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06 Dec 2011 19:04:26
Maybe more to come, another Earth like planet, Kepler 22-b


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Yes, there are thousands of earth like planets in our galaxy alone.

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06 Dec 2011 14:05:34
Edd what's your veiw on bill deagle claims? Frankyscouse

{Ed033's Note - i have listened to a lot of Bill Deagle in the past but I no longer take any notice of him. The guy has no credibility for me even though most of what he says is what other credible people are saying.}

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Bill Deagle? Who and what...........

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I agree edd,some things he has said seems credible but then he spoils it when he sez hes traced hes bloodline to moses and hes got god on speedial,hes deffo got a thing against the jews,when i seen hes interveiw he kept going back that he was related to moses like he was boasting,thats my view anyway. frankyscouse

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Anyone who thinks their related to moses, Jesus or god needs a hard kick to the knacker's


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Brought tears to my eyes

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I am related to god after all I was created in his image

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Well said MJ lol

Irish Red

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I am related to god after all I was created in his image
Show me 100% proof and i may believe you but your still gettin a swift one to the knackers


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I am his child, he dwells in me in his fullness. God loves you too and He can't wait for you to grasp it! He wants you to have eternal life (join him after your journey comes to an end on the earth). Its simple: by simply believing in your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he died for your sins and was raised by God to life and declaring with your mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life - you become a child of God instantly (destined for eternal life after death) and living a life of victories and success on the earth. Try it and your life will never be the same again. God is faithfull and trustworthy - way more than anything on this earth. {Ed001's Note - right, well imaginary beings tend to be what you want!}

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Hey! Christians! Do you know how and when your "holy" book was COMPILED? Maybe it's a sin to find out. Do you know about the destruction of the library at Alexandria by the Saturnian warriors? The same city of SATURN that created your religion. Wake up or shut up.


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06 Dec 2011 13:37:27
who thinks 2012 will happen?
i have made it an interest of mine to find out alot about it and i think the notradamus theory may be correct , also with the mayans , masons and egyptians leaving warnings its hard not to believe

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I'm pretty sure 2012 will happen, but i'm also almost sure that 2013 will also happen,

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Let's all just jump off a bridge now, what's the point of living if we are all going die next year anyway, we where all meant to die in year 2000 and it never happened, plus I wouldn't worry to much none of us will know as it will be over in seconds if it did happen.

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I think some volcano will explode, but i doubt it will cause the end of the world.

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Nuclear weapons have been around for some years now, how long before someone pushes a button.

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Almost all of what you have heard about 2012 ie Mayan stuff is incorrect. Such as the Mayan calendar ending in 2012. Saying the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 is like saying the Gregorian calendar would end in 2000. It was obviously just the end of a millennium and only the end of a millennium according to the Gregorian calendar.

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Why would someone push the button when they know it will end the world? That would be pointless and defeat the intention they set out to make.
It causes more unrest just having the threat of the nuclear weapons

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The agenda is to reduce the population. Nuclear strikes wipe a few people out.

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Yeah leaves sod all left for them to rule over.

say it kills a quarter of the population straight away.

Of the survivors about another third would die within 12 months or less from radiation sickness and all the other after effects such as contaminated food and water supplies. maybe in more than a third in the developed world.

Throw in all the accidental deaths, suicides, people karking it from the collapse of society etc. Again this would higher in the developed world.

So now we're down to about 50% of the planets population. The survivors of that would probably the the last humans as all future offspring would either be still born or have horrible mutations.

So what exactly would be left for the elite to rule over? Nothing.

they may be mad, they may want to trim the numbers of the herd down, but i doubt that they are mental enough to even consider nuking the planet.

Remember Turman saacked McArthur when he wanted to use nukes in Korea.

Remember the Politburo ousted Kruschev over the Cuban Missile Crisis when he thought of using them.

Remember the Russian split with the Chinese when Mao said they should ahve launched a nuclear war, after all 500 million Chinese would survive and thats all the world needed.

Remember Nixon's closet advisors reined him in when he said he woudl consider dropping the big one in Vietnam to force them to the table.

So their have been precedents where it has come close before and they have always backed away.

I believe this is due to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They saw the impact and realised it would be too destructive. If they had never been dropped in 1945 then maybe they would have used them in the 60's.

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