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04 Nov 2012 16:40:32
american elections are bizarre. This electoral college thing sounds like the biggest fix ever. How can a state such as Ohio which has 4% of the population decide the whole election. Its nuts.

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Yeah i agree this whole electoral college thing is a sham, how does it work anyway?

You know you have issues if the Russians are slating your election process after all Putin's shenanigans at their last election.

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04 Nov 2012 15:39:16
hey guys i think i have a theory regarding the BBc and Natwest....i think there both owned by the same people, despite that being illegal, because they froze jimmy savilles estate which they arent allowed to do unless they have commited money laundering offences which he didnt or isnt being accused off. It looks like the BBC is using its influence to get back at the bad press its getting


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The BBC's a public corporation funded by a tax on the whole population as such it isn't owned by anyone in the sense that you are suggested.

That isn't too say that it isn't influenced by people with an agenda who may or may not own shares in NatWest.

Personally i didn't think they could do that with his estate, if he's left bequests to people then they surely belong to the people that its been left to.

I know what he allegedly got to up was very bad, but to me it seems a lot of people are creeping out the woodwork just looking for a nice big compo payday now he's shuffled off. Where were they 12 months ago?

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To reply to the poster asking where they were 12 months ago, I'd like to share my opinion on this.

Its well documented that JS was questioned about these acts a few times and each time his reply would be to threaten to "take down a lot of others with him"

It has got me wondering if the instigator of this coming out is actually somebody who was involved with what was going on behind the scenes. I believe this because the Saville threats have obviously worked as the news always went away, was the person starting the rumour scared of being found out too? and now saville has gone its starting to go full steam ahead and everyone is finally talking about it. I just hope if this is true then the person who had the saville vendetta gets found out too as they are just as guilty as him.


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04 Nov 2012 12:21:13
you learn something new on this site every day,the bohemian grove post is new to me, i have heard of it but never really read or watched much about it,after the footy today i will give you my thoughts,the little bit i did read when i googled it was alex jones undercover thing were a pen driver took footage ,i do like alex jones stuff but i find it hard how anyone could get anything like that with the elite all being there,anyway more from me later tonight,come on u redman.

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