Conspiracy Talk Archive February 06 2013


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06 Feb 2013 22:15:54
{Ed033's Note - John Urwin, Super-Soldier recruited by the military to fight the Illuminati / new world order in the 1950s, part 1

Watched part 1 edd very interesting just watching part 2 now.


{Ed033's Note - Part 2 is more interesting.

Yeah edd scary interesting, everything connects to the middle east then and definitely now, will watch the rest of them tomorrow cheers 4 the link m8.


Watched the richard d halls interview as well, he seems very credible edd in fact a matter of fact about it, and he does not get drawn or lead in speculation he just replies "i don't know" I missed the gym because of you edd lol, I am tempted to buy he's books now, btw tried to watch a audio interview with kerry cassidy but I don't think she understood he's accent and it was hard to get in to that interview, anyone else check out this video.


{Ed033's Note - Probably the only way to know more is to buy his books or go visit him at his business.

Just watched everything I think about john urwin on youtube I think the guy is the real deal, even watched the project camelot audio interview, a bit hard to get in to at 1st but glad I stuck with it, I agree with the Michael casbolt statement at him being a fraud, at the time when I was watching the casbolt interview he mentioned about being being in fear for he's preg g/f and it did not make sense a trained so called killer being in fear which urwin pointed out, however I do not agree with him about barry king being hard to believe, anyways I am going to order he's books.


{Ed033's Note - James Casbolt is definitely not a super-soldier as he claims, imo.

Agreed edd what's your view on barry king?


{Ed033's Note - Kerry Cassidy makes determinations on whether people appear genuine. I think she hasn't interviewed Casbolt because she probably thinks he's not genuine so I would say that Kerry Cassidy herself must think Barry King is genuine to interview him. Obviously I don't know but what I have heard of him, he seems genuine enough to me.

What year was it filmed?

{Ed033's Note - The above video with John Urwin was filmed in 2012

Yeh edd same here barry king seems genuine.


But if this is the be all end all and he says he has shown someone what he can do. but nothing on film just seems strange that all these ultimate forces can't demonstrate their ability. its basically hearsay which is no different to the media coverage we get

Haha people like you want this proof and that proof, the guy has photos medals documents of were he was, sas guys have openly admitted that the guy is the real deal, he has e mails of groups wanting to buy he's knowledge, the middle east country invited him and honored him for what he did, and you want him to do he's stuff on camera to prove it to you? plus leave your name next time or I will assume your a flame thread.


10 Feb 2013 21:38:44
hes seems like the real deal. i'm a lot more interested on what happens after death and the frequencies etc and the aliens rather than the elite or illuminati. if his business is in newcastle then it'll only be a short bus drive for me to get there. definitely going to do a bit more research on him and buy his books.