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06 Apr 2013 22:58:03
for all of you ufo/alien believers I recommend watching dark skies movie, I have just watched it online on a free stream, well worth a watch

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Just started downloading it. Will have a look later this afternoon after Liverpool match.

Captain Needa

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I watched it yesterday, it's really good. Ryan.

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I saw it other day, the dad in it looks like lionel messi, I thought 'blimey not only is he an ok footy player but he can act!'
huddz red

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Good show Franky. So the message now is that the grey's are no longer good like Thor and the Asgard in Stargate. Best part for me was when they (and us) are told the Reptilians don't exist. That's what they want us to believe.

Captain Needa

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Watching that movie makes you think about children that go missing each year world wide, we assume they all get murdered or raped by pedos but what if some of the cases are like the movie?i have done a bit of research and a astonishing 8 million children (that are reported) go missing each year, mostly 70 per get found 20 per cent are found dead that leaves 10 per cent disappearing, now let's say for arguments sake 5 per cent are killed and hidden like brady and myra hindley, that leaves 500 thousand (remember the reported cases) 500 thousand kids under the age of 18 disappearing in to thin air, a sobering thought.

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8 Million? Holy f**k!

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Where did you pull that 8 million from?

Quote your sources please because I see an overpopulated planet and you're sat there stating that the solution is in hand; Aliens whizzing our kids off to intergalactic dinner tables just as fast as they can.


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06 Apr 2013 20:26:58
was thinkin the other day about scottish independence and that, well surely scotland would nvr b aloud to b truly independent? what I mean is britian and america have long been allies and the men behind the curtains (illuminati or whatever) surely can't risk scotland no longer bein a part of ther unholy alliance, as surely scotlands governing body surely must kno ther fair share of secrets ( war atrocities, spies, maybe even ufos) and tht surely the men in charge cannot risk any secrets being revealed to the public etc? a hope tht makes sense?


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I think most of these would be above all of the UK's government so it wouldn't make a difference. If there was any supreme Scottish ruler's they wouldn't become redundant because of this

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Very good point. Being Scottish and think I'm heading towards a yes vote I do wonder if we are allowed to be free. Here's hoping we can though and end London rule no disrespect to English folk I have many friends and family who are English and love dearly but I hope we can break free from Westminster

Good point mate?

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Irrelevent the banks own scotland like all other countries

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07 Apr 2013 17:38:08
But a yes vote wouldn't give you independence. Actually it would make it worse. Salmond's already said he'd hand over power to Brussels. You think they'd be any better than London? Your being sold a stack of lies to split the country. Who wants to split Britain up is the real conspiracy.

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Only way Scotland would be truly independent would be to set out as an independent country ie not Europe.

Float your own currency, not sure what that will be based on.

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06 Apr 2013 16:26:30
i watched this very strange video on a site today. and it was about someone called raymond elwood " ray-el" son of god ray-el is meant to mean. he was a hells angel helping out chicago (because it was one of most crime ridden cities in the world) fight against crime drugs gangs and others. certain people didn't like he was being a helper so apparently killed his family locked him and his mother in jail. then when he gets out of prison with help from the "templars" he's then saying he is christ the 2nd coming and he is causing all earth quakes tornadoes and actually acting out ALL prophecies from the bible.
now to my point. I think "the elite" are acting out the bible so when everything does happen ( project blue beam) evryone just let's it happen because we were shown it and told it.
it honestly stinks of mk ultra. mind control. but it also shows its getting closer to the final piece of bull


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06 Apr 2013 12:37:18
{Ed033's Note - UK Column Live - 1 day old baby "stolen" from mother by social services / police

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Sorry edd just got round to watching it, I am lost for words, what was the reason they took the child?for the farther to tape it implies he knew social services were coming round, I am going to post this on my twitter and facebook account absolutely shocking and disgusting.

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Ed whilst I found this information both interesting and informative it is not responsible or balanced, as we have no idea why the child was being removed from its parents. There must have been a valid reason as to why the child was being removed. I am speaking as someone who has helped two poor children who were removed from their mother as she was a drug user. And the children suffered severely under her care if you could indeed call it care. I fought for those children who now reside with their father who himself is a reformed drug abuser and the children are flourishing. I had many an argument with social care with regard to the children's condition when they arrived at my door especially the children's nurse the one that is meant to notice if the children are malnourished and up to date with their vaccinations etc. At a meeting. She tried telling everyone she had no concerns about the condition of the children which both of them were severely under weight and dehydrated, for instance one of the children drank so little fluid he urinated only once a day so he obviously couldn't wet the bed at night. so my point is some children most definitely need saving from such parents and as there is no information as to why the child was removed I find it wrong to post this information as no balance or judgement can possibly be made without such information being made readily available.
Cheers stuart

{Ed033's Note - I'm sure there are irresponsible parents but there is a bigger picture going on here that is not being shared, as usual by the main stream media. For every child that is saved, there are 100s of children removed for pure evil and monetary reasons.

Not only is there an agenda to break up families but the scam going on in the family courts is that when a child can be removed, the state (through us) pays out far more money each week than wherever the child is placed so someone gets to pocket the difference. Allegedly the government is currently doing deals with 3rd world countries so children can be sent to these 3rd world countries so the difference between what we pay for these children to be looked after for and what the 3rd world country is paid is much greater so whoever pockets there difference makes even more money.

Not only that, when children are put into care, they may get abused. Check out some pie n mash films on youtube

What seems to be happening is any excuse is used to try and take children away and the police, courts and social services are all in it together at the highest levels. Social worker attempts to wind up a grandfather of a child in order to get a "violent" response. With any "violent" response, the child can be removed into "care" without any consent from any guardian/parent

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Stuart no doubt you are doing your job for the right reasons but even if there is one case of this happening then it has to be shown, it has been more public the lengths these pedos go to with the jimmy savile case and no doubt this sadly goes on, I will be honest I thought they pick on vulnerable families who have some type of addiction or have a disability or simply are struggling to make ends meet, I hope we find out more about the couple in the video and exactly why they took the child off them, one more thing I have posted on my social network sites like brian gerrish says, we have to spread the word.

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I'm sure there was an entire housing estate that was targeted in the 80's where every child was put into care for no reason what so ever! So I can believe there is an agenda in place! Scary thought thinking our children could be put into care based on a whim!


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06 Apr 2013 10:46:22
ive been noticing/thinking recently about all the new films that are coming out and the media propaganda seems to be ramping up there output with films that highlight earths destruction (After earth, oblivion, elysium. etc)
and films that portray Americas destruction/fightback. (Olympus has fallen, every superhero film, world war z. etc
but the best one of all will be the north Korean issue
it seems like we are being fed images, news that make us think something is happening but I think there is an ulterior motive behind it

it just seem like conditioning to keep us in a fear state.

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Funny you should mention this as I was thinking something similar a few weeks ago regarding the amount of zombie based things that have been around over the last few years, 28 days later/walking dead etc.
Are we being made familiar with these things in the event that it happens? highly doubtful but you never know!

mike c

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Yes the zombie thing is intresting because there were certain councils in England that were found out to have protocols on how to deal with outbreak.
my girlfriend said something what I thought was funny but now it seem to make sense was that she thought the films were like subliminal training videos lol but in a way she has a point.
its just this day and ages propaganda

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Do not take any notice about the dead becoming cannibals think more about a epidemic that can kill you or a natural disaster/war all these zombie movies are based on how the people are fighting each other over food or territory, that's the message being sent on these movies, dog eat dog.

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There's what I call looking for something where there is nothing.

The reason these destructive/apocalyptic movies are coming out now more than ever is simple. The whole Mayan calender, 2012 prophecy generated ideas in filmmakers heads.

Then by the time one or two came out and were profitable, others jump on the bandwagon hoping to earn some coin.

The zombie thing has been around for decades. This has been cyclic since their mainstream debut back in the day. Again attributable to bandwagon filmmaking.

I'm not discrediting what you've said completely, it's just there is perfectly logical reasoning for this current trend, that's what it is with me. Another thing. It's becoming increasingly cheaper to attain good FX in movies hence ideas, that couldn't done before can be done now.

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When you said there is a perfectly logical reason, it does make sense but that's what makes me think that's the answer your made to believe,
there is a post above about mk ultra testing and this could be the new way of administering it through subliminal messaging. i. e 3D TV's
Imax projection, so many frame rate per second

look at the recent gun crimes in America and the way these people used persona's affiliated with certain movies.

yes your point about zombies being about for ages is valid but did it not start well before people were talking about 2012 mayan prophecies and that was about a certain god returning not people becoming undead

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link regarding zombies my rational opinion thinks not possible but more you look into it there is a plausible argument that they might try it, crazy as it sounds. Also last Halloween US government held large scale anti-zombie exercise on Halloween involving couple 1000 services personnel.


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