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05 Jun 2013 23:39:43
{Ed033's Note - Bilderberg 2013: Visiting The Grove

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Have you seen who is going to be at the bilderberg meeting in watford, uk.

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Just goes to show, never give up your basic human rights! Police will do anything to make an arrest and get your info - its a sad world

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I just got round to watching it edd a very clever guy who held his nerve to be honest thou that lawyer helped a lot at a important time, d day today the security is going to be crazy and I think the top brass will fly in by helicopter.

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Might sound an odd question ed as the police didn't get this answer! But what's this guys name? Very rarely have I seen someone restrain the police to using actual laws rather than made up ones that they make up on the spot! Think it helped he was on a public road though in broad day light! But wouldn't mind watching more from this guy!


{Ed033's Note - He has a journalism name of Samuel William. What people don't realise is that the police only have lawful authority when you have broken natural law. Government acts such as P.A.C.E. are only given the force of law by consent. Clearly Sam did not give consent and it was recorded on video. Being on video would be the evidence of non consent and Sam being peaceful.

If the police officer had arrested Sam and taken him to the police station, then as the police officer had no lawful authority to do so as no natural law crime had been committed, the police officer would be personally liable for unlawful arrest and kidnap (should Sam of wanted to take the police officer to a court) and the video has the evidence to back it up.

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05 Jun 2013 23:05:28
more on the missing ben fellows case, his wife, Julia has been speaking and has said around the time lee rigby got butchered, Julia and Ben fellows' home was broken into but nothing stolen the same night a call was made to Ben fellows telling him to look out the window, Ben and his wife saw a man in a balaclava saying he will end up like the soldier, here is an interview and if you're on twitter or facebook paste the interview. they are trying to make out like this whistleblower never existed.

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Ben fellows has supposedly made contact, hope it is true.

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05 Jun 2013 20:58:13
paul heyler. I think that's his name credible or not discuss

{Ed033's Note - Paul Hellyer, ex-canadian politician

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Just watched his speech on youtube and he speaks a lot of sense, i am just wondering why now? it seems a bit flakey to say the man sent him documents which he never had time to look out then awhile later he looks then he is a believer, let's just say I am skeptical about his motives.

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05 Jun 2013 14:14:08
Ok I realize this is going to sound very controversial and inhumane, but I wouldn't be against USA or UK moving into Syria, in my own opinion I think it would galvanise a huge anti-NWO idea against the UN and US/UK like we havnt seen before. I think it would cause more trouble for the NWO than help them, intern buggering up their plans for a while/ slowing them down at least! and you don't screw with those patriots (syrians/palestinians/arab ) as they will die for their beliefs not just stand up for them (american patriots)! which I think the NWO "think" they understand but dont, an will get a bit of a bite in the rump. don't get me wrong i'm not going to join a "terrorist" plot anytime in the future.

Please understand i'm against bloodshed, and would rather those tens of thousands to millions in our history didn't have to die fighting the perceived tyrants on both sides, but it happens inadvertently whenever peace is being fought for, good or bad pretenses. I heard it somewhere but can't remember where: "to fight the enemy you have to think like the enemy" If that is the case the good becomes the bad and the bad becomes the good. Now how do you choose between two evils! How do you take them down (NWO) without bloodshed is what it comes down to? or is this exactly what they want?

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Are you serious? The Illuminati control every facet of any war or conflict. They control the banking institutions, which fund their invasions, and the munitions industry, which makes billions for them. Wars suit them.

The way to 'get them' is to protest at every opportunity against these 'conflicts'. Have you ever thought why all they seem to bother about is the middle east? Black gold my friend. Why do Saudi Arabia get away with their shocking human rights record? Because the USA are in hock to them.

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Interesting points jonsey so you are looking at another vietnam type of scenario where the public rebel against it? the only thing against that mate was the media had more freedom in the 60s/70s and the general public could find out more about american atrocities against vietnamese people, today it would be a lot more difficult to get anything.

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No troops are going into Syria because there's no oil there. We will instead arm the rebels/terrorists (delete as mediawashed) and move towards aerial dominance (via a no fly zone with UK, French, Israeli and Turkish jets excepted).

Syria is about one thing and on thing only; clearing a path to Iran. Everything else, such as the forthcoming sectarian civil war in Iraq, is secondary.


Bradley Manning and Julian Assange are as good an example of your 'interns' as I can think of. What happened to them?


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Libya was reported as part of the arab spring although it was not. the media got away with it because the fighting was over very quickly. as soon as it was over all the reporting stopped straight away as if the place does not exist. Syria was the same, the nice rebels were trying to get rid of the nasty leader that nobody in Syria liked.

now it's a horrible mess with both sides behaving badly, hague and the like have lost the moral high ground and the public are war fatigued after Iraq and afganistan. my theory is chaos is good for the nwo. out of chaos comes order and they will try to influence the order, if they can not do that their happy to leave it unstable as they have done in lybia and iraq so the people there are more worried about their fellow countryman than the west.

think what you want about saddam and gaddaffi but they ruled stable muslim countries with good economies which the nwo do not like unless like Saudi Arabia they will play ball with the west on the wests terms.

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I lived in Libya for six years, it was stable (in a sense) but entirely suppressed, especially the further east you travelled. It was a military state under Gadaffi's rule and people lived in fear of that military machine to the point where ordinary Libyans feared even talking in public or offering opinion on their ruler. Stability at a great price I say.


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04 Jun 2013 23:19:00
Hi usually I post on the everton rumours site but I have been looking at this page for a while and I have a conspiracy of my own,

What if every conspiracy theory you all have about nwo is what the people in charge want you to think I mean you look at youtube vids and internet pages which imo the people in charge will have main power over I mean they're not going to let any secrets out on the internet maybe they're brainwashing you with these ideas maybe this is a bit far fetched but its my opinion you could all be playing into they're hands

I do however agree that the world is full of corruption and that england is as corrupt as the rest, but I don't believe this nwo but they're is a main power controlling the main factors in the world

I don't mean to offend anyone btw, what's your opinions on this post eds? And fellow posters?


{Ed033's Note - I would imagine that some of the stuff we think is correct is actually a psyop that we've bought into but not all of it because we experience or can experience some of the stuff ourselves.

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Nobody knows what's really going on but at least on this site people are aware that what we are told by the media just doesn't add up and we are constantly being lied to. everybody has ideas as to what the truth is , even if you don't agree with them there always well thought out and interesting.

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The new world order is just a name but what it stands for is very real, basically in a nutshell they decide who lives or dies!
the real mystery to me is not is there a nwo/or corporation but who are the main players in this group, as my aussie mate melbourne points out the rothschilds for example could be part of this elite bloodline hierarchy!
who knows? ryan if there was no corporation or nwo running this world then in some ways the world would be a lot more unstable but it would be a lot more freedom.

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Good post. Wasn't me though.


{Ed033's Note - This is the point in registering, as there can only be 1 Ryan then.

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You sounded a bit like the highlander edd " there can only be one "!

{Ed033's Note - You must learn to conceal your special gift and harness it until the time of the gathering.

The sensation you are feeling is the quickening.

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Sorry franky but in your previous post you the NWO decide who lives and dies but hasn't been what the powers that be have done for hundreds of years? just a thought

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