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04 May 2013 10:58:59
i watched the sirius documentary last night and like a few regulars have mentioned I thought it would be better, maybe if this was brought out 20 years ago we would have been shocked and excited about sirius but since the internet we have seen most of the stuff on there, the origins of the creature asks more questions than answers (i will not say anymore in case some of you have not seen it)something crossed my mind this morning about the documentary, I think its a well known fact free energy is available but why has no other country opposed to countries like the united states create their own patterns? I can understand the middle east not wanting free energy out as well as poor countries who rely on selling their oil like venezuela, I am thinking of countries like north korea who don't give a f--- about the usa or western powers, why don't they do it?another thing I thought off is free energy would change our economy for the better but could also be dangerous as well, would that mean that every country with free energy have the power to use for the wrong reasons like weapons?i am no expert on this subject so I am putting this out there.

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It was very dissapointing alright Franky. As regards the free energy, what you say has also had me wondering. It was one of the parts of the movie that I keep going back to. I think the greatest difficulty is that most of the free energy (zero-point energy) stuff seems to go back to Tesla and his genius. I'm sure ed033 will be able to verify but as far as I know his actual designs were confiscated by the US government. I recently watched a show with Judy Wood and through that I ended up looking up John Hutchinson. His experiments are well worth looking at on you tube. The thing is that he admits he is not a scientist and most of his work is experimental so therfore maybe the establishment will not accept what he does. You tube gives various links to other people who have created free energy devices, one in particular with an engine run on water. The thing is most people who do manage to create something are twarted in some way. I think the main reason is that the industrial complex does not want the ordinary people to have access to such devices. We cannot even imagine the amounts of money that are made, by having us always dependent on support in the form of oil, gas electricity, etc. I have no doubt governments have and use equipment that is well advanced. From what I have read no matter where you look it always boils down to the money. But then that is the problem throughout our whole society. One has only to look at the western health system of never curing but always willing to have a supply of medication to see this.

Captain Needa

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Is zero point energy what that guy uses to make things levitate?
(seen it on Jesse Ventura)

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That's the kind of thing Hutchinson does. I'd imagine it is only one of the benefits.

Captain Needa

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04 May 2013 01:08:16
Web-bot - Anyone else seen the prediction of a massive Global Coastal Event predicted for 20 May 2013.

{Ed033's Note - Yes, take it with a pinch of salt

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