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06 Jun 2012 22:38:19
Went to see Prometheus the other day quite an intresting film about how they believe we where manufactured by another species

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Seen it myself. have to say deeply dissapointed

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Thanks for that spoiler mate.


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Lol jr

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Its not a spoiler jr, its in the synopsis i think

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06 Jun 2012 16:26:43
Bilderberg Group ?

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At least there is some mainstream media coverage, the guardian covered it, no bbc or sky, mind you if the bbc or sky said it was Wednesday , i would check a calender, lying ba*tards....

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Wearechange etc organised "occupy bilderberg" last week I think, there's allsorts of coverage of it on youtube and the like................


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The Bilderberg group is basically the New world order or supposed NWO.
They are a group of the worlds most elite who meet at a wooden cabin probably just to Blow each other and sacrifice a male virgin to their god MONEY.
Bunch of inbreds .

Kopping a feel

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