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05 Oct 2013 22:11:37
I see a lot of talk on here about Disney has anybody heard of Club 33 in Disney Land?


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Isn't that somewhere in Disney land that there's a doorway with 33 over it, most likely a free mason meeting place, and before making assumptions about them research them and you'll see there legit

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From what I have read it is a members only club costs $10K to join then $3. 5K fees every year, the upper floors and bar etc is off limits to the public, just seems a very strange place to have a private members club I am not sure what the conspiracy is just wondered if anybody has an idea why you would have a club like this in a family theme park?


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There are quite a few golf clubs in Britain that would cost 100k+ to join. So I'd say club 33 has no problem attracting members. A certain type of person will always pay for exclusivity. In fact most people will if they can afford it.


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That's true however you go to a golf club to play golf and have a bite to eat etc.

I find it strange that you would want to go to a small private members club in the middle of a theme park, maybe it is used for corporate hospitality like I said not sure there is a conspiracy in it just seems a little strange to me.


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{Ed002's Note - You need to understand the origins of the club and it will become clear.}

Ed002, is it something to do with Walt Disney being a 33rd degree mason?


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{Ed002's Note - No Ryan. Mason's would not advertise themselves as such. There is nothing sinister about it at all.}

Once met a guy who was very high up in a big organisation, based in USA (sometimes worked in UK where my friend works for his company). He reckoned that he and his CEO were both members, that it isn't particularly secret, just exclusive and the only place you can buy alcohol in the theme park. Still seems slightly weird but just seems like a place for people who can show off to do so.


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05 Oct 2013 20:38:23
America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free health care & without the guns? (Recommended)

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Ideally I would agree with you about the guns but I know I am in the small minority on this site about Americans having guns, whatever anyone says there is a agenda by their government to get rid of firearms but obama has bought millions and millions of military firearms (30 years worth) for home not overseas wars, what does that tell you?would you trust the american government?something is going there its not if but when martial law.

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I would have once been on the other side of that debate, but I now feel differently about gun ownership in the US. The US government's desire to disarm its citizens in not with their safety in mind. The US army is buying and stockpiling 3 million rounds of Soviet era Russian ammunition. This is the type used by most civilians.

The DHS is buying around 1. 6 BILLION rounds for Homeland security.

So if I lived in the US now, I would be very worried.


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{Ed001's Note - I have to admit, I am strongly against guns, but the circumstances in the USA do suggest something odd. I would be reluctant to be disarmed if I was there.}

Guns are part of their culture, they were always allowed guns, why is the US government trying to get rid of them now? Gun crimes are at there lowest it's just the media concentrates on all these "crazed" shootings.

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05 Oct 2013 17:26:33
I am not sure if anyone has seen it but, when I was in Rome, I saw not one but three new world order flags flying above buildings, didn't manage to get a picture as I was on a hop on hop of bus, has anyone else seen these flags in other places?

Freedom fighter

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Did they by any chance look like this?

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Nope, I will recognise the UN flag, it was a flag with a red background and all nations within the triangle really strange

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05 Oct 2013 11:58:57
Ed, can you explain your theory on what happened with titanic, was it a conspiricy, was it the iceberg? Or was it something else, frankyscouser, others and eds, opinions?

Doctor cat

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{Ed033's Note - The Titanic / Olympic switch is the most plausible answer, whereby they intentionally sunk the Olympic and said it was the Titanic, as shown in the below documentary link:

I've not got enough time to watch the whole video Ed.

If you've got the time can you give a brief summary of what the video says?

If not don't worry. Thanks,


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{Ed033's Note - I did above the link. Watch the documentary

Could it have been a genuine accident, but that they just didn't put enough life rafts on the ship.

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{Ed001's Note - no, because they knew there were not enough lifeboats, so at the very least it was negligence. It could have been a mistake by the captain, yes, but not really an accident, he was, at the very least, taking a massive risk running at the speed he was running in those waters. But, yes, it could have been human error, rather than a deliberate insurance scam, but we will probably never know for certain.}

But weren't there survivors from the titanic who would have verified that they were on the titanic when it sank? i'm confused as to what you're suggesting ed.

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{Ed001's Note - how would you know which ship you were on, other than because of what you are told when you get on and the marked items onboard? Would you be able to actually pick the Titanic out from a picture parade of it and its sister ship? I bet you wouldn't know for sure which was which, and it would have to be a guess. The suggestion is that they were in money trouble, the sister ship was less valuable, so they painted it up and put the blankets etc from the Titanic into it in order to pull an insurance scam. Not sure I believe it personally, but I can see why people think it could be true and I wouldn't rule it out entirely.}

Ok I get what you're saying, not sure I buy into this conspiracy regarding the titanic to be honest. There's just no clear cut evidence to suggest it was anything other than an accident. If we look hard enough for something we usually find it and I just feel people are clutching at straws with this one. All the physically evidence is conducive to that of a ship hitting an iceberg, this cannot be disputed. Whether or not somebody somehow deliberately engineered it is fantasy unless you can provide some hard-hitting facts to suggest otherwise. I believe Diana was murdered, 9/11 did not occur as was reported and the crisis in the middle east has been constructed by the west but I have not heard anything to suggest the Titanic didn't sink as reported. But I welcome the opportunity for you to show me what info you got mate

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{Ed033's Note - Before you make a determination, look at the facts and evidence first. Here are the facts and evidence in this video documentary (around 45 minutes long).

Hi Doctor Cat,
Here's something I posted on the subject almost two years ago:
Check out "Who sunk the Titanic".

Seems to be saying that the Titanic was sunk by pro-Federal Reserve Bankers (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, JP Morgans), to kill off all remaining anti-Federal Reserve Bankers (Guggenheims, Astors, Strauss'). Surprise, surprise, the Fed Act was passed only months afterwards.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes below is a link to a video presentation by John Hamer on the fact that part of the reason Olympic [as Titanic] was sunk was to remove opposition to the Federal Reserve

05 Oct 2013 11:18:15
this is a great documentary about Fidel Castro and the assassination attempts on his life, to be precise 637, this covers everything from the bay of pigs to the mafia, well worth a watch be warned some graphic footage of a execution shooting to Che Guevara pictures of him dead.

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05 Oct 2013 08:41:56
Hi guys and ed's,

Has anyone got any good links to the Denver Airport mystery. The scale of it, the underground bunkers and the symbols all point to something. Not to mention the disturbing murials.

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Jesse Ventura - Apocalypse 2012

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