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05 May 2012 09:52:55
Eds do you think this is true i think it might be
red rrab

The hidden secrets of Egypt Pyramids

{Ed033's Note - My take on the wider issue of electricity being used in the ancient past is that around 13,000 BC a technologically advanced group attempted to restart civilisation (after some prior catastrophe or earth change) around Earth but it didn't work out due to flooding possibly due to glacial melt. This technologically advanced group attempted to restart civilisation again in 10,500 BC and were successful. This technologically advanced group used sound energy and or electricity as a power source.

As for the video, I think they have some things correct and some things wrong.

They could do all this as the video says and still couldnt work out that the earth wasnt flat ? Nah its just someones perception of the meanings of ancient drawings I think.


{Ed033's Note - The ancient egyptians as we call them knew the world was round. All the early cultures appeared to know it was round. It was the early christians that started going around promulgating that the Earth was flat

{Ed033's Note - This guy is definitely onto something. There are more parts to this if you have the time.
Carl Munck - The Code

I am talking about the poular assumption. There were lots of thoughts, and yes many people did have a theory the earth was round due to star movements. It was mainly not beleived as most people over thousands of years thought we lived in a box with a flat earth.


Alright ed. watched this munck chap before, and as he might be close to somethings it all seemed to contrived arriving at stuff the way he did. one thing i recall was his rafting on about base 10, from other stuff i have previously read ,history was base 12 originally,-- 24 hours, 12 months etc. although i see what he is getting it might need a rethink

{Ed033's Note - There's lots more to this. Carl Munck was on red ice radio recently talking about this for 2 hours -

It's too precise for Munck to be close to somethings. There's over 6 hours of video to watch I think on youtube. Anyone watching for a few minutes isn't going to realise what's going on. Main stream science wants us to believe that a few thousand years ago some people got together and decided it would be nice to just throw some multi-tonne carved stones together that they quarried from miles away. This isn't what happened. Carl Munck most likely has the answer and he didn't stumble across this but was given this information probably according to him by the very builders of these precise structures.

Agreed as i have spent hours listening and watching, but there were some things that didnt sit right with me, but also a load that i totally was with - i would imagine he's not going to get everything spot on, its my questioning of things that has took me to where i am. good work eds. still not happy with the base 10 stuff though. if i dig up stuff i have found i will post it, i dont mean to just be dismissing it.

{Ed033's Note - Only slightly related to the above but Keith M. Hunter has taken Bruce Cathie's work on the world energy grid and expanded on it. Super interesting and highly accurate from my point of view.

Keith M. Hunter video interview with Richard D. Hall