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04 Jan 2012 20:59:27
Hi eds, thanks for posting my comment about HAARP. Can I ask though why you never printed my earlier comments? I felt it was informative plus a sense of reality for general people.

I know it was my opinion, however, some people on here need to look at the bigger picture. There is more out there than just what people are discussing.

Again, my opinion, but they're looking in the wrong places or have wrong perceptions about this subject, its vast, time consuming and in some areas hard to understand.

Not to criticise, I feel you are doing some people an injustice by just saying yes that correct without directing them to some material. I'm not here to have a go, certainly don't want to offend, I just feel its half hearted and this stuff is serious.

Anyway, please could you reply as to why my post was not put up. Your comments would be appreciated.



{Ed033's Note - Your earlier comments have either been posted or it didn't get through to us. Please submit again if it hasn't been posted.}

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So your post was lost, no need to HAARP on about it. JR

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04 Jan 2012 20:59:03
This is my first post and usually don't. I'm always on the footy. However, I trickled onto here out of interest and also because I am interested in the alternative thinking community.

I see alot of people saying 2012 Olympics as being a time when something big will happen. I have not seen any of what people have stated but the fake alien invasion rings true for me.

People should go and watch William Cooper on YouTube. He does a video, filmed in the 90's stating that such an event will happen. He didn't at the Olympics, but it will be staged by the illuminati.

Now I saw this vid years ago, to he honest I think its true. However I feel people on here have massive holes in there knowledge. There are loads more things to see how the dots connect. Read mazzini's letter regarding the 3 world wars.

Check out the history of masonry, which by the way is the fundamental religion of the illuminati. Check out David icke(look beyond the lizards please), Michael tsarion and many more. They will all concur there accounts.

Check out the bilderberg meetings and you will see a massive correlation between who the people behind the mask are.

I don't claim to know it all, but let's put it this way, I have spent 3 yrs checking this stuff out, hell, I've out myself through Michael tsarions 10 dvd collection, Irish origins.

In conclusion there are deeper subjects to look at than what is being discuss here. The more people wake the better. Spread the word to friends and family. The quicker we wake the better this world will be.

However, we need to get over this divide and rule bull. We are all the same, one consciousness. For this to happen we need to face ourselves, then we can take them down. But first we must learn about our enemy and to do today we must do the ground work.

If anyone wants any further research just ask, I can point you in any direction.


{Ed033's Note - Hoax Alien Invasion Planned - Bill Cooper

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Post printed, thanks also for supplying the clip, will give a great insight to site users. Note, this guy was assassinated for what he disclosed, which for me gives substance to what he says.

People may also be interested in Jim Marrs. He too was assassinated for disclosing info on MK Ultra. Mind control experiments by the CIA. Really ties in with the mind control subject.

It's worth also people looking at Michael tsarions documentary called mass manipulation. Looks very much into the esoteric agenda of the illuminati and symbolism.


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Jim Marrs is alive and well and still pissing off the Illuminati

{Ed033's Note - The above poster probably meant Jim Keith.}

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2012 Prepare for the Alien Invasion?

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I did mean Jim Keith, thanks for the correction.

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There is nothing that would make me believe anything that Icke has to say.

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04 Jan 2012 19:26:07
ed, you mentioned the illuminati using black technology at the 2012 Olympics to fake an alien/ufo, is there any links to a video you could put up. thanks

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04 Jan 2012 12:14:15
Hi eds what do you think about the advanced weapons of today they were able to take out countries in the 70's so i wonder what are we dealing with now, i have read up on Nicola tesla and his ideas and it seems weather manipulation can be done using HAARP. there's patents for the exact doing so, i also have seen how radio signals can affect the brain do you think the russians and germans were ever close to mind control.

{Ed033's Note - All of the above is correct as far as I'm concerned. Mind control has allegedly been perfected now.}

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HAARP certainly controls weather bit not minds. I would say that mobile phone masts are worth looking at.

There is evidence online, with pics that show an electromagnetic pulse over Australia. Strangely shortly after they experienced freak weather. I certainly don't believe it controls minds.

See a film called They Live, John Carpenter. Should give you a better idea. Hence phone masts.

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{Ed033's Note - 2:47 of the film, John Carpenter's They Live (1988)

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04 Jan 2012 06:35:55
Does anyone know if bob lazar is still alive?

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04 Jan 2012 06:58:50
I found the below video about a possible attack on the London 2012 Olympics interesting and thought i'd share it with you guys to see what you think.

ed, if this was to happen what would our government do, because they can't come out and say the illuminati did this, so who would they blame and would they declare war?


{Ed033's Note - The attack would be blamed on whoever the NWO/Illuminati wanted to attack next. Syria, Iran, Russia, Domestic terrorists etc.}

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Wow, paranoid much, are we to ignore all the other thousands of films and t.v. shows that depict terrorist attacks in other places and other times that don't actually happen.
And i'm sure if you hunt enough in those films you'll also find eyes and numbers.

{Ed033's Note - It's just a conspiracy theory that the illuminati will pull a false flag attack at the Olympic games.

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I know ed, and i dont disbelieve all about the illuminati, but i've seen quite a few of these types of video's and people will see signs and hidden messages and symbols wherevere they look if they want to

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Personally i have no idea what to believe.

im just hoping it doesn't happen, but the stories/so called evidence the video shows does make you think.


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I think a 100,000 people is extreme, what are they gonna do, nuke the stadium?

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To the poster above, I'm pretty sure that if they dropped a nuke on London a lot more than 100,000 people would die.

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So what will happen, when nothing happens. Will be, oh read it wrong must be during the race for the Whitehouse?

{Ed033's Note - A terrorist attack at the 2012 olympic games is just a conspiracy theory.}

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04 Jan 2012 12:33:57
does anyone know the whereabouts of bob lazar?. and anyone have any great video links to watch?

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04 Jan 2012 03:31:07
Hi all i have been watching a lot of alex colliers videos on youtube about evolving into a 4d world. the andromedians an galactic federation have decided to wipe out the greys and reptilians from underground bases. do they realy exist?. should we stand up and fight the governments or just leave things to happen. apparently we will have contact this year. and if the earth changes how will we all survive. alex collier seems credible to me hes just has too much info about everything to just be making it up. any good links anyone?.
what do you think ed?

{Ed033's Note - alex collier is definitely not making this stuff up. The information has surprisingly proved to be accurate enough over the years compared to other researchers to be taken seriously although the 4d world stuff seems a bit out though to me.}

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Do you have any links to prove his accuracy.

{Ed033's Note - If you type Alex Collier into youtube, you can see a number of youtube videos of him when he was a lot younger than now. There is a low level of accuracy compared to other later researchers that is beyond chance. This is similar to the billy meier predications allegedly given to him by the Plajoran's which also has a low level of accuracy that is beyond chance.}

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04 Jan 2012 02:09:19
bit of light hearted entertainment 4 conspiracy theorists - cantona's legal team

Hitler Finds Out About Kokesh Dance Party

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