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06 Mar 2013 22:13:16
{Ed033's Note - Take Back Your Power, Upcoming Smart Meter Documentary - Official Trailer

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06 Mar 2013 21:57:46
i urge everyone to watch a documentary made by a Irish film crew about president Hugo Chavez a man I don't know a lot about and to be honest I will research more about in the future, I will give you a backdrop on the video america were Venezuela's allies due to it supplied america with oil and the rich elite who ran Venezuela before Chavez got in to power, once Chavez was the leader he decided to increase the price of oil to the united states and spread the wealth to the whole of Venezuela then surprise surprise the USA condemn Chavez as being another militant dictator (sounds like gaddafi to me) anyway just watch it would love opinions from everyone including edds.

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Great shout Franky,

This documentary was shown twice in one week over here it Ireland when it was first aired, such was the amazement with it. The amount of interference by the US that is evident in the show is an indication of the nefarious ways they do 'democracy' within US circles.

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I watched 'The war on democracy' which began speaking about Chavez then covered the 'forced democracy' which the Americans applied to most Latin American countries. A very interesting documentary, the ignorance of the CIA is shown, when one of their cronies is asked questions, his answers are frankly embarrassing and just shows their mentality. Definitely recommend watching it on youtube

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What played out in Venezuela in 1992 mirror images what happened in Libya and now in Syria all countries supply oil and when they wanted america to play ball and pay there fair share the next thing these countries are accused of human rights issues against there own people and being a threat to world peace with having a so called dictator running there country, its groundhog day all over again, I do hope Venezuela people elect someone credible and not a puppet elected president.

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Supposedly Chavez' right hand man will be next in line, hopefully there's no messing around with the election and he gets it. The normal people of the country, will certainly not want one of the other, American affiliated politicians gaining power. If they do manage to get an American puppet into power it will be a sad time for Venezuela, dragging them back years into poverty, whilst the corporations make lots of money off of the peoples resources

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Amen boozy amen.

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