybe there are other beings or a new world order that may seem to remotely control us all but maybe they are just protecting the earth from being turned into a barren lifeless rock by US. politics, religion, borders and beliefs are all propaganda weapons and nothing happens for no reason. WW3 is a very distinct possibility and if it does then prepare to be either reset or removed.

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{Ed033's Note - The controllers would probably think that their brainwashing and mind control programs have worked on you a treat.

According to ancient scriptures, the Vedas in particular, cataclysmic events have occurred in the past and thus in all probability, will occur again. However, calling your own species a cancer sounds more like you are trying to distance yourself from what you perceive and do not agree with, rather than attempting to understand it.
Economics, politics etc. are simply artificial tools that we created in an attempt to better manage our lives. Some of those tools are not only dysfunctional, but purposefully dysfunctional. They create illusions as to what is truly necessary to live which manages to confuse people as designed.
We have the know-how to create a world were every single person on this planet can live their lives in abundance without having any negative impact on the environment. The only thing that prevents us from achieving that is ourselves. Once we are mature enough as a species to live with such pure aims in heart and mind we are certain to succeed.
Additionally, if you believe the powers at be have the ecosystems best interests at hand your behavior has indeed been modified.

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I suppose having read my post back that you say I am brainwashed ed but I consider myself to be open minded. I tend to agree with most conspiriacy theories, I find many of them intriguing. fact is the power lies with the people. the governments simply use the news to manipulate the masses to control them. yet the masses for the most part stay controlled. we can talk on sites like this but can we actually change anything. as obi wan. once said "who is the bigger fool? the fool or the fool who follows him?"
you can never win. if you turn a blind eye to syria it won't just go away and if you get involved your a war monger, an aggressor. its all about power, super powers always exist. probably the biggest one was the british empire. I've read that the usa had even considered invading britian pre world war 2 because of this. kids of the 80's grew up watching two huge super powers put the world on a knifes edge yet both were born in the shadow of the british empire.
man is supposed to be intelligent yet the one man most considered the most intelligent, albert einstien (personally i'd say tesla was smarter), split the atom which in turn has lead to us intelligent people to build atomic and nuclear weapons which ironically could end the human race.

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Red disagree with you on this, if we are constantly getting told by the media who are used as a propaganda tool that there will be a shortage of fuel in say 70 years time and we need to start fracking for our own benefit then people who believe in that might as well jump of the mountain with the other lemmings, free energy exists, even if today they suddenly admitted they have just discovered free energy they would still put a tax on it, I read or heard something that in california people who have the big solar power on farms and houses are getting taxed, yes taxing them for the sun, as for food they are manipulating seeds to keep prices higher, I think if we all effed off the tescos/asda chains and grow our own veg etc it would be a small token but still in the right direction.

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I have been reading this page for ages and have read many of your posts franky and ill be honest most all you have to say I agree with. I agree with what you say in principle and if we all changed a little the overall effect would be huge. like I said people have the power. but in reality its rare for the masses to stand up against anything and when it comes to fuel or food the second people think they won't have enough the panic and snap it all up. in return for a relativley comfortable convenient life u become a pawn in a huge chess game.

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I agree with you its our mindset, people believe what is being told over a tv or a radio, I have stopped watching tv apart from the footy and certain shows that I like but on the whole I very rarely watch what I used to watch when I was younger, now why is there not a push from the government to for instance grow veg/fruit etc from a health/money?because it does not make them money, if a quarter of the uk actually made a effort to grow there own greens you would see a massive change, prices would come down and it would set off a chain reaction, something so small could make us powerful, imagine another hypothetical question, what if a quarter of the uk got rid of there cars and rode to work?the government claim they would less cars on the road but in reality it would cripple them less oil less tax /speed cameras etc, my rant is we are not as vulnerable as they try to make out, two changes not massive could make us stronger and them weaker.

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Agreed Franky.

I just polished off a shepherds pie made by the local butcher and apple pie from the local bakery. No added crap and the best stuff I've had fro ages.

If people stuck to growing their own or using locally sourced stuff instead of importing stuff would end up with far less waste.

Mort (too full to think any further)

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Mate I don't know if anyone who actually makes anything from scratch anymore, my mum baked Apple pies jam pies etc cheese onion pies (yeah we ate a lot of pies) the point is we are relaying on frozen unhealthy foods flooded with anything in it, and the next generation's will not have a clue how to cook. drifting off the subject.

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Saw a good program a couple of years ago about processed vegetables. I know this could easily be propaganda but an independant scientist ( I know! ) had created an artificial stomach, basically he chewed food until he was ready to swallow and then spat it into this artificial stomach. After a while sloshing around in said mecahnism he was able to calculate the amount of vitamins/minerals that were extracted. He had concluded ( the test veg was a carrot ) that raw unprocessed carrots yielded around 20% of the vitamin c contained within, cooked unprocessed carrots 30+% and cooked processed carrots was way over 60%. He stated this was because the processed food had already been broken down during processing, which enabled the body to absorb it much easier. I know it sounds spurious but the science seemed sound and kinda made sense to me. Obviously I took it with a pinch of salt ( no pun intended ) but it just made me think.

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To Liono
From what I gather, most vitamins are destroyed when heated to anything above 45oC which would make since as most living tissue begins to wither and die at higher temperatures.
Additionally, there is compelling evidence that suggests enzymes are actually broken down while chewing, due to a reaction with the saliva produced by the mouth and a reaction with oxygen.
Furthermore, most living organisms feed on living things rather than dead ones, which would imply that that is how nature intended for it be.
These are the most common arguments put forth by raw eaters.

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