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04 Mar 2013 13:46:08
i am a believer in ufos anyway but to people who are not I would say check out the Liverpool hearts game at anfeild and tell me what the object is.

Intresting Franky, am thinking fighter jet poss? I do belive in ufos btw.

Never seen a fighter jet look like that mate plus that was scary fast.

I personally don't believe in UFO's but that was strange Frankie. Bloody quick, too quick for a shooting star. Seems like a strange time for a fighter jet to be flying around, although as I've learnt from this site, we aren't exactly informed of everything going on in the world, so logic (my logic) says a fighter jet is the most likely.

Melbourne CFC

Just proves that Liverpool are the most supported club in the universe ;)

Melbourne you seem a intelligent feller apart from the cfc lol, anyway what do you base all the sightings around the world for thousands of years on?. and true jonesy even the aliens have to pay homage to anfeild.

Sorry should have mentioned it but I live about 2 to 3 miles from anfeild and I hear most flights as john lennon airport is not that far from me as well, often see or hear easy jet ryanair every day, that night I watched the game and if it was a fighter jet I would have heard it as it was flying much lower than a normal commercial plane plus the speed of it would have made a hell of a noise, like I said I heard nothing, I am not saying it was alien craft it could have been a black project craft hence the ufo tag.

It’s quite annoying actually, cost me a fair few quid to get over and watch the reds and all these aliens have to do is hover over Anfield, stick on the ol’ cloaking device and they have the best seats in the house.
Regards, Garbo

It depends what you mean by UFO's Franky mate. By definition the video is a UFO (currently) as none of us can identify what it is. But an ET space craft? I'm unconvinced of such things existing. I haven't done enough research to form a definitive opinion about whether they do exist, but I am very sceptical.

I think it naive to presume we are the only intelligent life form in the universe, but I don't think that there is enough proof out there that any other life has advanced as much as we have in terms of infrastructure, technology etc.

What makes you so sure that UFOs (piloted by 'aliens') exist mate?

Melbourne CFC

Ok didn't see your initial follow up Frankie, but I'm guessing when you say you believe in UFOs, you're saying that you believe in alien crafts. What do you base it on? Also I have no idea what you mean by a 'black project craft', if you have time feel free to enlighten me mate. Us Chelsea fans have been concentrating on CL last few years, so haven't had as much free time as you lads ;-)

Melbourne CFC

Haha touche Melbourne ok why do I believe in ufo sightings? to many sightings on video and pictures that can not be explained by trained pilots not a ordinary Joe like me, like I mentioned in my previous post even documented tribes from native Indians to Tibet monks have drawings and mention flying objects, and black project means highly classified military.

The aliens flew past liverpool thinking it had already been attacked.

To the above poster you have not been to liverpool much have you?

Unnamed poster, that's the kind of thing someone who has never been to Liverpool would say.

To Melbourne cfc regarding alien life although I respect your opinion I disagree it is a mathamatical probability that alien life exists and has already been discovered on Mars it may not be the stuff of science fiction but bacterial lifeforms were discovered on Mars which means it possible but not likely for aliens to be here.

I agree Heskey, I think you must of misread my post, as I said I think it naive to think we are the only intelligent life in the universe. The point I was making is I don't believe that they have advanced to the stage on creating space crafts that can enter and exit our atmosphere.

Franky, I think its hard to base an opinion on cave drawings and tribes who are, by in large, still yet to see the Western World. The majority of these tribes are yet to see a car, so I think could be easierly dupped into making more out of strange lights etc in the sky. Imagine if a fighter jet or a commercial plane for example, flew overhead at night, and you hadn't seen it before. The fact most drawings date back thousand of years tells me maybe it was a meteor coming close enough to earth or even a succession of shooting stars. Thanks for the heads up about black projects mate.

Melbourne CFC

How do you explain trained pilots seeing strange crafts even nasa experts can not explain what they are, I am talking about 1 per cent of sightings that are extraterritorial crafts.

I can't explain it mate, but I am not going to assume it must be aliens, when proof of their existence is sketchy at best. Also there is a big difference between people in power that can't explain something and people that won't.

Melbourne CFC

Its the won't that I am alluding to mate, I can sort of understand why the people in power knew that there were ufos in our airspace and denied it, why would they admit there are crafts that can out maneuver our planes when ever they want?we know the reason it would cause panic. until one lands or crashes in a populated area then we will get the definite answer, until then I will read between the lines with evidence for and against after all we should question everything that gets told to us.

Yes mate but your saying the government is hiding the fact that alien space crafts have been found in existence and kept from the public. I think it far more likely that the government has created these black technology aircrafts and is hiding it from the public. If you know for a fact that these black tech projects go on, which thanks to Ed033 video (thanks) we can be pretty certain they do, then I don't see the reasoning behind still assuming that alien space crafts are more likely than not. Not trying to have a crack mate, as I enjoy your posts, just throwing a different viewpoint forward.

Melbourne CFC

Melbourne mate if we all agreed it would be boring and yes I can see your point of view I really can my point of view is, what benefits is there for any government past or present to admit there are alien crafts in the sky and we have caught a disc? I can't think of any mate, denying there are no ufos does make sense if your a leader of a country, you can use caught ufo to reverse engineering were probably most of the sightings are man made, to cut a long story short I can understand why we are not getting told the truth that my opinion but like I said I understand your views mate.

I think the level of the speed these crafts change direction and travel from 1 side of radar to other in the blink of a eye is the main reason it seems there not our own black technology

UFO, s are not something to be believed in, they are a fact, if you see a flying object and can't identify it hen that makes it a UFO, it is aliens that are to be believed in, or not.