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04 Jul 2013 16:00:47
In Falkirk, dishonest means have been used to ensure the selection of a 'suitable' candidate ahead of the next general election?


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Months ago, an MP raised questions in the House of Commons regarding a peadophile ring operating out of No. 10 that tied into the investigation of The Elm Guest House case.
Can anyone guess the name of the MP who asked that question? I'll give you a clue, he's just resigned from the shadow cabinet.
Make your own minds up, but, I think there may be more to the picture than just Falkirk.


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more on the elm house case.

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04 Jul 2013 14:19:43
Any 1 else see the news last week with the Irish Bankers. illumanati all over it. :)

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The link to these Bank PersonsTalking on the phone

I was only reading on this site about 1-2 weeks ago about banking and then this comes out.
And what makes it even better THESE people will not be sent to Jail for what they have done
Family's have been torn apart
People have committed suicide losing there job there house an still have to pay it off
I really feel for the people who took
400k (just an example) to buy a house and 2yr down the line, the house is worth 150k


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Shanks - the latest news the day!
They wanna know who leaked the tapes & if found they going to get done!
Not a word and parcel about a banker?
no wonder the country is in trouble!
Irish white.

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04 Jul 2013 12:43:19
about a week ago ed033 mentioned the possibility of life on mars.

I enjoy reading about astronomy a lot, so if anyone can suggest me some good sites for reading about aliens or astronomy then it would be very helpful.

Thank you

2011 (ynwa)

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Don't know a lot about this mate but just google : NASA, Eric von Danniken, Mars Anomolies, the Drake Equation, Carl Sagan and Jaques Vallee.
Unfortunately you will have to check the spelling on all of the above. :-)


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^^thanks mate

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04 Jul 2013 08:23:16
{Ed033's Note - Video on the behaviour of the Monarchy

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