Conspiracy Talk Archive February 04 2012


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04 Feb 2012 15:03:09
Hey edd what's your take on the falklands saga and now a nuke sumberine on its way there,there must be a reason why they want to keep the island? Frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - well it used to be because Dennis Thatcher had a significant holding in it, I mean I used to think that was the reason for holding on to it. I haven't looked into it recently, but I am sure that must be a part of it. People like the Thatchers have a lot of power, I am sure his partners must be of a similar ilk, they won't want to give up their holdings easily. Especially if they can get someone else, ie us as taxpayers, to pay for them to keep hold of them or recover them if needed.}

Hi edd, i think i have found out the main reason for the military response, like most things oil,they have been pre drilling and have obviously found something here is the link.


It's oil and the people want to be British not Argentinian.

I have no doubt the falkland island people want to be classed as british but if there were no benifits for the uk like like what edd mentioned thatcher grubby dealings and the real possibility that they have located oil the uk would have gave them independce and let them look after themselves. Frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I will never understand this obsession with crude oil, we can refine things such as rapeseed oil to produce petrol and diesel. It amazes me that we still get this utter nonsense about oil stocks running out etc.}

Well edd you know more than most that who ever has shares in crude oil must be a very inportant person and like you said about the rapeseed oil being a alternitive he or she will not have anymore power. Frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I know, but it is frustrating that most people don't seem to realise that we could just make petrol or diesel from rapeseed oil. After all the whole reason we have fields full of that horrible stuff is because the govt gives farmers subsidies to grow it, which started because of the last oil crisis. Then we hear how oil is running out so we have to switch to electric powered cars, utter nonsense!}

I know what you mean,plus mps voting to cut windfarms subsidies makes you think why the hell is this allowed to happen. Frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - somebody is making lots of money out of it, unfortunately it is not me.}

I never got the thing for leccy cars after all what makes the leccy? {Ed001's Note - not just that, but how much damage is done to the environment mining the materials for the batteries?}

True. i don't like wind farms ugly things, and they don't make all that much energy anyway {Ed001's Note - but the only way we will learn how to harness more energy from them, is by building more and then testing out new designs of blade in them.}

Windfarms maybe a eyesore but tapping in to mother nature has to be a good thing. Frankyscouse

It's all well and good but as we know oil is power and ultimately control. Otherwise they would skip the oil, and rapeseed oil and jump straight to the energy free devices that are available.

You can't make plastics from rapeseed oil. Crude oil has many applications which make it a valuable commodity.

Billfaethetoun {Ed001's Note - nobody has ever tried, maybe it would be possible? After all no one knew it was possible to make synthetic oil until Nazi Germany invented it.}