Conspiracy Talk Archive November 04 2013


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04 Nov 2013 22:46:59
A bit off topic but I'm not sure how it came about but got listening again to public enemy the other day and wondered if we will ever get groups/artists again that almost become movements.
I'm thinking public enemy were right up there politically in the USA and here we had the sex pistols and in some ways soul II soul.


No matter how hard it gets for an honest voice to be heard, it has happened before and will happen again. Soul rebels are born free and die free.
As we are on the subject of music there is something I'd like to ask. Have you noticed that there is barely any music with positive lyrics out there? It's easy to find music expressing feelings of rage, frustration, contempt etc. against the machine, but where is the music promoting love, compassion, unity etc. in their highest forms without negative lyrics? I tend to drift towards reggae for this reason but then again loving someone every day and every night isn't exactly the highest expression of love.
You have to really search to find 13 tracks expressing that one love or just listen to tribal music and music without lyrics.

05 Nov 2013 13:50:32
I wouldn't, and don't, even let myself hear the pop music that is out these days. I don't want to infect my head with it.

There is no way I would allow children to listen to or see this sh*t - and don't kid yourself, this music is specifically for children. This is the scary thing.

It is steadily degrading everything, and the majority haven't even noticed, since it is a steady slide.

This is truly a mystery of the mindless.


Has to be the beatles revolution , no explanation needed.