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05 Jul 2013 21:13:24
Just watched this film. 'The war you don't see'. By John Pilger

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The question surely is why the cash strapped Met Police are splashing out on revamping the investigation into a crime that occurred in another sovereign state. £2.5 million to date.

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05 Jul 2013 12:53:31
What does everybody think about this "re-investigation" of the McCann case?
Am I alone in thinking it's nonsense?
Surely if you're going to re investigate a case shouldn't you start from scratch? And surely that means that the family and friends that were in the vicinity become suspects and should be ruled out first?
This case has stunk since day 1

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Completely agree with you. 38 persons of interest and not one of the tapas 9 on the list. You know this will be a complete whitewash.


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Agree with you all a re investigation should mean everyone and not just names the McCann's want looking in to, this is not a normal child abduction case but one if not both know what happened that night and someone high up is covering this up.

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Is it true kate's husband ain't the blood father of maddie

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Steven Birch has a lot to say about this case, but you won't read about it in the MSM.


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Yes it's true Gerry is not Madeleine's biological father. They used IVF, and the police had to visit the donor to rule him out as a suspect back in 2007.

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Video re Madeleine McCann.


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06 Jul 2013 19:12:23
Yes Franky Gordon brown to mention one.

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She's buried under Murat's drive?

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Read excerpts from the Portugeuse investigators book. Murat's drive was clean when cadaver dogs went in to check it. Interestingly, the living room and adults bedroom in the holiday apartment was where the dog went nuts. Blood dog also indicated there too. The question still remains if there was a dead body in the apartment where did it go? Makes you shudder right?

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We all know that the Mccanns put their kids under certain sleep drugs that night so they could go out. But due to either heat or wrong dosage Maddie died and they got rid of the body.

Kopping a feel

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05 Jul 2013 00:52:49
Hey guys not posted in a while so sorry if I'm rehashing points that have already been made.

Does anyone else think that the whole banking crisis etc was completely engineered by people like the Tories in an attempt to dismantle, once and for all the welfare state and other social programmes?

Also as an after though, find its been interesting watching what's been going on in Egypt at the moment. What are the other poster's opinions on whether it is a good or a bad thing for the Egyptian people having a military that can essentially take control away from a government which the people no longer feel has their best interests at heart.

Peace and love

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First question no political group has the power to engineer the banking crisis like we discussed a few weeks ago its the people/corporations who called in the loans who caused it and that is the most frustrating thing we do not know who they are.
2nd question Egypt, the straight answer is I do not know, normally if the yanks are peed off with a military coo they show there disdain like they are doing, if this takeover was on the lines of Venezuela coo then I would say yes its good for everyone who wants equal rights for the poor but its a bit to early to say if its good or bad for everyone.

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At the end of the day the people in Egypt found out that the Muslim Brotherhood was not good for their country as many people lost civil liberties that they had always had.

The fact is the people have supported the military, it is not up to the military to support the people and allow a new election.

Whilst people may argue that the last election was free and fair etc etc. this may have been the case, but once the party started stripping liberties and agressivley pushing a more islamist agenda the people were not happy. maybe a leaf can be taken from their book and applied here?


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Also franky I don't think it helped that the banks were giving mortgages on a house that was worth say £75000 and approving a mortgage of £150,000 then when the housing market Collapsed you had people with extremely high mortgages on property that wasn't worth half of what the mortgage was for. there's that much negative equity in properties at the moment it's ridiculous!


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