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05 Jan 2012 21:37:03
I read one of the Bill Cooper threads down below and then came across the below video.
I hadn't heard of Bill or this theory until today, i have to say it is pretty compelling. What you guys and (ed/s) think of it? Was it Oswald? The CIA?


{Ed033's Note - What Bill Cooper says in the below video is accurate except I believe for the driver shooting JFK. The driver allegedly did slow down so the real shooters could hit JFK easier rather than speed up so was allegedly part of the plot. The video below this one is where the JFK bodyguards are ordered away from the car in the first place and neither Oswald nor the Mob had the power to order bodyguards away from the presidential car.

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Thanks for the reply Ed33. I'm almost certain there is more conclusive footage, but has been restricted from public viewing. JFK was well before my time, was it the CIA who set up or the 'elites'? Thanks again for your time.

{Ed033's Note - As far as I'm concerned the 'elites' had JFK killed because he was messing with their plans. Government agencies such as the CIA were involved in carrying out the assassination and covering it up.}

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I doubt the driver killed jfk or oswald ,to be honest i dont we will ever find out who,i have a mate who has visited the states to visit oswald grave and jfk, he goes every year and has done all hes own reserch and last year he traced two drs a husband and wife from liverpool who were in new mexico on a bus and on the bus was lee harvey oswlad,of course they never knew who he was at the time but a couple of weeks after jfk was shoot they contacted the police in usa and told them,not sure what they told them, anyway my mate tried to find out if the couple were still around and they were and still living locally, so he rang there house and mentioned he was doing some reserch and they replied "about what", he said "jfk and lee harvey oswald" ,the wife put the phone down, he tried ringing again . no answer, so the next day he drove down to the house rang the bell and intoduced himself and that was him on the phone and could he answer a few questions about times dates and oswald,he said they never denied about oswald being on the bus but could not put there name to anything, he said they were in there sixtys and shook up,makes you wonder why oswald on a bus at a certain time before jfk has any relevence then and even now. btw this is a genuine story and will get in touch with my mate on facebook to see if he ever found out anymore.

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I agree with the majority of things Bill Cooper has to say however i don't think hes right about a staged alien invation. whats your thoughts on this Ed?

{Ed033's Note - Hard to believe there will be a staged alien invasion.}

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Franky i'd be interested to hear more if available. Not saying it was THE LHO but definitley something going on there. Wasn't there mulitple Oswald sightings all over the Southern states in the months leading up to it? Someone had a lot of Oswald doubles out there building the lone nut legend. Think it was touched on in the Costner film, the multiple Oswald theory. Mort

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Will try to find out more mort,i havent got a clue who did it but i am positive it was not oswald, as for the two drs that is a genuine story and i find it very strange why these two drs are still wary 40 years on to talk about it,

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Jfk was murdered because he would not authorise operation northwood as well as sacking allen dulles and some other joint chiefs ...thats the last time a president had any control

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05 Jan 2012 21:18:37
edd, guys i mentioned current tv and a documentary i watched about the edl and usa version, it's interesting.


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05 Jan 2012 20:31:36
In response to the Olympics and the use of holograms as a way of staging the event I came across this vid.

Seems the technology is already in use.


{Ed033's Note - If this is white technology, just think what the many years ahead of white technology, i.e. black technology is like.}

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05 Jan 2012 16:05:20
Eds, OK just watched the clip below about London Olympics, I've got the message! Bad Guys!

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05 Jan 2012 15:06:27
ed, why on earth have those nutty scientists made a super flu? it will no doubt get into the wrong hands.

{Ed033's Note - {Ed033's Note - These scientists are typically just paid to do a job and because of the compartmentalisation are probably unaware of the bigger picture.}

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So like most clever people they lack common sense?

do you see this becoming a pandemic scare like swine flu, where it is built up but does nothing.?

{Ed033's Note - Who knows? But if these scientists question anything then they are "suicided" as we've seen before.}

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05 Jan 2012 13:25:10
ed, is the president of the united states the head of a corporation which is run by Britain? if so why hasn't it been made public like it has with Canada and Australia or is that something different?

{Ed033's Note - Allegedly the corporation was once called the United States In America and then became the United States of America but I don't know what's going on with it now.}

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Ok thanks ed.

if it is run by britain then are we (britain) behind all the Iran/Israel/Syria attacks.

because most of the public in britain seem to think america start a war/battle and then get britain involved, but could it be the other way around? (if that makes sense)

{Ed033's Note - The real power is allegedly the Crown Corporation in the "City Of London"

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05 Jan 2012 15:40:57
Are The Masons/ Illuminati supposed to be good guys or bad guys? There is a twitter account for the Illuminati (real or fake) tweeting great and honourable messages to live by. They also have great history with the Knights Templar who were protecting Jesus, Holy Grail etc. But also NWO ties?
If they are bad guys what can we do anyway?

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{Ed033's Note - The high up masons allegedly have this "Great Work" they are supposed to complete but it appears they forgot what this "Great Work" is so at some point this "Great Work" became corrupted. The very name Illuminati means the "illuminated ones" and they originally were about becoming illuminated/enlightened but they allegedly became corrupted at some point as well although there are illuminati/masonic groups who do practise to become illuminated/enlightened.}

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05 Jan 2012 10:35:00
Hey does anyone think that maybe there is something in the end of the world 2012 , ok this might sound a bit mad but did anyone notice the way lynx deo s add campaign and name of 2012 the final edition might be a clue ? Unilever who own brand lynx are a huge global company , is it just clever marketing or does unilever know something that the general public dont ? or am i spraying my deo in the wrong place !!!!

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I think you have been sniffing the can a bit too much mate

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05 Jan 2012 10:25:47
I dont think anyone can doubt from this footage that there is a censorship issue around the us presidential race and how they are doing their best to keep ron paul from winning....


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