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06 Jul 2012 12:58:19
this is a a related post about the girl who claimed she was possessed and stabbed and killed a school girl last summer,my mate has a high position in a mental health hospital and he is a sceptic in fact i tell him about this site and he just laughs, anyway threw out the years he has told me about people claiming that something is taking them or going to kill them,he reckons about 95 per cent of cases are threw drug related or depression issues , the 5 per cent of cases he finds weird and he thinks they are just nuts basically,a few cases were a woman claimed she wanted to die because she was terrorised by the devil and has tried to kill herself numerous of times to a man who claims he goes on journeys in the sky and cant take any more ,they all get sedated and restrained if it gets bad then logged on the computer
,but the strangest case i have been told is(i wont mention any names or places)a overseas male was admitted (which is normal sometimes) but in this case the man worked for the government of he"s country he was well spoken and very very intelligent ,not a normal case my mate said,anyway this man claimed he was being followed by men and strange phone calls were made to him, anything connected with he"s job and there was odd things happening to him anyway to cut a long story short it affected he"s private life and lost or was made to step down(not sure) anyway he was there a few days then when my mate started work he was gone,he asked the staff nurse that worked the night shift were was mr x,he said a few men in suits with documents took mr x,so by law if a patient admitted in to a mental health hospital has to have proof when they leave that they are going to another hospital or a relative or anywhere for legal reasons(in case the nhs get sued) nothing, my mate told he"s boss who interned got in touch with a top nhs manager who done a few checks and said its ok he has gone to a private mental hospital which is plausible my mate said but its very very strange and has never happened in he"s 25 years working in the mental health profession,anyway my point is prob 2 per cent demons/abductions/government agencies stories are being classed as nutcases or psychopaths.

Read about the old lady who was travelling in a car with four of her relatives and a few pedestrians who got radiation burns and sickness when a bell shaped UFO flew over where they were travelling.
A similar thing happened to this old gal who was admitted to a normal hospital then referred to a specialist unit where a doctor was seeing to her.Anyway a short time after being admitted the doctor says men in suits came with paperwork and took her away.Then he asked to see which hospital it was and the paperwork transfer (done between all hospitals ie sending medical records) had been wiped or not even sent.He said in his entire career this has never happened he said sure sometimes misplaced but never untraceable.
Anyway this lady eventually died from her injuries which were well documented by family members who say she was placed in a weird building not a hospital but like a segregation sort of thing.
Other family members were pretty bad as well with radiation sickness and townspeople said that black trucks suddenly came in the night and retarmacced the road where scorch marks had been left.
this was later confirmed through core samples taken by their local council authority who hit a brick wall when trying to find out who had been authorised to just tarmac their roads.
Ever since this doctor starting to leak out pictures he took he says people have been buging his phone make of it what you will but pretty weird.

does anyone else heard about this it was a pretty big story when released.

Kopping a feel

I have read that or a similar case, i think the case i read happened in the late 70s or early 80s and a a young boy was in the car with relatives.

This bloke I was working with few years ago mentioned when he was younger, there were 13 kids in his family so his mum & dad could only send one of them to grammer school so his older brother got packed off to this posh school became fluent speaker in german got a job workin for the government got shipped off to germany to spy on the german war machine & report back his findings, on returning to England he divulged all his info that the germans were actually well armed & quite powerful, on hearing this the government shipped him off home, whilst on his journey home he was arrested at Lime street station for crimes against the nation & was banged up in solitary confinement in Walton so he couldn't speak to anyone & was classed as clinically insane, so this sort of cover up has been going on for years.....CM68

Wow even for my imagination this is a bit too deep,but entertaining none the less

red blancmonge

Ha cheers edd love this site.would'nt be here other wise..

red blancmonge {Ed033's Note - great, glad you like the site

So what do u think they (who ever they are) are trying 2 cover up....

Red blancmonge there were documentaries and everything it's a pretty famous case in fact that is how I heard about it by watching the documentary where the doctor finally goes round the rest of the family and does residual radiation tests and the Council do the core samples and try to find out who retarmacced their road.

Kopping a feel

I no it was just a tv programme but does any1 think there is some truth in the event. Or is it only me or do other people want there 2 be some truth in it with the world getting so boring now a days?

Say the names you heard please

Say names of who?