Conspiracy Talk Archive August 04 2013


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04 Aug 2013 09:05:56
I have been doing some research and I have come to the conclusion that we have technology that is out of this world, such as, 'Direct Energy Weapons'. What are your thoughts?

Is it just America that has this kind of technology/weapons?
or do uk/Russia/china/n korea have their own weapon programs
kinda makes me think something must be happening, because of everyone scrapping nukes. ya wouldn't get rid of weapon/anything?
without replaceing with something newer and better.
only me opinion.


Thank you for reply ed.
I`ve never heard the higher level break away civilisation theory, sounds like there all in it together at the top end of it all.
will ground fighting with hundreds of thousands of soldiers be phased out?is it any defence against the introduction of direct energy weaponry?
i. e. north Korea with million strong army, can they defend against such technology? or even the uk if it came to that.

only my opinion.

Thank you again ed.
I'll have a look at those links and watch video asap.
cheers again.

Interesting conference edd facts stranger than fiction, mindblowing connections.