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04 Jun 2013 20:54:30
So Bilderberg is in Watford, I guess it's because Prince William will attend, since he's being groomed to lead the NEW WORLD ORDER.
He will turn 33 in a year or so so I expect that will be the time scale.
They like the numbers.


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Speaking of numbers, can anyone confirm if the wtc twin towers were indeed 33 yrs old around 9/11

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Queen bertrice of Holand advocated after 33 years, her nazi husband (SS) set the bilderberg group (prince bernhard) and they are related to our so called Queen, sighs.

Breaks my heart when I see all the flag waving in England it really does, over and out.


{Ed033's Note - You mean Queen Beatrix abdicated

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Ed 33 -- is this coincidence or am I taking it a bit too far

{Ed033's Note - As far as saying "the wtc twin towers were indeed 33 yrs old around 9/11", this is a bit out as the twin towers were opened in 1973 but were obviously being built for a while before this, so which part is the 33.

I prefer the following theories on 9/11:
1. They wanted to create a fantastic prophetic/ritualistic disaster to forward their control agenda

2. The Twin Towers had a design flaw in them and needed to be taken down anyway

3. They wanted to send a message to the Freemasons saying you're not running anything anymore by ritualistically destroying Jachin and Boaz, which are the twin pillars at the core of Freemasonry

4. They wanted to show their black technology energy weaponry saying don't mess with us by turning a building to dust in front of our eyes

5. They wanted to turn their interpretation of a certain part of Nostradamus' writings into reality. Parts taken from

10 Q72
In the year 1999 seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror.
Bringing back the Khan of the Mongols.
Before, after: Mars rules happily.

Their possible interpretation could be to reverse 1999 to 9111.
9111 = 9/11 2001

Great King of Terror from the sky = The energy weapon [in the sky] that turned the Twin Towers to dust

China to become a world power again

Mars = war, so constant war [on terror] afterwards

10 Q49
Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into a boiling cauldron,
Drinking by force the waters poisoned by sulfur.

near the new city = near New York

hollow mountains = Twin Towers

plunged into a boiling cauldron = the area being surrounded and covered in the dust of the twin towers looked like a boiling cauldron for a while

poisoned by sulphur = The twin towers contained huge amounts of poisonous substances such as asbestos which in the long term killed or will kill more people than the initial attack from breathing in these poisonous substances in the dust

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The only design flaw in those towers was their inability to be taken down by anything less than a direct hit by an asteroid!

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33 degrees fahrenheit, Mr Fahrenheit, was a freemason, but that don't really mean much.

What is 33 degrees, boiling point of water.


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04 Jun 2013 16:45:29
Good afternoon all. Have any of you been following the Ben Fellows case? For those who don't know, he is the man who named paedophiles from within the entertainment industry and within government. There are a few videos on youtube for those who haven't heard of him. Anyway, after a few threats and having his house ransacked, Ben has gone missing and nobody has heard from him for a good few days which is unusual according to those who know him. His wife last spoke to him on 29th May. Firstly, I hope he is safe and well but, failing that, I hope he has left a cache of evidence and info to bring these vile people to justice

{Ed033's Note - Ben was being very brave and courageous and I think he named someone at a level higher than was acceptable.

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I hope you are wrong edd and hope ben turns up soon hopefully outing a senior conservative mp does not hinder ben fallows and he turns up well soon.

{Ed033's Note - The senior conservative mp may also be on the steering committee of the Bilderbergers

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Yeah got a mail about this, it don't look good, this is the war we face.

{Ed033's Note - I hope Ben is ok but if we take the Dr. David Kelly murder, he was murdered in my opinion not because of what he said but to send a message to other insiders that you insiders better not talk, or else!

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I agree entirely ed033, extremely brave man. These evil people don't even play by the same rules they enforce upon us, it's amazing how they can sweep things under the carpet. I mean, they haven't even questioned this man despite a complaint!
They definitely like to silence the individual who can hurt them in some way, Dr. Kelly for sure but hopefully not Ben Fellows. His story needs to be told to a wider audience. I'd also add the Holly Greig story as another that needs to be aired properly, sickening as it is. It's a harsh world

{Ed033's Note - How crazy was this, Robert Green was sent to prison for attempting to hand out some leaflets in a public place that had info about the Hollie Greig case.

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If you go on youtube and listen to - ted heath and others exposed- you won't believe it.

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For the life of me I cannot understand how the Hollie story has not got more media attention, esther ratzen won’t even talk about it. Just goes to show how high up these cretins are. It makes me think that we will never hear the truth, we will never know what sickos are out there running our countries and telling us how to live our lives. Sickening.


{Ed033's Note - Yes, this particular pedo ring in Scotland contains people who are too high up for anyone to talk about it or mention any names associated with it.

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If everyone on twitter retweets ben fellows missing and gets it trending at least it can not be swept under the table, small steps I know but we need to crawl before we walk.

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Lord mcalpine sums up how your status determines how they can get away with child abuse, like icke said out of all of these old z lists celebrities rightly charged not one living mp/lord brought to justice, let's be brutally honest about this peodophila exsist in the house of commons but they get away with it and mcalpine has the audacity to sue everyone that points the finger at him, I think a bit like mp cyril smith who abused boys in the 1970s/80s they will wait until they die before investigating anything.

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Garbo and ed033, the Holly case is one of the most sickening cases they are covering up. Can't for the life of me think how they get away with this just because they are near the top of their profession. Robert Green getting locked up for the handing out leaflets is unbelievable (I thought they were about him running for a seat in Aberdeen rather than info on the case ed033) but it goes to show the lengths they go to in order to get silence.
Apparently, it was Kenneth Clarke who gave permission for Saville to have rooms at kids hospitals and homes so why hasn't he been implicated in Yewtree?
I hope you're wrong Franky and that some people grow a set and listen to the likes of Ben and Holly's stories. The victims are the ones who should be protected not the who abuse them

{Ed033's Note - Maybe you're right, I definitely heard and read that Robert Green was jailed for attempting to hand out leaflets but didn't actually hand them out. Maybe what I heard/read/assumed from what I heard/read about what was on the leaflets was wrong.

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We are probably going off topic here lads but this needs to be known. As far as I am aware Robert Green was warned not to hand out leaflets but did so as is his right to do so. He was then arrested on some trumped up charge. That’s not the strange thing though. When the initial reports were made by hollie to her mother she referred some high profile people, the mother in turn informed the police at the her local police station. This is where the s*** really hit the fan. ED, you guys had a link up before in relation to this I think. Robert Green details what exactly happened the family after the initial accusations. It is sickening and shows that it stinks from top to bottom. Garbo.

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04 Jun 2013 11:54:42
I've only recently been checking this site out, it's interesting stuff, perfect for an over-active mind such as mine!

Sorry if he had been mentioned before, but has anyone read the books of journalist Jon Ronson?

'Them' from around 2000 is a fascinating account of his encounters with conspiracists and extremists of various persuasions (eg David Icke). His attempts to track down New World Order meetings at Bohemian Grove are particularly good.

'The Psychopath Test' from a couple of years ago is superb. It details how many of our world leaders and business moguls are really just sociopaths hiding in plain sight; little more than personality disorders allowed to run amok by free-market capitalism.

He also wrote the original book of 'The Men Who Stare At Goats', later adapted into a film. You can pick his books up for next to nothing on Amazon and the like. 'Psychopath Test' is selling for three quid in HMV.

Jphigg (forgot password for log in!)

{Ed033's Note - You can click on the Forgot Password button here on the talk conspiracy login page

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04 Jun 2013 09:50:41
Been doing a lot of research on ancient monuments and structures, some of these and the stories we are been given to explain them are ridiculous,

Bosniain Pyramids - firstly these were dismissed as naturally occuring! unbelievable

Chinese Pyramids - ignored/un researched, active attempts to cover/hide them

Yonaguni Underwater monument - naturally formed apparantely

Underwater structures/pyramids in Cuba - again dismisses as naturally formed

I could go ona and on, Adams Calender, Puma Punku, Gobleki Tepe, Nan Madol, The Rama Empire. Everyhting we know about ancient history is been proven to be incorrect. We need to stop teaching this in schools we are given children false information because we are too stubborn to accept what we know isn't true. We are led to believe the first civilisations we're 6000 years ago, well golbeki tepe was 12000, DOUBLE! Not going to preach Sitchin and the Annunaki, a favourite of mine is Michael Tellinger, his work about South Africa IMO is second to none, check this stuff out people

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04 Jun 2013 09:11:03
Hi, Been reading quite a bit on President Eisenhower and UFO's, there are claims that the President met with Extra-terrestrials on three separate occasions at New Mexico Airbase in 1954. Initial meeting was with 'Nordic' in appearance aliens, but an agreement was made with 'Alien Greys'. If so, why and for what purpose? Is the question. Seems that shadow governments do not want us to know what's actually happening.


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And yeah I know not everything is stagged, for example did any of you know that 17 people got shot at an event in New Orleans a few weeks back, cause the mainstream media didn't say much about it, not big city lock down, ect.


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But to add I see the picture of Lee's killer everyday in the UK media (makes no sense), many times a day! mainstream media promoting Divide and rule, while we should be focusing on government.
Now we have the persons like edl and so called anti facist groups on OUR streets, they are all controlled from top down.

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For example, when you get a streaker at a football game now they don't show it on tv as it promotes streaking at games.
so WHY are they showing this guy time after time.
They want to promote this.

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Former CIA employee Gives Testimony About UFOs

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04 Jun 2013 00:51:23
One of the "Woolich Terrorists", wants to be known as, wait for it, MUJADEEN ABU HAMZA, wtf is that all about? what's the other one going to be called, AMMA MUSLIM BADDY?
Oh please, I mean you really couldn't make this stuff up.


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I think this event was staged, by actors, when you see the black guy run at the police (dropped his blade way before he got near), got shot many times, but is not only alive but only had a bandage on his arm in court.


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