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04 Jan 2013 22:08:44
I have a question to those who believe in the illuminati (personally I don't) but what is the point behind a new world order? The people alledged to be arranging the change are alread the elite of the world, alread hold the power so what more do they gain?

This is an honest question not an attack. I just don't get while the people already holding all the power would gain anything.

{Ed002's Note - Pick any point in history and you will find a liking for an alternate solution/a new world order/Illuminati intervention ... etc.. World War, War on kids in Berkeley in 1969, famine in Africa, Famine in Bangladesh, Paris and London in 1968, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos yadda, yadda, yadda - all potentially "political" issues soilved by intervention and the "new world order". Maybe not.}

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{Ed033's Note - The whole point is that the elite of the world do not hold all the power. Their agenda is total control but at the moment they do not have total control. This is why those of us that are "awake" can see the creep towards total control. Agenda 21 is what they're working on at the moment. Further down this page at timestamp 04 Jan 2013 14:47:55 is a short video entitled Agenda 21 for dummies.

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My take on the illuminati/elite is they control us a bit like a farmer controls hes sheep, they steer us this and that way and let us think we have our own destiny in our own hands and the clever thing about them is we do not know who they are, it and to use a quote out of a great movie "the rich have been screwing the poor since time has begun, always have, always will" platoon.

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05 Jan 2013 11:41:44
I would change the phrase to Latest World Order and it might make a bit more sense. I don't buy the "TRYING to take over" spiel.

Bit late to worry about that.

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05 Jan 2013 13:21:02
how can you not believe in it? its all around you plain as day, life is about control.

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TIGHTENING of control is plain to see and all around as posted above.
Not sure about the critical faculties of someone who doesn't 'believe' this is happening by now... are you one of those people who thinks stricter measures and removal of rights are ok because you aren't doing anything "wrong"?
What's right and wrong can be changed in an instant, and you can be branded a "terrorist" for something as trivial as disagreeing with the state, thrown in jail without trial for having a different opinion, or shot in the face by a psycopathic polis.
But it tends to be "for other people to worry about" with attitudes like that... don't trouble yourself then. pea.

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04 Jan 2013 21:39:45
edd in a discussion with a friend and he seems to think that mobile phone companies can save all the text messages you have ever sent and have it recorded word for word.....surely thats not possible even if they keep records of the numbers you text surely they cant keep history of your word for word private text messages?

{Ed033's Note - Government agencies are working in league with all telecommunications companies to monitor and save, all telephone/mobile phone conversations, all emails, every web site anyone visits, all text messages. And if they can't manage all the data right now, they will be able to in a few short years.

Right now, if you say or type certain "buzzwords" on a device, you will trigger the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand etc. spying mechanism known as "Echelon".

And in a few short years all devices you buy including such devices as fridges will have monitoring capabilities to spy on you. All of this data can be accessed by "Fusion Centers" that are growing in number all over the Earth, all in the name of fighting crime/terrorism, except it's really all about total control.

Below is part of a Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory episode that mentions Fusion Centers in America

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04 Jan 2013 20:01:53
Carrying on from the Chinese Ghost towns, they are also all over Africa. It seems pretty obvious to me that a Chinese monopoly is well in motion while the West worry about Islam & their oil. Millions of Chinese people will have ready made homes and jobs waiting in resource rich parts of Africa when over-population happens in China. Research 'Llandeilo', chinese village in Wales, i would suggest there is plenty of coal left there. The West are just like a mad dog chasing it's own tail whilst the slow turltle hurtles past at a pace u can't even see.

{Ed033's Note - How about this for a scenario. What if just like the European Elite took over what the European people did when the European people went to America and terraformed it (building towns etc.), for free, the European elite are letting China do all the hard work of building / creating stuff etc. all over different parts of the Earth, only to then take it all off the Chinese at a later date, for free?

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When i was reading an article on the chinese ghost towns, they said it's something to do with oil. that's why they're building the cities in angola. sorry can't remember what site it was on. i just came across it when i googled dark eyed children which was a good read but kind of hard to believe. anyway ed do you think the chinese would give them up without a fight? Adamynwa

{Ed033's Note - This is the question. Do the European elite have something up their sleeve i.e. advanced military black technology that the Chinese could not match.

In the film, The Pink Panther Strikes back, there was a "Doomsday machine" that was so awesome that it could make buildings disappear. Looked like Tesla death ray technology and in the film, all governments were scared of this "Doomsday machine". On 9/11 we saw 3 buildings disappear into dust with someone using black technology. Who has control of this technology that was used on 9/11? Is it the Chinese? Probably not.

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Interesting scenario, Ed, so do you think China as a superpower is in decline? i think they are extremely strategic and plan a lot further ahead than most, colonising of Africa is well under way almost under the radar. I reckon with Mexico/South America next. Most Cities already have a 'chinatown' . .

{Ed033's Note - I don't doubt that the Chinese are extremely strategic and plan a lot further ahead than most but all I'm saying is what if the Anglo/European elite have some black technology to threaten the chinese with and it's so awesome that the chinese just hand everything over without a fight because they have no chance.

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Black tec? I haven't heard of that before i'll look up on that, if europe could have it couldn't the chinese? maybe they've made the 1st move with the cities to show their power maybe they're hiding death rays? I wouldn't put anything past the chinese. saying that can we really trust anyone?

{Ed033's Note - Maybe the Chinese think they'll be Ok because they have something up their sleeve that they think the Anglo/European elite don't

Black Technology aircraft of the 1980's with Michael Schratt Part 1 of 2

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Brill replys ed and thanks for the link

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Yeah i agree, i think it could become a case of calling eachothers bluff on who's got the 'blackest' black tech, Africa and its resources are invaluable i cant see one side dismissing it for the other to 'have'. Without sounding to much like a football pundit though (haha) i think China will/have got the edge when it comes to black or even E.T tech. Saying that im basing it on specualtions not Fact
{Ed033's Note - Yes, speculation is all we have to go on.

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I reckon the Americans have something in Africa as well, resources is in my opinion the reason the kony 2012 video was made, to give people a reason for the Americans to enter Uganda, so that they can take oil and maybe even make their own black technology there.

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04 Jan 2013 18:32:51
Hi guys, I just wanted to share this footage with you I found.

I'm not one to believe in the majority of UFO stories however this one seems pretty genuine to me.

Ed, whats your opinion?

{Ed033's Note - It looks like a genuine video to me but I'm no expert. I don't know what it is so I would call it an unidentified flying object. Could be a black project plane? or you know what?

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04 Jan 2013 14:47:55
ed33, in your opinion do you think there will be a world war 3 within 50 years and if so how do you see it happening?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly on August 15, 1871, Albert Pike sent a letter to Giusseppe Mazzini stating there would be 3 world wars. We have also heard about the prophesy that the 3rd world war will start in the middle east and then we've heard rumours that world war 3 will be a thermo-nuclear affair leading to famine, pestilence and a huge lowering of the population of Earth.

Therefore a war with Iran could fulfil their (Powers that want to be/illuminati/elite etc.) prophesy of world war 3 starting in the middle east and at a later date 2025? a thermo-nuclear war could take place between NATO and Russia and or China (who could be ready for war in 2025). The reason for the 2025 date is because allegedly in this year, the planets in the solar system are in their most astrological "war like" positions for the near future so would go along with the "as above, so below" part of their "religion".

I think the above may have been the original plan but of course they could have changed their minds by saying the prophesy has been fulfilled by saying the "Cold War" was World War 3 and now they're concentrating on their Agenda for the 21st century

Part of a presentation about Agenda 21

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04 Jan 2013 12:12:03
isnt it time we stopped creationism being taught as fact to children? the very idea is quite ridiculous in the first place, and dont get me started on the planet only being 6000 years old. lol
i have no problem with kids being told about creationism as a belief, but not as fact, especially against REAL facts like the progress of evolution!


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Well jay you could say everything the kids are getting taught is a fabrication from religion to history add a bit of science, get them young and brainwash them.

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Since when are kids being taught creationism as fact? Its not in any school i know of.

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Any school of a religious persuasion teach their holy books as fact, check it out and you'll see for yourself! My kids are at a non religious school, and learn a little about each different religious beliefs, which is fine with me as I've explained to them that they are just beliefs with no fraction of truth, totally faith based belief! But when they have to go to a church service, the minister or whatever you call him, tells them a load of bs, like Jesus is coming back and loads of other nonsense! I think it should be stopped, as it can dumb people down very quickly!
Tom, I'm glad you're not aware, hopefully it doesn't go on where you are from. But in Glasgow, there is far too much religion being taught, especially being taught as truth! It disgusts me!



Ps! I really couldn't care what people believe, totally up to them! Just don't be telling my kids rubbish from a holy book that's stories come from older books, such as the great texts of ancient sumeria! If they taught religion as only belief, that's fine. But some of these butters actually believe in what their holy books say!

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Jay you seem to have fallen into that well known Scottish trap of bigotry. Who are you to tell people what they can and can't tell their children? I am sure if you believe in something so strongly your children's school would be more than happy to accommodate your children and exclude them from what other kids are being taught. Children being taught about religion is up to their parents as much as your children's is up to you.
Do not try and pass off this Scottish whitewash on blaming Catholic schools for the ills of society as a genuine concern. Your post has very sinister undertones and as a fellow Glaswegian I understand perfectly what you are insinuating and I actually find your post and your attitude quite offensive as a proud Glaswegian Roman Catholic.

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04 Jan 2013 10:46:43
Ed033 can i get your take on why hasn't anyone stepped in on the syria civil war but they did with the libya civil war? Thanks adamynwa

{Ed033's Note - My take is that it's not a syrian civil war as such. The syrian people are not fighting one another. The media are lying as usual. The european/anglo/american military industrial complex are sending in special forces and hiring certain groups of mostly non-syrians as mercenaries to shoot/blow the place up. The agenda of the european/anglo/american military industrial complex is to get a puppet government in place in Syria then start a "war" in Iran. Up until now, the reason why there has been no official european/anglo/american military industrial complex involvement is because the Russians have said they would protect Syria, however maybe there is an offer on the table now with the Russians and the Russians will remove the protection

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I agree with the edd on this, false flag the vultures are circling.

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I wouldn't be suprised if there was a world war in the near future. adamynwa

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04 Jan 2013 09:56:12
ed, any good videos about holograms? i seen a short vid on youtube about the chinese using holograms, one of which was huge mountains.

{Ed033's Note - Well, here is another example of the project blue beam hologram technology at work.

Tupac Hologram Performance at Coachella Live 2012

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04 Jan 2013 08:19:41
Hey eds big fan of pool page only started reading this page last night haven't slept yet great job fair play amazed. i dont know if this is a conspiracy but why has china built ghost cities in their own country and angola? Thanks for any reply eds and readers. Adamynwa

{Ed033's Note - It could be that because China is expanding it will require these ghost cities in the future but it would cost more to build the cities in the future and as china has the money now, it may as well build cities with the money rather than buy US government "debt bonds" with it.

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Thanks ed

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Another reason edd is the majority of the china population can not afford the new builds hence being empty.

{Ed033's Note - Good point.

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