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05 Feb 2012 20:54:20
The axis of evil, America, Britain and Israel.

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How can you disagree?

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All 6 of them

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Daftest thing i heard, i didn't see America, Britain or France voting to allow dictators to keep slaughtering women and children but i did see Russia and China not vote to allow it to carry on.

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You obviously don't understand the situation in Syria or anywhere in the middle east, and your right the USA and Britain not Killed any civilian's in Iraq, Libya or Afganistan lately have we !! You probably get your news from the corporate presstitutes that is the bbc or sky, if you got your facts right you would know that the only reason that russia vetoed the resolution because it only had the government side from stopping the violence and not the west backed protester's ( CIA paid Al Quada insurgents ) who would be allowed to carry on their atrocities on behalf of THE AXIS OF EVIL.

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Sure you got your facts right as russia is the biggest arms supplier to syria?

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Syria has always been a problem for Israel. The USA are puppets of the khazar Jews.

Iran want to sell oil on a new std. USA cannot have the petrodollar std mothballed as it will crash the USA. Therefore war mongering now at a all time high

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How many were slaughtered in 911 and all the Nato wars after.

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Yeah because the odd accidental death from a stray bomb is equal to actaully shelling a hospital.

More Iraqi's were killed in Iraq by fellow Arabs, crossing in from Syria and funded by Iran than were killed by US/UK forces.

Whereas Syria, yes its a civil war, and i really fail to see how you can support a government killing its own civilians.

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You really have no idea about politics in the middle east.
Folk on this site are enlightened, not brain dead sheeple!
Would suggest you do some reading before you come on here and try to peddle propaganda/lies.
The Israel lobby and us foreign policy by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M, Walt,
would be a start for you to open your eyes.
Regards Bep Kororoti.

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Q. Who is the counter balance to America?

A. Russia

Q. What would america do if there was a weak Russia?

A. Anything it bloody likes

Some may not think so but without Russia things in the world would be in en even greater mess then they are now.

America is without Doubt the Evil Empire and things are only going to get worse!

Q. Yes Russia has been an arms supplier to Syria for many years but who started all these protects over the middle east?

A. America, its how its spreads its tentacles of power er, sorry Democracy!

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O cos that wasn't at all patronising at all was it Bep Kororoti.

Just because conspiracies exist doesn't mean everything is a conspiracy.

Who was peddling propaganda or lies? Its fact that they have shelled the s**t out of areas in Homs that they do not control. In an age of camera phones and the internet it is very easy and quick to get such things out there.

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Could not agree more with the poster above.
America has interfered in over fifty democratically elected countries in the world since the end of ww2. The U.S uses subversion, espionage and black warfare on any country who oppose their views. They also arm any group who in countries
that they wish to create a hegemony in with whatever weapons they desire..
In Syria it is not a peoples revolt, but an attempt to overthrow the government.
No doubt mosad have been in Syria for a long time orchestrating and arming the terrorists!.
Regards Bep Kororoti.

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To the unnamed poster, the syrian authorities where shelling the (makeshift field hospital) because armed mercenaries were hiding in the building, the same terrorists who detonated a bomb on a bus killing scores of people.
They attack security forces then hide behind innocent people using them as human shields.
I am sure the army in any country would act in the same way!!

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No most armies would just go in and kill any armed men, not shell it indiscriminatly.

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There are no good guys, i used to think the socailism route was the way forward but this site has awoken me more than any thing else, the top and tail of it is every government is gonna screw the rest of us, always have done and always will untill we wake up. Frankyscouse

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HALIBURTON. Do some research.


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05 Feb 2012 18:48:47
Hey ed just wanting to your opinions on time travel? Apparently if you travel faster than the speed of light (which has now been rendered possible within certain subatomic particles i.e neutrinos) then you move forwards in time. Do you think its possible or will be in the future?

{Ed033's Note - If time travel is possible which seems reasonable, then some of the UFO stuff could be human time travellers. According to one of the main guys who encountered the beings in the Rendlesham Forest incident (possibly Jim Penniston), the beings looked human and actually said to this guy that they were us from the future.

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Thats like saying if you was on a train thats going 100 mile an hour and your walking towards the front of the train then your moving faster than the train. No, its not right.... HERBIE {Ed001's Note - technically you are though Herbie.}

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Herbie mate its physics, the odd things are often the ones thta are correct.

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First time poster and I think i have to side with herbie on this one.....if iwas to start walking to the front of a train as it reached its destination. Saying that i would arrive at the destination a fraction of a second earlier isnt true is it? I would arrive at the destination at exactly the same time as the train because i am on it.
Mike {Ed001's Note - yes, but you would arrive ahead of the bit of the train you started off on.}

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Damn...... Physics is more confusing than Scooby Doo. :-) I'm off to bed .... HERBIE

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I think you will find I said exactly the same thing next week!


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Very interesting post , i am currently studying applied physics in college , i do believe its a matter of time (pardon the pun) until we can travel forward in time through gravity bending space time and moving close to the speed of light , backwards in time is a mystery , i wouldnt say its possible or impossible because there is no current way of knowing perhaps a wormhole or maybe if someone unravelled field theory we could have a better guess.

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05 Feb 2012 14:36:34
Anyone else think killings in syria is false flag maybe thats why china and russia have vetoid in un conference. Frankyscouse

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No i just think its a case of they have no desire to see any kind of change in the region.

Or Commies stick together to give the Yanks the finger and abandoning women and children to be murdered by both sides.

Either way the way the UN is set up at the moment is a total shambles, its not fit for purpose and needs a rebuild.

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The usa sorry i ment un are as useful as a choclate kettle,as for getting ivolved in the middle east its full of issues and a pandoras box and why would the un want to stick there nose in when they have stayed silent over the troubles in zimbabwe. Frankyscouse

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Why does everything have to be a conspiracy? Surely its more likely that the Syrians are fed up with their lot and just want change, same as the East Germans or Poles over 20 years ago.

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The loss of life is always shameful.

Anyone awake its america Proping up the syrian protestors some of whom (the leaders) are not even Syrian.

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04 Feb 2012 23:59:44
hello ed jus wonderin if you have seen any of todd standing s bigfoot footage and if so what do u think ? if it's legite he has sum really intriging stuff,certainly the most convincing i have ever seen
{Ed033's Note - Sorry I haven't.}

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Seen a interview about todd standing, i am open minded about him, i deffo believe there is a bigfoot, just hope this guy is genuine.

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