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06 Jan 2013 15:23:33
Continuing from topic further down!


If you'd taken the time to read my post, you'll see I'm in no way a bigot good sir. I also never singled out any one religion (as they are all the same to me as there has been at least 4000 gods since records began, Apollo, Thor, Enke, etc...)
I was/am a Roman Catholic, but I chose not to follow it anymore, and luckily as it was Christianity I walked away from, there were no repercussions for doing so, unlike some other religions were the penalty for doing so can be death!
Also, I don't want to exclude my kids from the others, like I said, I really don't mind them learning about any religion/culture, as I do think there are some good story's with moral fibre in them. And just because people believe god or it makes them feel better, does not make it true!
As I was quite insulted as you called me a bigot, I'd like to ask you, who is your god? Muhammad, Enlil, Zeus, kalkugan, Jesus, Odin?



Ps! I'm sure that anyone from this site has read past posts of mine, they would agree I'm certainly not a bigot. I see every human being as an equal, with the right to believe whatever they like. All I'm saying is, when kids are taught religion, it should be made clear that it is only faith based and not factual in the slightest!

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I agree mate, religion shouldn't be taught in schools.

also if it isn't already it should be an optional subject.


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Good post jay i am also a roman catholic but like you have swerved it and any religion .

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I've said it before, religion is the biggest money maker and trouble causer ever.


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07 Jan 2013 18:22:23
personally i'd ban all religious teaching and religious schools.

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Great to see so many like minded people on here. Thanks for the replys/posts guys.
I'd like to say to the gents/ladies that have not agreed with some of our posts to reply with a rebuttal as to why they disagreed without a reply? This site is for discussion and debate, and you have every right to say your piece here, even though some may not agree with your views. Thing is, if you have the time to click the disagree tab, surely you have the time to reply with a decent response instead of just clicking disagree, or is there no solid response ready at your disposal?



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Oh yeah good idea ban teaching religion in school, how about we ban people from owning their own property as well and make everybody equal and I don't know we could call it communism that's a good idea

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Whats owning there own property got to do with a subject has caused wars since time has begun ?do you want schools to sing god save the queen as they salute the union jack as well?


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What you on about caused wars!!.
The biggest mass murderers have been secular atheists, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong. Many of the conflicts that are counted as "religious wars" were not fought over religion. They were mainly fought over rival claims to territory and power. Can the wars between England and France be called religious wars because the English were Protestants and the French were Catholics? Hardly.
But here on this site I would have expected people to be more educated, to know who the hidden hand is rather than blaming people for having a faith that they don`t have!.
Anyone who has any doubt who the hidden hand is, read synagogue of satan!!

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Seriously, is that the rd you wanna go down? Blaming all the bad things on secularism?
Lets be brutally honest, there is bad in the world, end of! It doesn't matter what your beliefs are, some people are just bad/evil inside and always will be. And what about the atrocities religion teaches, hate of gays, telling women they have no right to decide on abortion, women treated as second class citizens, death for penalty in some religions for losing faith, mother Teresa admitting she only helped others to convert them to Christianity and what about the disgust of the religion that told African people that condoms give you aids.
You see mate, there will always be bad in the world just as there will always be good. The thing about religion though, is it can make a perfectly nice person do evil things, believing they are doing gods will. It's quite sad really, some of these poor people will commit to a suicide attack in the name of a god, believing themselves they are doing the right thing. Sickens me that people can still buy in to it all so seriously.



Ps! To the poster who seems to have been quite angered by some posts here! Take a look at your bible, read about what Moses did after he came down from the mountain with the 10 commandments! Talk about hypocrisy! Lol {Ed001's Note - oooo Jay! There were no 10 commandments, there are a lot more than 10 mate. It just shows how little Christians know of their own religion that they refer to 'the 10 Commandments'.}

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There were obviously no 10 commandments ed, what I'm saying is, that is a story is a story in the people that has been championed by a few religions for generations. What I'm saying is here, look at this religious text, from a book that millions hold true and close to themselves, and look what the "hero" of this "story" done after receiving the 10 commandments. How can anyone read that and even suggest that the god who commanded this is any type of being to hold close yet alone worship!
So I'm sorry for making it look like I took that literally mate. I take nothing from any holy book literally as every single holy book on the planet has some sort of exert from an older holy story and so on.


Glasgow {Ed001's Note - don't worry mate, I was winding you up. Sorry, I should have worded it better to make it clear I was just messing around.}

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You're a bad man ed! Lol. You had me then!
Cant even think what I was trying to say at the start there, one to many "this is a story" anyway! Lol
Raging I can't correct that. Haha



Ps! Remembered, got spellchecked trying to write bible. Was trying to write that this is a story that in the bible that has been championed ...
So sorry to anyone who was unfortunate enough to read that bad, bad English! Lol {Ed001's Note - sorry mate, but I can't resist a wind up every now and then. I normally reserve them for the other sites, but the 10 commandments thing was just begging for it, especially as you were on a rant!}

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Fair play ed! Walked right into it I suppose!
Be treading more carefully I will. Lol


Glasgow {Ed001's Note - when it gets quiet, us editors often have to do things to keep us amused. We will have to start playing our change word game again. We used to pick a subject each day and change swear words to something related to the subject. It used to lead to some great posts, as people were really confused, especially as we would post up our notes including references to the subject as well. Sometimes I think people were worried for our sanity!}

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05 Jan 2013 23:34:06
In your opinion, which political system is the most corrupt? The UK or US? Explain...

Jag_reddog {Ed001's Note - I don't think you can make a distinction between which is more corrupt. They are both highly corrupt, it just manifests itself in different ways in each country. There is no political system in the world, to have ever existed, that humankind hasn't corrupted due to personal greed.}

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They're all corrupt, capitalism runs on backhanders. But then look at the Soviet Union and how that collapsed, the black market kept the country running for about a decade after it should have collapsed. Again it ran on backhanders. Any political system whether its capitalist, communist, socialist or theocratic eventually becomes corrupted, its human nature. People become greedy and selfish and think of their own advancement whether for personal glory or their own financial gain ahead of what they are supposed to be doing. Power corrupts as the guy said.

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05 Jan 2013 15:44:46

I read a story a few months back about Hitler and his plans.

Apparently, he knew about Zionism and the plans the movement had however he thought Zionism was Judaism hence the mass killing of Jewish people.

He thought if you destroy Jewish people then you destroy their plans.

As far as I can see he had the right idea however he just completely cocked it up when it came to going after the right people (the most important part).

The story did say however that his mind was warped by various different books that he read but his original intention was to fight Zionism and create his own new world order however it would be a free world order.

The story went on to state that the media and education system have completely twisted his intentions and his image.

Now, I'm not an expert I'm just passing on a 'theory' that I've heard.

I'd like to just point out that what he done was beyond wrong. I'm not condoning his actions at all. What I am saying is that he done what he done because he thought he was fighting the right people...

Ed, posters, etc. have you heard something similar to this at all? {Ed001's Note - considering he was little more than a German Army spy, at the start, I personally believe that for a long time he was operating under orders. It was only after he got power, in my opinion, that he began to develop his own ideas on how to run the country. The anti-semitism was a part of the brief right at the beginning, more because the army were always arguing with prominent Jews and wanted to break their power, for me.}

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Weather he meant to kill the Jews or mistook them for Zionism... Surely it doesn't matter which religion!?!? He still would have massacred millions of people had he had alliances the zionists wouldn't he, so how would it have been any less of a outrage?

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So he had the right idea in exterminating people just had the wrong ones? Sorry but i think you've totally misphrased that there.

Also if you read Mein Kampf you wouldn't be saying anything about "a free world order" it would have been anything but if you were a non-German.

The Ed is correct in that he was at the start just a spy for the German army. Corporal Hitler was drafted in on assignment to infiltrate a small socialist party in Munich and report on their activities. His report was that they were just a bunch of windbags who sat around debating rather than actually willing to take any action and the Reichswehr had nothing to worry about. Under encouragement he took over leadership of this party and swung it dramatically over to the right. This even alarmed some of his own backers in just how radical Hitler actually was.

A lot of Hitlers ideas were not original and borrowed from a lot of sources, Darwin, Nietszche etc. I've heard him called the last of the Victorians as a lot of his guff was the same pseudo-scientific clap trap spouted in the late Victorian era. And all that stuff about grabbing territory and creating an empire.

His main thing was to fight Bolshevism, who's main leaders had been Jewish. Zionism as it was understood at the time, he might actually have supported as it was the campaign for a Jewish homeland and would have meant getting jews out of Germany and Europe away from where they were a "problem"

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