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06 Aug 2012 13:29:21
i was watching the film the bank job last night. Good film good cast. But something occurred to me. Firstly for those that haven't seen the film. MI5 find out a gangster has some compromising photo's of the princess royal and is using them as blackmail to avoid jail. So the spooks run a black op using a team of villains to break into the bank where the photo's are stored. In the end it all goes pear shaped and the villains do a handover of the photo's in return for passports and indemnity with the crown represented by Lord Mountbatten. Now my point is a lot of people involved in this seem to have died afterwards. Including two of the robbers. Now my point is as we all know Mountbatten was killed in the 70's by the IRA. But i wonder if thats how it really happened. I always thought the IRA had a policy of not hitting the royals and maybe something else went on there. Would be easy to blame the Irish or maybe get them to do it on behalf of the spooks. Ed's and regulars what do you think?

{Ed033's Note - This film, The Bank Job is based on a true story and yes they could blame IRA for anything just like they can blame Al Qaeda for anything.

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Fair point , but unlike Al quaida the IRA were real
and like it or not very efficient .


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Al Qaeda are real. American CIA funded their start up and I beleive probably still manipulate them..........


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There's loads of conjecture about how "real" the IRA was. In the sense of bombings, many believe attacks were planned by MI5. Sounds crazy? As crazy as Martin McGuinness shaking hands with the Queen recently?!

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"Al-Qaida,(sic) literally 'the database,' was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians," admits former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.
In other words, the so-called Al Qaeda, which has been promoted by the Media Cartel as the cause of all bombings and terrorism since the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, is simply a database of CIA trained "terrorists" (or "freedom fighters," depending on your perspective) which has become a convenient Global Boogeyman for the 21st Century.
robin cook died in mysterious circumstances.

{Ed033's Note - allegedly Robin cook was given a heart attack (by agents using a device that induces a heart attack from a distance) on a walking holiday in scotland. The same allegedly happened to John Smith (Labour Leader) when he was on a walking holiday in Scotland because it was probable that John Smith would not have gone along with the things that Tony Blair (John Smith's successor) went along with.

It's now ridiculous that Al Qaeda are now hailed in the media as the "freedom fighters" against the "evil" leader in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad

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You tell the people of Manchester that the IRA are not real and see how hard you get slapped down

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Mountbatten knew about ET's maybe this is why he was murdered.

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I wasn't saying that the IRA wasnt real just that they could have been manipulated by others

{Ed033's Note - The IRA were allegedly run at the top by a British intelligence agency probably MI6

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Ed it really wouldn't surprise me. OK the gunmen and the the rest are hardcore republican supporters and all that but it really wouldn't surprise me if the very top people were in the pay of the spooks. Not sure what the gain was for kicking off 30+ years of murder and mayhem though.

I mean its not like Iraq or Libya where there is a tangible asset like the oil, or Afghanistan and Syria which they want for their pipelines. (Not condoning it, just saying i can see the reason behind what they are doing, there's a clear objective, they have motive and means and a defined strategic goal linked to a material resource, like Iraq has oil, pipe it through Syria to Israel and the Med and avoid the Gulf and Iran, makes perfect logical strategic sense to me, very shady way of going about it.) But i digress i just can't see the reason for stoking up the Irish issue, what did they gain from it?

{Ed033's Note - The people who run Britain did it for control. If there is a bogey group that you pretend you can't catch, it means you can have cameras everywhere, you can record every phone conversation, you cn bring in any legislation you like for total control a bit at a time. If there is no bogey man group then there is no reason/excuse for any control legislation and the agenda is total control.

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True ed didn't think of all the cctv that mushroomed over the 90's.

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06 Aug 2012 12:17:06
Eds do you believe the recent stories that Adolf Hitler escaped Berlin?

{Ed033's Note - it was rumoured for a long time that Hitler was allowed to escape and he ended up after the war in Argentina and died in the 1960's but now researchers have proven it beyond any reasonable doubt in my opinion. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell is also now saying Hitler escaped to Argentina.

The latest book on the subject is by Gerrard Williams spending 5 years with military historian Simon Dunstan researching the book, Grey Wolf The Escape of Adolf Hitler. Read the book and make your own mind up.

New book claims Adolf Hitler escaped Berlin - Gerrard Williams brief interview on sky about his research

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In the same set of evidence, researchers have said they can prove Hitlers skull which is on diplay in russia is actually the skull of a woman. Its a big country with big boarders, it wouldnt have been hard for him to get out of the country with the right help if thats what happened


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Some of the evidence seems convincing would be interested in finding out more about this , but one question I have is why would people constantly lie about hitler being dead in this case , surely if the evidence is that good then they would want to hunt him down.

Real question I have is what do our governments stand to gain by havig us believe that hitler Died in that bunker ?

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Maybe the Uk mislead us of his death just to make the masses believe that justice was done what more could you ask for right? the man was gone it's over but now only to be dug up and disproved


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Lets face it he could have gotten out. I did once read a book (fiction) whereby his plane blew up so Bormann just wheeled out a double (would love to find that book again, can't track it down anywhere.)

Basically he had doubles, course he did, Monty and Churchill both used doubles apparently, and i'm fairly sure Stalin did as well, so its a safe leap to make to assume he had his doubles as well. He survived a number of assassination attempts back in the 20's and 30's so would make sense to have a spare so to speak.

So he could have slipped out with the loot that was never recovered already sat waiting in a nice safe anonymous Swiss account that he could access from his nice shiny new South American home when he wasn't hobnobbing with the Peron's.

I'm guessing that when we realised this we didn't it to be known that he had got away as it wouldn't look good. Either that or we were complicit in his getaway which i don't have the stomach to contemplate.

{Ed033's Note - The german people lost the war not the Nazis. Probably a deal was made with the Nazis. Part of the deal could have been a loan for the rebuilding of Europe after the war under the Marshall plan.

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Maybe Ed but i'm not quite buying an economic deal. I could maybe see some sort of thing inhand with Operation Paperclip, safe passage in exchange for scientific and technical knowledge. But Given that we caught most of the top leadership like Himmler, Goering etc i doubt we'd let him go. More likely he just got away and left the rest hanging and we were too embarrassed to admit it. I can't see anyone being complicit in helping him get away. ok the Vatican yes but no one other than that, its a sickening thought.

{Ed033's Note - obviously there is more to this story. There are rumours that hitler's father or grandfather was a rothschild. Dr. Jospeh P. Farrell in his research states that the Nazis had a weapon nick named Die Glocke (the Bell) that was a more powerful weapon than the hydrogen bomb.

It appears that the Nazis were allowed to keep all the money they had looted during WWII and under Martin Bormann this was used to start 100s of companies after WWII.

It appears that a deal was made whereby the Nazis were allowed to do their "thing" and would be left alone.

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