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05 Apr 2013 13:03:50
Phone call to Art Bell many years ago. seems very odd but very ture what do you think?

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Ye heard that a few years ago, very odd agreed.

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Didnt he callback and say it was a prank?

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They never got in touch with him again.

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Very weird! Seemed genuine enough. Especially the way he got cut off!

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05 Apr 2013 11:02:18
Started to watch the first 3 dvds of History channels Ancient Aliens very interesting on the theory of how the Egytians built the pyramids and how advanced our ancestors really were, looking forward to the rest of it

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The underwater towns is very good and some parts of the cowboys is too.

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You wanna check out ancient aliens debunked. CM68

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The show mixes various theories together to come up with the truth they want to present. I love the shows but it can let itself down on simple mistakes. On many occasions they show artworks with what they call 'UFO's'. These artworks are usually of a religious nature and are merely showing the moon and the sun, left and right on the artwork. The debunked show mentioned above is at the other extreme and uses similar techniques to 'prove' its theory. As a believer in advanced alien species I like how Ancient Aliens at least addresses the point that civilization may have at various times been far more advanced than we think. There is a new documentary coming out soon that will be worth a look. The trailer is available to view here

Some people maintain Steven Greer (who is behind the documentary) is part of the disinformation lobby, but the points raised in the trailer would seem to dispute this, to me. I've been lucky enough to have flown over the Nazca lines, which often feature in Ancient Aliens, and nobody can convince me that they are not meant to be viewed from above.

Captain Needa

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