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05 Jul 2012 23:13:42
Are there any conspiracies about the Undergroud Tubes in London?

There were many created but not used if I recall from a documentry that I watched many moons ago.


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Yes, I have heard that if you arrive at the tube stations at certain times during the day it is actually possible to catch a train. To be honest I find this very hard to believe and would imagine the NWO are involved in some way, particularly as whenever I manage to get on said tube, I always find myself next to the smelliest, ugliest person in London. This cannot be pure coincidence & I believe it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out ;))

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05 Jul 2012 22:17:14
ed33 interested with your rome theory, have been doing some reading, anything you'd suggest? {Ed033's Note - not off the top of my head

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05 Jul 2012 20:47:37
this is strange and tragic ultra perhaps /alien abduction?

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05 Jul 2012 12:39:03
Interesting show of force on the M6 motorway as the Olympics approach..


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Could not agree more, also on same day they perform morning raids on suspected terrorists. Getting us ready for something i feel

{Ed033's Note - The austerity measures haven't even started in UK yet and the government have been told to expect a large reaction at some point in the future. The police are being militarised and being sent on courses that incorporate Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) i.e brainwashing techniques.

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Any link to that statement edd ? is it on the same measures as alex jones has reported in the usa?

{Ed033's Note - Haven't you seen/heard any of the Brian Gerrish presentations? Loads of them on youtube. A number of them have his evidence that police and heads of departments in government are all going on courses that contain NLP to "nudge" them into thinking the "right" way

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I have seen the brian gerrish presentations on youtube last year, my question, is there a noticeable step up with the austerity measures with the Olympics approaching ?

{Ed033's Note - The austerity measures have nothing to do with the olympics. The 2012 zion olympics is just a giant ritual attempting to bring in the "new jerusalem"

The austerity measures will be continually brought in a bit at a time over the coming years until there is a large reaction from the people

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Ok then it was all over an electronic cigarette... of course. Better safe than sorry.. TRP.

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And i thought they were even legal to smoke indoors, i better cancel my order asap

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05 Jul 2012 11:38:04
eds or any body what do you think of william cooper ? thanks 90

{Ed033's Note - A lot of the stuff he was saying was probably true and when he was saying stuff we all had less accurate info to work with

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{Ed033's Note - william cooper got himself into a gunfight with a couple of police officers and they killed him.

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05 Jul 2012 05:23:55
What do you make of David Icke Ed033 and Ed001? I'm not sure about him myself, i got into Alex Jones a while back but recently I started to believe that perhaps he was a dis-information agent and could David Icke also be one? The most believable person i've found is Benjamin Fulford. Again though to be honest you just don't know who is telling the truth and who is implemented by the elite to spout rubbish.
KiwiRed {Ed001's Note - any disinformation agent would be telling mostly the truth anyway, so even if they are, you just have to figure out which bits are the lies. Personally, I am cynical, so I don't believe most of what people say on face value, I tend to question everything. Even the most reliable person can't possibly be right all the time.}

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Icke got laughed at years ago, i dont believe everything he says but i trust him more than what our governments tell us.

{Ed033's Note - David Icke tells it the way he sees it and no way in my opinion is david icke a dis-information agent.

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There is so much disinfo its very hard to find the truth in lots of things ....i try to keep to offical documentation that has been declassified like the operation northwoods document and you can understand for genuine info like that ...that the elitists will do terrible things to achieve their goals.

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Ok cheers ed001 and 033. I tend to question everyone too. I do believe that Alex Jones is a government agent myself though, whether he realises it or not.

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