Conspiracy Talk Archive July 06 2013


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06 Jul 2013 08:00:53
This question is mainly directed at Ed033! I've seen you've posted a lot of good links and wrote a few posts on mind control and subliminal messages transmitted through media and advertising. And would love your opinion On what you think they use this for? Only reason I'm asking is I watched Derren Brown where he mad a member of the public a nobody really decided to rob an armoured vehicle just because they heard a piece of music! Made me thought if he can do that to someone in a week what could the government do with months, years or even decades?


Ed033 in your opinion, are the people that run these democratic governments - prime ministers, shadow ministers etc. aware of what is going on with the elitist agenda or do they truly believe they are in charge of policy, law making powers, taxes etc. in their elected regions?

Do these people think they are doing what is in the best interests of the community or are they simply elected on the basis of being trusted to follow the elitist regime?


Melbourne CFC

If you'd allow me the chance to pick your brain a little more, in your opinion what do you think would be the outcome of 'waking up' the masses? Could the world still be considered civilised or do you think it would cause mass paranoia, no trust in authority, and world war 3/4/5?

Melbourne CFC