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05 May 2013 22:00:50
If anyone want to think back to the 9/11 towers collapse and how staged it looked, compare them to this:

The Red Road tower block being demolished in Glasgow. Looks kinda familiar.

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Close but not similar. there was no rubble after the twins fell. also no strangely burnt or corroded cars in this one. I totally get your point though

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The problem with finding out the truth about 9/11 is not only is the official terrorist story complete fiction, the people responsible unofficially released their own conspiracy theory about a controlled demolition with their numerous agents clouding the water with disinformation. So when people see through the original lies the only other option to them doesn't appear possible.
Its a shame even in this day and age where you can find almost anything on the internet Dr. Judy Wood's work doesn't get enough attention.

always a red

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It took 88kg of explosive to bring that building down. How much would be needed for the twin towers? How much force did the jets cause when they hit?


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05 May 2013 21:13:38
I see that their is a time travel film weekend on film 4 next weekend, the irony is that I've seen them all. Great site by the way, I like dipping in on a Sunday night and reading up on the various theories

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I saw them all last week and next month

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05 May 2013 12:45:30
Israel sticking their big Zionist noses into Syria, basically doing the groundwork for the excuse of America launching an attack. NWO in full effect!

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Surely we should be thankful that Israel are acting against a horrible country that is using chemical weapons against there own people? So glad Israel is where it is, without that super power that while region would be even more unstable. {Ed001's Note - comedy gold right there....}

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Where did you hear they used chemical weapons? If NWO is real they control the news you get. Rothschild now own the central banks of every country except for Iran, North Korea and Cuba. You work it out

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Christ what are people like you doing on cospiracy websites unless that's written sarcasticly then you my friend need medical help

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Good to see another pro- Israel post. The Country is doing a fab job, pity there enemies are dirty rats who use civilians and civilian building to launch cowardly attacks. And to top it off blame Israel for there failed tickets blowing up or landing short. {Ed033's Note - Good sarcasm

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The 1st reply was quite humorous. I sincerely hope the last reply was trying to be the same

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If Rothschild own banks in all but those 3 countries, why are they trying to topple Syria? Surely they already own the government already.

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{Ed033's Note - Rothschild aren't at the top of the "tree"

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Edd I have a theory that the real cartel players are not registered and your rockefeller rothschild are just a convenient people to poke a stick with.

{Ed033's Note - Sounds right to me.

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