Conspiracy Talk Archive September 04 2012


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04 Sep 2012 10:02:08
Just wondering, have any of you guys heard of the Slenderman? Definitely worth a read. A few video's on youtube too.

Done a bit of reading up on The Slenderman. There is a few similarities between him and Spring Healed Jack.


Just wached the 10 min doc on youtube will definitely be looking into this one more, thanks op. BLUE_TOWNZ

Whats it about ?

Entire thing is a hoax, it wasn't even a real myth/legend to begin with. It was invented not that long ago, and people started doing competitions for pictures/vids involving Slenderman.

Nothing in it at all. Its creepy but no more relevant or real than say, the Blair Withc Project.


Cant comment on slenderman but like Aaron mentioned spring heeled jack has been sighted or a urban myth for over a 100 years,sightings all over the country.

Not just here though Franky. Spring Healed Jack has been sighted all over the world. The Slenderman could be another variation.