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04 Oct 2012 16:26:07
Many child abductions and murders are commited at certain times, on certain dates (because thats the way the evil ones sick minds work). Mainly on the nearest full moon to their occult feast days.

April was taken during a Full Harvest moon which was closest to the Autumn Equinox on 21st September.

The same sick individuals who believe in bridge symbolism, also worship moons, stars, numbers, oak trees, mistletoe, pyramids etc.etc.

" Wherever God erects a house of prayer,
the devil always builds a temple there.
And 'twil be found upon investigation,
the latter has the largest congregation"
( Daniel Defoe )

I pray to Jesus Christ for April's safe return.

Personally i think she's already dead, why else would the plod tell the locals to pack up and call in specialist teams to drag rivers?

It's nothing to do with the moon!! A sick pervert seen an opportunity and took it simple as. The shocking thing is a 5 year old girl was allowed out at that time so far away from her home. The parents must realise they have a small part in this horrible crime! The same goes for the parents of Madeleine McCann. It's a sick world that we live in and to allow a child of both there ages to be alone is criminal.


My children are 6 & 8 and I live in a very nice area. To this day I've not let tem to the nearest park themselves to play and I won't for a little while yet.
I agree I believe she is already gone, once found guilty I believe in certain circumstances there should be 2nd trials to decide if someone is then given the death penalty.
It would erase the problem of people being found not guilty due to a jury not wanting to end someone's life during the first trial. Just my opinion....on very serious crimes committed, or ultimately once found guilt just hand them over to the parents!


Very sad that April hasn't been found yet, we can only hope she's found safe!

Can I just say, there's no point praying to any god, deep down we all know there is no such thing. Let's just have faith in the police and experts to find her. Anyway, if there is a god, why would anyone think he'll help this time? The reason he never helps or step in is because he isn't there!


Glasgow {Ed001's Note - I would just like to ask where he was initially when it happened? Or does this great god of theirs only bother to help when asked?}

Jay, why turn this into a religious debate?


This guy should be tortured until he tells the whereabouts of this girl.......disgusting!!

Adam leave it out


It's one story that has really turned my stomach recently out of all of them that I can think of recently. I suppose since time began there have been nasty wrongun's amongst us but now because of media and social site's we are made much more aware of anything like this quicker.


The comments regarding religion are totally out of line.

If you decide to live your life a certain way that is your prerogative but to demean other people for their beliefs is irresponsible and juvenile.

Ed001 in regards to your comment you need to understand that whoever the higher power is that created this place and put us here whether you believe its a God or aliens or whatever, they do not intervene with our free will. If a sick paedophile wants to snatch little girls then thats the reality he has created for himself and there isnt going to be some long bearded man in the sky thats going to change that.

Your comment is almost sickening actually. As an editor on this site I would expect a bit more sensitivity and responsibilty from you.

What chance has this site got when its got biggots like you managing it. {Ed001's Note - you need to go read a dictionary and learn the meaning of the words you are using before making accusations. I fail to see how my comment is as sickening as your false and slanderous accusations? Perhaps if I was 5 years old and couldn't understand that others have different views from me, then I might find it sickening that someone questions my beliefs. Unfortunately, I am mature enough to understand that people have different views from myself, however farcical those beliefs may be to me. I have no need to be sensitive to your religious beliefs, nor anyone else's. Why should I be? I think you are confused, perhaps you should try a christian site or something similar. When you can show a sensitivity to others' differing beliefs from your own, then you can talk about others respecting yours. Until then, you are just another whining religious fanatic who can't accept any other viewpoint and so are in no position to make demands.}

I think turning the case of a missing girl, most likely one who is dead after most likely a nasty ordeal, into a religious debate is a bit wrong.

However it is always the religious ones that can't seem to take any criticism then have the hypocrisy to call others insensitive whilst belittling the ones of us who don't believe in their fairy stories.

@ WA
I'm shocked you blame the parents to be quite honest. The guy who has been arrested was known to the family so it wouldn't really matter how far away from the house she was or what time of day or night it was. Fact is she knew him so she would have got in that car at any time, in any place. To blame to the parents for this tells me you probably haven't got any kids yourself. Human nature is to follow, children are easy to influence, you can't blame the parents for that.

@ religion
If theres one thing that wasn't any part of this case it was religion.

Facts as I see them:
-Suspect named by police before being charged
-Not looking for anyone other than the guy they are holding
-Very specific search location
-Enquiry elevated to murder
-Charges not brought yet
-Public appeals were STILL made AFTER the arrest of the suspect

This would suggest to me that police know something they have not made public yet. We can only wait and see what that is but its clear right now they are looking for a corpse. I believe they will charge the guy for sure because they named him so quickly they just wanted to find the body first. If they don't find her by 5pm tomorrow then they will charge him anyway. Discovering the body is the difference between circumstantial and hard evidence. I do find the public appeals odd though and I would say they only did them owing to the 48 hour golden window and trying to keep community spirits up.
Guantanamo bay should be put to some decent use for once for the person found guilty without a shadow of a doubt of this crime.


I'd say they obviously have a witness(s) to April getting into his vehicle, maybe from a child who was also playing with her, she wouldn't have been all alone I think.
You know nothing about this mans history, he could be a registered child sex offender with a past which suggests something, maybe it needs to be kept out of the press to not effect any potential trial. The police will also be playing percentages regarding the likelihood of her being found alive based on how long she's been missing. But as a parent myself I would still not let my kids go down the park without an adult I know (very well) and trust. To this day they haven't gone out without a member of family or friends in tow with the other children's parents. Not at the age of 6 & 8 let alone 5! So yes I do hold the parents partly responsible as a parent myself. I see kids walking to school quite along way around the age of 5 and i wouldn't allow my kids to. Someone tried to drag my wife into a car on her way to school when she was 6 about 25 years ago. She bit him& got away. God knows what might have happened. She shouldn't have been alone really on her way to school.
It only takes the once! Kids need to know danger signs granted but in their own time amongst parents.


Ed001 I need not a dictionary nor any other literary work to aid me in constructing my opinions, all I need is my 2 eyes and the ability to read. {Ed001's Note - your whole post was a lie, you clearly stated in your original post that there was a god, now you are claiming to be non-religious. Don't waste my time, I didn't even bother to read your lengthy post, you lie at the beginning, I just delete.}

Wasn't trying to start a religious debate, merely suggested that praying to god or some false superior being isn't going to help in the slightest.
My heart goes out to all those close to April Jones.



Just to add my opinion to this,like everyone else i hope she gets found but i do think she is dead,about blaming the parents i cant speak for everyone but all my girls i was out there if they were playing in the street, itsa hard one if the sicko knew the parents and the kid .as for the religion thing its irrelevant if some people wanna pray more power to them,but like a few of us i dont believe in god.

Ed001 - like to see you stand up and shout your intolerance of Islam, in the same way you decry Christianity. Funny how a religion is an easy target for some people, when it's followers aren't prepared to murder because of an insult. {Ed001's Note - what are you talking about? Do you just like spreading lies about people? I have no intolerance of any religion, I disagree with their beliefs, but only a religious fanatic or idiot would call that intolerance. Which are you?}

"Or does this great god of theirs only bother to help when asked?"

You're not disagreeing on a religious point there Ed001- your tone smacks of smugness, sarcasm and belittlement of people's religious faith - very big of you. {Ed001's Note - ah but all you have is whines about me, no way of actually responding to the point I made. Just proves my point, thanks. One day you will grow up and realise that all the intolerance is coming from you. You are the one telling me I am not allowed to have a contrary view from yourself, I am not telling you that you can't believe.}

You can disagree without being disrespectful - and I note you haven't replied to that accusation. You know what you wrote, and what you meant by it, as does everyone else - lazy, childlike comment that just shows your inherent dislike and disregard for people who have faith of whatever description. Christianity and it's teachings are one of the bedrocks of democracy - I would always defend your right to give an opposing argument - your flippant comment was just a snide, off-hand remark that shows the sort of intolerant person you are. Typical of the supposed intellectual, left-leaning elite in our country, who preach tolerance..... as long as you agree with them. {Ed001's Note - you really are talking utter nonsense now. Christianity is far from the bedrock of democracy in any shape or form! You are the one making childlike, lazy comments, showing great disrespect and intolerance towards my beliefs. You are clearly extremely bigoted towards anyone who does not follow your belief system. You clearly have fundamental issues understanding the course of history and how democracy was formed. You are clearly extremely bigoted towards anyone who doesn't share your faith and assuming that means that others share the same bigotry and snideness that you have repeatedly shown. Yet again you have failed to answer my question, instead you have once again jumped to a personal attack due to your lack of any kind of sensible or intelligent answer. Just give it up, you may be articulate, but you are unable to do anything but turn this into a personal thing due to your lack of any kind of answer to any of the points raised about your religion. Instead you post lies and half-truths about what it has done and hidden yourself in anonymity. You are still the only one showing intolerance, with your childlike resort to hiding behind a lack of respect. Show me a reason why I should respect someone whose only resort is personal insults and is unable to give an intelligent or even a stupid answer to the questions raised? I respect those who deserve it, those who show others respect, unlike yourself, who jumped straight in with personal and quite frankly false insults. It is embarrassing now, you really should just walk away from the keyboard.}

Ok Ed - your comment, "I would just like to ask where he was initially when it happened? Or does this great god of theirs only bother to help when asked?", was indeed a serious attempt on your part, at an intelligent, respectful, adult discussion on Christianity, and not simply a sarcastic, smug, disrespectful dig at people who have a faith. My mistake.