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05 Jan 2013 16:40:53
hey edd i have been chatting on twitter to the brother of Daniel morgan who got murdered 26 years ago, i was wondering if you have heard of the case? i have not myself but over the next week i will doing some research about it, i have told him and a few others about this site and hopefully they will post.

{Ed033's Note - No, I'm not familiar with the case.

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05 Jan 2013 13:51:21
Hey guys,

We all hear about these conspiracys in America through such programms as jesse ventura conspiracy theories and Alex Jones ect... But what about theories excluisve to the UK, like the America FEMA, do we have a equvilant theory? Or any in general concerning just the UK.


{Ed033's Note - What's going on in America is or will be happening in UK at some point, for example, there are fusion centers in UK but they aren't called fusion centers.

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7/7 our own fake 9/11.

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Frankscouse, can you explain or give concrete evidence of how that was a fake? I've heard lots of people say its an inside job but no one ever offers the names of whom planned it or how or why, unlike 9/11 where there are so many theories?


{Ed033's Note - A superb video was made by Anthony John Hill (A.K.A. Muad'Dib) called 7/7 Ripple Effect (updated 2nd edition now online) but that is not the only good video on the 7/7 attacks

7/7 Ripple Effect 2

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But is there any current examples its happening here RIGHT NOW like there is in the states or not?


{Ed033's Note - There's plenty of current examples on this web site alone.

There's a UK newspaper called UK Column that has plenty of current examples ( They also have a proper news program at

Edge Media Sky Channel 200 currently labelled as 'Controversial TV' has current examples

Richard D. Hall has a UK based video interview web site with plenty of current examples here -
This is also available on Sky Channel 191, Freesat 403 and if you're on FREEVIEW look for either the Unexplained Channel or Showcase TV

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Jag like edd has mentioned all those sites are great and current with things that are going on now, i will also add stuff in our media in the news in the past few months for example about people getting extradited to the usa without any formal trial, it is our newspapers but they dont ask the question why, then a richard d halls interview with a pensioner who got jailed for trying to oust a judge for being a pedo, he had no trial went straight to prison, the sites the edd has given are a good starting point, read up and make your own mind up if you believe .

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Okay thanks edd and franky :) helped me out alot really interested in this


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05 Jan 2013 00:48:33
Documentary about Mobile phones and their effect on people.

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Well luckily enough my kids constantly text, more seriously seen a advert on David icke website about allowing kids to use mobile phones plus Robbie Williams who also believes in conspiracy theories and ufos has not and will not own a phone even when hes Mrs was in lab-our, i very rarely make calls of my mobile and only answer it when i have to, it makes sense that it must be doing harm to peoples brains if u have lithium cobalt oxide and lead next to your brain for say a hour a day 52 weeks, it wont effect my age group as much but kids have phones as young as 7 now and i will be surprised if there is no drastic increase in brain tumors.

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That is exactly what the doc deals with franky. The effects it will have over time on kids of today. Scary part is they show the user agreements for the phones and all advise to keep the phone away from the body. Of course nobody ever reads the small print.

Cork Red Boi

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Wonder if Robbie Williams uses this site.

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Yes it is my favourite site.

Robbie williams

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Haha robbie


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