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05 Nov 2012 22:07:42
Jill Dando the former BBC news reader knew about Jimmy Savile's wrong doings. Was she going to blow the whistle before being murdered? Always thought this was strange.

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Jimmy saville called it a whistle? lol

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Well an innocent man was jailed for the murder, and it has since been claimed she was killed by a hitman, but who hired the hitman??

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The other rumour is that she spurned the advances of a Russian mob boss.


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05 nov 2012 18:59:40
heres a good site to look into for all sorts of stuff including the child abuse scandel by ex prime minister, ex cabinet miniters etc , very shocking, the site is

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To the feller gave the link for cheers budd a great site the jimmy savile story by david icke about former prime minister being a pedo and allergically having sex then killing them really shocked me,like icke said why did heath sue him when approached about the allegation ? whats everyones take on this including the edds?

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I read it this afternoon, some of the highest politicians linked in the theory. Interesting and very worrying!


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Very true supasub,i still find it shocking now,the thought of a former prime minister allergically being a serial pedo plus slitting the throats of the children once he has had sex with them is something i cant get my head around, a question to the edds if icke is right about prince phillip being a nonce and it got made public(which i dont even if true)what do you think it would happen to the monarchy ?

{Ed033's Note - It's entirely possible that at a later date, the larger agenda is to remove all monarchies anyway and whether true or not it's an easy option to remove anyone from any position just by continually making the allegation.

It appears to me that our system at the top of society contains a lot of them and they are put there on purpose so they will go along with the larger agenda as at any point there is the threat they could be exposed.

A short number of years ago an ex-butler of the Queen's was arrested for taking part in satanic rituals. This story did make it into a few of the main-stream papers.

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So even thou the monarchy are part of the elite, you think the other powers that be have plans to get rid of royalty?
1 if they tried don't you think the monarchy could spill the beans if they tried to get ousted ?
2 they are all related arnt they edd, bloodlines?
i know Nicholas II of Russia was ousted nearly a 100 years and the monarchy but i think they would do anything in there power to protect the monarchy encase it got all out. btw Nicholas II and George VI looked like brothers .

{Ed033's Note - We know they want to lower the population, this would also mean lowering the "elite"

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Thought the royals were pretty much at the top of the tree though ed. Supreme bloodline and all that.

I think Russia was either a unplanned and a total shock when it happened. or it was planned as an experiemnt to see how society would work and it failed.

That said WW1 did get rid of a lot of European monarchies and WW2 finished a few more off.

{Ed033's Note - In theory being Royal is being within 1% of the special blood lineage but in the proposed One World Order, are there going to be Monarchies? There would certainly be "Royal" people at the top of the One World Order. The agenda could be 5000 people who own everything and would be the closest 5000 people to the alleged special Royal blood line and 500 million slaves who have nothing.

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05 Nov 2012 17:12:35
regulars how do we think the us election will go? I think i close win for obama, he's got all the populated coastal states and seems to be doing better in the floaters. Mort

{Ed033's Note - Yes, that's exactly what John Hogue thinks, a close win for Obama. John Hogue tends to get the US election outcome right.

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Never heard of him Ed, sounds like he knows his onions though.

I do think its going to be very tight, and have to agree with the guy who posted about the Electoral college thing, its daft.
You look at the coloured map of America on who won what state and its just a sea of Red then you realise it's all the middle and their worthless farm states where no one lives and Obama's got all the big populated states that have all the college votes.

I'm not a Romney supporter i just think its a really bizarre out of date system that needs changing. Would stop all the arguing afterwards. Mort

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05 Nov 2012 07:13:44
Hello Ed, do you know much about freemasons? cause their is a masonic lodge in my local town and i want to know if their linked with the illuminati,skull and bones,bildeberg? are they good or bad ?

{Ed001's Note - I don't think you can really say they are good or bad, not totally one way or the other. Like all organisations they do good and bad things. Most masons use it as little more than a place to do business deals and get ahead in business. Masons do a lot of good work, for instance they looked after my auntie after her husband died, as he was a mason. She wanted for nothing and always had someone there to look after her and try and help her get on with her life. On the other hand, they have secret rituals and ideals that are more to do with helping each other than they are concerned with the rest of society. So they have an agenda to follow.}

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{Ed033's Note - Supposedly there is a masonic lodge in every town. To add to Ed001's reply. You can be a Freemason for 50 years or more and never see anything "sinister". Freemasonry would appear to virtually all Freemasons just like Ed001 said above. You may not see anything "sinister" until/if you reach the 32nd degree (in the Scottish Rite version)

Most Freemasons get to level 3 (Master Mason) and stay at level 3. This is because that is the highest level you can reach unless you are within 1% of the special/royal blood lineage, then the level you reach up to 33 depends on how close your lineage is to the special/royal blood lineage

This happens in the forces as well. In the forces, you can only reach a certain rank if you're not within the special/royal blood lineage.

In fact this happens in general society. Bankers / politicians etc. These people don't get to the top because of their competence but because they are within 1% of the special/royal blood lineage.

Back to Freemasonry. Allegedly there are another 13 degrees after the 33rd degree. These 13 degrees are known as the illuminati degrees. And for all we know there are more degrees after these 13 as well.

All of the degree rituals have been altered from the original rituals all the way up to 33 degrees so they are now basically nonsense. Not only that at the lower levels you're told one thing and at higher levels that the things you were told at the lower levels were rubbish but now at the higher level you can be told the truth. Obviously it's more rubbish at the higher levels as well.

For instance at the lower levels you're told that there is a special star. At the lower levels you are told it is our Sun and at the higher levels you are told it is Sirius.

If you want to know which star it is the special star then read Wayne Herschel's book, The Hidden Records. What is so special about this star is that a group of entities came from that star system to Earth and made a massive impact on us. They gave us new knowledge and possibly restarted civilisation or at least took civilisation in a new direction. All of the major religions came from this event and all major secret societies came about because of this event. Secret societies keep knowledge hidden.

What's happened over time is that at the highest levels of the religions and secret societies, corruption and evil creeps in and Freemasonry is no exception at the very highest levels of it. The very highest levels of Freemasonry will link into illuminati, skull and bones, bilderberg.}

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My mother in laws feller is a Freemason,he has been for over 40 years i think, he is a decent feller i mentioned the conspiracies to him about the stigma with being a Freemason and he scoffed saying it is a load of bull,he did mention a lot of deals get done there but would not go in to detail,i have been with him and the mother in law and the wife to the buffs(something to do with charity )in bootle ,a load of freemasons there,solicitors/police/Councillors etc etc nothing out the ordinary but i agree with both edds untill you reach the top we would not have a clue what they are doing,a bit like a local councilor(not everyone) who do good work for the community its only the elite prime minister that it gets corrupt .

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Can't aggree with what you have said with regard to promotion in the armed forces being dependant on what blood lineage you are. that is absolute rubbish, been in the armed forces for going on 18 years and that is simply not the case. think a lot of people who post / believe the stuff on this site need to read the disclaimer at the top of the page, and not take it too seriously. good site though, if taken in the right context.


{Ed033's Note - I'm actually not wrong on the Forces part above. I don't know the exact rank it is that you can't go past if you're not within the 1% but there is no way you can be a General in the Army unless you are considered within that 1%

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What the ed has said about the forces is entirely correct as my older bro is in the army and he has been told this himself. Only sand hurst graduates go on to become top top army people
Huddz red

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I have been a member of the free masons in my local small city. I only lasted a few months.
I had my own business, a sucessfull business. I was asked by a friend to attend and meet with everyone.
We used to meet up on a certain day every week for breakfast . We helped each other out in business got each other within business. Got fed up in the end as people were more bothered about getting richer than really helping everyone else. A lot of snobs, upper class greed to be honest. MH

{Ed033's Note - Sounds about right. Essentially confirming part of what Ed001 wrote.

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The post about only being a top rank in the army if you have graduated from sandhurst. every commisioned officer in the army has to graduate from Sandhurst, like every officer in the navy from Dartmouth and every officer in the air force from Cranwell. so it stands to reason that the very top ranks will have graduated from these establishment - every officer has to

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The lad saying he was masonic and met every week is full of Sh....T. Good laugh though.

Red Rout

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To Red Rout,
Was that directed at me?
I can only comment from what I know. I have no reason to waste my time writing a bull comment.
As I have mentioned, We used to meet up on a Tues morning at a hotel in my small city. All it was was businessmen. We would look out for each other in business. There were fundraisers for such things like the local air ambulance etc.. but mainly it was businessmen trying to get more work coming in. In fact, if you have watched Only Fools & Horses, Its exactly like Boycie comments. They look after each other in business. All they care about is making money. Local businessmen etc.. I have no knowledge of any higher level or seen anything untoward. I cant say that I know of anything but that does not mean it does not happen. I can only comment on my experience. So if you are going to reply, do not spout your s*** to something you obviously know nothing about.

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Lodge business is done once a month in lodge. the only ones who meet more then this are master or past masters who are doing more then talking general business. without being formally introduced and then excepted nothing lodge related, even masons external business matters would be divulged to you. ever you chat some sh..t, the masons are sh..t or they dont under stand their own oath.

Red Rout

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I can only comment on what I know- I am not lying or pretending to be something I am not. Red Rout, you seem to know more than me, where the meetings take place and when. Can you let us know your involvement please as I have given my account. As stated, I lasted a few month but I am not an upper class type but in all honestly, was hoping to make some new business out of it. MH

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Of course only sandhurst grads go on to be top army officers. If you go into army as an officer, you go to sandhurst. Otherwise you start of as private, work your way through, some get commissioned while sncos.

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