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04 Apr 2013 21:21:26
Not a conspiracy but any chance you can put this link on so people can add to the petition.

Iain Duncan Smith can live on £53 a week. My a**e.

{Ed033's Note - Job Centres trick people out of benefits, says whistleblower

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04 Apr 2013 13:40:56
Bowe Bergdahl - seems very strange

Army sergeant walks off base and is now with the Taliban

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Sorry for the short post, the artical I read was he was kidnapped the taliban said we will exchange him for that DR (in post below down the page) US said no, the taliban he has now join al-quada (cant spell) bu US said this is properganda (cant spell)

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04 Apr 2013 18:13:42
Just wondering has anyone ever watched this documantary. It is a North Korean documentary which looks to expose western propoganda. I was a bit skeptical at the start but even 10 minutes in and I could see where they were coming from.

The end of the film leaves a powerful impression with you, well at least it did with me, and it could make you understand why North Korea isolates itself from the rest of the world.

It is a long enough video but its a refreshing look at an important issue from North Korea's perspective.



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04 Apr 2013 19:01:04
this war with north korea and the south. how bad is this going to get and is it going to invovle britian. with the states getting invovled is this bad news for britian. not a conspiracy I no but would like to hear poeples thoughts

mr north

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I think it is just posturing by the north koreans and likewise by the usa, if the sh t hit the fan and it kicked off the usa have the power to wipe the north out especially since china and russia have already told korea to chill so north koreans allies don't want to get involved. {Ed001's Note - do you not think it is more a case of it being stirred up to continue to give govts an excuse to spend ludicrous amounts of money on weapons?}

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A bit of both edd.

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The north need to hate the south FACT! With the amount of government sh it that gets shown there, its no wonder that they are all brainwashed!

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04 Apr 2013 11:28:46
Does anyone think this new "super pope" is a political appointment to shape up the catholic image?

He seems a bit too perfect.


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04 Apr 2013 00:32:57
Anyone else having trouble with abovetopsecret. com.?
Other than that, anyone else think we should have just abolished the whole pope thing when we had a chance?



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How do you just 'abolish' a pope?


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By educating the masses that religion is a fraudulent scam.

Melbourne CFC

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Democracy is the most fraudulent scam there is. Religion can be a choice for a person. If voting really made a difference governments would have made it illegal by now.

Captain Needa

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They do, look at China my friend.

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A child doesn't have a choice as to what beliefs are bestowed on them. Churches push families into bringing their children into mass, and then push the whole heaven and hell concept on very impressionable kids. It is, in my mind, the biggest con in the world, and has been for many many years.

Melbourne CFC

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A world without religion would still have wars and corruption. There would still be conflicts over our origin.

Humans need to accept that it is their species that is the problem, not a set of beliefs.

And I don't ever remember religion being pushed on me as a child, not at school or elsewhere.


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Understood Melbourne but I wasn't thinking about children. I don't think churches push these days. Granted a child cannot make a decision about any religion but I know plenty of parents who are at fault for pushing religion on their kids. The whole communion and confirmation thing here in Ireland is indicative of that. Many parents will involve their kids in the ceremonies while never attending mass on other occasions. I have good friends who decided not to allow their child make communion this year because they do not go in for the whole religious affair. I have more respect for their stance than those who become religious when it suits them. It's become too easy to blame the church for all problems, parents need to have the courage to not push religion on kids also. I'm ambivalent about the importance of religion in life. However, if it can help a person in their life that's their choice it doesn't bother me.

Captain Needa

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'They do, look at China my friend'

The same China that is about to become the most powerful nation on earth, economically. The same China that every nation on the planet is willing and hoping to do business with. The Democracy that we are led to believe makes us free has been slowly enslaving people over the last 100 years. There is as little choice here in the west when it comes to voting. We are just silly enough to believe we have freedom because we get to choose option A or option B. Why do both options seem to continue with the same policies when they periodically change hands? Could it be that there is really just one electoral system whereby whoever gets elected does the job they are paid to do by a higher power.

Captain Needa

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That's good to hear Adam, but I certainly remember religion being pushed on all and sundry at the Anglican school I went to. I also remember being kicked out of class multiple times for questioning the ramblings of the mad women teaching the class.

I respect people beliefs, but in my eyes the only people that can't accept religion is the root of a lot of evil in the world, are those that are still caught up in the lie. And I don't know how anyone can argue that religion is a flat out lie.

Anyone that needs to be told in writing and then preach and remind themselves that you shouldn't rape, murder and steal has deep rooted problems IMO.

Melbourne CFC

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My take on this subject is religion is a strong mind f--k, I come from a strong roman catholic family, married a catholic have kids who go to a catholic school and a good few years ago the more I thought about religion the more I thought it was a fraud and everything connected to catholicism and any other religion in fact is to cause division that leads on to pointless wars but to prove how strong religion is a few weeks ago it was lent and catholics are not supposed to eat meat on good friday even thou I class myself as a atheist I felt guilty about the thought of eating meat and in fact I never touched it and had fish lol it is a powerful tool religion even today.

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Melbourne, I agree wholeheartedly with you that religion is a lie. I've studied religions for the last 4 years and if people really looked into it they would see the absurdity of it all. I've never had any problems with it so I kinda don't mind that people want to follow them if they choose. When they use stuff like the word of God it drives me nuts though. The bible used today has been continuously cut and pasted since at least the fourth-century. Franky, the whole guilt thing is a tool of the trade, they have created a litany of guilt from a piece of fruit to everything else. I too come from Roman Catholic and began to question it all in my teens. Having studied various religions the last few years it is a head wreck to think people could actually find out the absurdity of religion just by reading about it. The material is there for people to become aware but they seem not to want to.

Captain Needa

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In my opinion religion will be less important in the next few generations, when I was a kid it was very strong the whole making your communion and midnight mass was a important day for my older relatives, I can not see that happening in the future not because everyone has woke up sadly but more because they don't think about anything .

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