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05 Nov 2013 15:18:52
just watched a interesting show about whether billy the kid got shot by pat garrett when he was young, and there is strong evidence that garrett was in cahoots with billy the kid to split the reward money for his capture then helps the kid in his escape, then years later there is a man nicknamed brushy bill who claims he was the kid, he had the same scars as the kid named his acquaintances that only his closest friends would no and even wanted a pardon for his crimes, so much so the brushy bill a old man in his seventies met the mayor of new mexico to see if he could a pardon, photo experts who do help the fbi and cia have compared billy the kids only legitimate photo and brushy bills picture have called it a perfect match died when he was 71 in 1950.

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I can believe that, but I also believe that for a lot of other people who are regarded as dead by the mainstream.
The world is big enough for a person with a bank to vanish. Atleast until someone uses their bigger bank to find them.

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I think that's what the movie Young Guns 2 was based upon.


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I thought that movie was based on the fact that the CIA is involved in drug trafficking as a means to fund their black projects and routinely take care of people who try to leak it.
Something like this but with drugs rather than charity:

Is this the man aka Bobby T. , aka Bobby B. , aka Bobby Beans, who spilled the beans?

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05 Nov 2013 12:47:06
Great song which has brilliant lyrics of thrush in this world is

Where is the love - black eyed peas


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Admittedly, it does share a lot of information but still expresses frustration.

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My bad Jonty, wrong movie. That's "2 Guns". Sorry for the post.

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05 Nov 2013 07:59:08
May sound a bit silly, but does any of you have any opinions on the Bermuda Triangle and the Loch Ness monster


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I watched something recently that suggested that there was Alien underground layers in several different locations around the earth. One location is thought to be the Bermuda triangle. It went onto explain that the reason for disappearances and other anomalies was due to Alien testing.

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05 Nov 2013 12:45:18
Quite fascinating, really strange dissapearances and all


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09 Nov 2013 13:32:46
I'd hazard a guess that the phenomena of the "Bermuda Triangle" is deeply bound to the ancient, untold history of our planet; history that MUST be denied us LEST WE FIND OUT WHAT WE ARE. pea

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