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06 Aug 2013 16:13:26
after watching the Peter Levenda video below and he is claiming our history should be rewritten it made me think that if you believe in a elite/illuminati call it what you want, have been running the planet for hundreds/thousands of years then all of our documentation has to be a lie from say the plague to the real reason of ww2 basically everything and we are all living in the trueman show, would like to know how everyone else feels that agree and disagree.

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{Ed033's Note - All of history that we have been presented with by mainstream is wrong.

I have always known something is not right about the world I live in but this is a matrix moment plus mainstream media thousands of years ago was something called a bible, enough said about that.

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Agree franky! Throughout history we are told who the evil ones were like hitler and bin laden but never look at how we as a country could invade say Scotland. rape, kill and pillage villages, how we could turn up in Ireland, set off fake bombs blame it on the Irish and just kill who ever they please! This was never brought up in my history class! All I got taught was the English conquered lands! Big pile of BS!

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History is written by the victors.

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Plus we have to look at things that we believe is the norm for instance is the moon real?and a real mindf--- is a episode from dr who that really stuck with me and made me think was about two enemies that fought with each other for thousands of years (they believed ) but they find out of the dr that their history is a lie and there war has been going on for 72 hours, this is going to sound absurd but if we agree all documented scribes/tablets/paintings are controlled by the elite then who is to say our history is not as long as we believe?just thinking outside the box guys ha

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Wow that is a real mindf---! It reminds me of the phantom time mystery.

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Mainsteram media is a cover up. everything is lies and half truths and they only show the news they want.

An example of this is a few years ago a older guy I worked with who had lived in this countrty for like 50 years went back to the Ukraine for a holiday. while he was there there was a massive phosphorus explosion on a train killing many people and creating a massive cloud of poisoions gas. which killed many many more. apparently it was a terrorist attack.
Anyhow when he got back he was shocked to find out that no one had heard about it.

Surely a massive train crash and poisonous gas cloud travelling across europe is news worthy?

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Mainstream Media is the 'medium', the 'median' that divides. It sits upon (or covers up) the proverbial truth-in-the-middle and deflects people away from reality. A good symbol for this is simply the hieroglyph 'Y' (Y's that, Y's guise?). Did you know that two to three thousand years ago there existed the Persian "Kingdom of Media"?
. 'Return of the Medi' (except they never really went away). "not so long ago, in a galaxy not that far away." pea

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06 Aug 2013 17:35:50
Coast 2 coast last night was about Aliens and underground bases. just thought some of u may be interested.

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D.u.m.b.s dulce, phil schneider.

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Yes Franky another interesting fella. Love coast though can't get enough. Veritas and red ice are ok as well. Been some good shows recently.

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Agreed mate.

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