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05 Mar 2013 21:50:30
{Ed033's Note - For all those CFC fans who were too busy with the CL to look into what Black Project Craft are:

Project Camelot with Michael Schratt on Black Technology aircraft part 1 of 2

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Haha thanks Ed, appreciate it mate. I'll give it a watch after work.

Melbourne CFC

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Is it true edd that the kremlin approached roman abromovich and said instead of spending 1 billion pounds with chelsea to win the champions league he can spend a quarter of that on a time machine?

{Ed033's Note - I've never heard that before, frankyscouser

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My inside wikileaks informed me edd

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05 Mar 2013 14:21:00
TITANIC - accident or sunk to ensure the Fed Reserve would go ahead.

{Ed033's Note - Why They Deliberately Sunk The Olympic as the Titanic

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Hi ed, I read that the olympic was damaged in collision with the hawke and the insurers wouldn't pay out but also that the main opposers to the fed reserve were on the maiden journey of that ship. 2 birds one stone?

{Ed033's Note - Definitely 2 birds with one stone

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Never heard that conspiracy before edd good video, jp morgan dodging last minute he's place on the titanic smells, I am open minded on this subject because corruption goes on and one thing that still goes on a banker (jpm)has a leader of a nation by the balls.

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I have heard many rumours about this. Some of the damage on the Titanic appears to indicate an explosion from inside, although there are arguments that this was due to pressure from water.

also, there is some issue about the sister ship and titanic, but I can't remember what it was, something to do with photographs of the two vessles together and the funnles and deck windows, they were basically identical bar the above two?

finally there was also something said about the company getting rid of all of the staff that had served on the sister ship before titanic set sail and a massive refurb to the sister ship which would go along the line of an insurance job, and a radical theory that the titianic hit another ship rather than an iceberg.


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