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05 Nov 2011 23:15:01
has anyone wondered why we haven't learned to use more than the 10-15% of the brain than we do?
huddz red

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Huddz red , if you look at the utd page , you can only conclude they only use a lot less than that , maybe 4 or 5 per cent..........lfc

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We do use far more than 10-15%, it's a myth.

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I love the joke lfc made me laugh to myself lol but i think it's less than that lol

Irish Red

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I agree with Irish Red. I think Utd fans verge on psychotic actually!

But yeah, going back to the original question, I think you'll find that we use more like 70%+ of our brain.


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This coming from the delusional lfc that blatantly supports liverpool?! that is rich ;) 10 - 15 % is a myth but i think its slowly getting lower and lower with all the s**t that is on tv nowadays


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Unless we are watching the normal standard of television shows and in that case the 'United' 2-3% is adequate


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04 Nov 2011 23:54:52
Anyone seen the Dollar Bill trick EDS? {Ed033's Note - There are multiple Dollar Bill tricks, which one are you asking about?}

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The one where you hand it over and get less back, that one always gets me. {Ed033's Note - If money is just a "promise to pay", why do we have to hand over the note anyway. Can't we just go up to a seller of goods or services and just say, "I promise to pay".}

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{Ed033's Note - We can make oral contracts instead of using the bank of england notes that have "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of" on them

3 minute interview with Michael Tellinger about Contributionism -!

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The one where u can fold it in such a way it reveals the pentagon on fire? {Ed033's Note - I've seen a video where someone folds a dollar bill to look like the twin towers are on fire.}

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I watched this the other week and genuinely thought the video was so tenuous it was pretty well verging on pathetic!

With that level of detail on something you could fold it to make almost anything IMO...where there' a will (and an imagination) there's a way. I am the first to err on the side of conspiracies being true but that video just vexed me tbh.

What did everyone else think?


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Yeah i've seen it, and i can see how people can go oooh look at that. But really its pretty meaningless. Its like the thing in microsoft word where you type in certain stuff and turn the font to wingdings, now thats more freaky.

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Dear Ed033 i tried your i promise to pay¯ technique with Frankie claw hammer¯ Mcrae
a local building firm owner. He could not quite
grasp the concept, i'm very sorry to say.
Anyway not long now and there'll have my testicles removed from my rectum.
JR {Ed033's Note - Lol. Don't take offence to the next bit. What about paying with God's love instead. Isn't God's love valuable? Who would not accept God's love?}

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God's love eh? sounds like a plan.
Ed you are wise man indeed.

JR {Ed033's Note - Ok thanks, I'll take that as a complement.}

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05 Nov 2011 12:12:51
The Moon landings?

Astronout: Houston, we have a problem!

Houston: What is it?

Astronout: The Russians have painted the Moon red!

Houston: Do you have the white paint with you?

Astronout: Yes.

Houston: Then write Coca-Cola on it!

(stolen fromthe Guardian)

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