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06 Oct 2012 22:52:13
look I dont care if you believe me or not, I seen two white flashing lights over the south west scotland and northern ireland area, it happened on two seperate occasions within 2-3 mins of each other over a very clear sky, just thought I would let you know and if anyone else seen anything please post

Well, I've not seen them in Scotland, not that I don't believe you. I've seen some very odd things in the skies at times. I'm an amateur astronomer & astro-photographer so as you can imagine, I've seen some odd things.
On the night of August 15th for example, while trying to photograph some of the Perseids meteor shower, I saw an orange dusky light, about the height of a high-alt passenger jet, zig-zag it's way from south to north across the sky. This thing made no noise and disappeared in a matter of seconds. This sighting was made on a quiet beach with no light pollution and no laser shows or nearby clubs with powerful outside lights. It wasn't a meteorite as they don't zigzag and you can hear them burn up. It wasn't a satellite, I've seen and photographed a lot of satellites and they behave differently in the sky.
I can also see the South Downs from my lounge window and just last night there was a multi-coloured pulsating light hovering over the Downs. It couldn't have been a helicopter as you can hear them, & this made no sound before it simply disappeared. We do have a small, close local airport, but both of these objects were not associated with that as it is a mile West of my location. We can see aircraft coming in to land at Gatwick on a clear night and you get to recognise the flight-paths and the flashing wing and underside lights. These objects had neither of those. I'm not saying they were definitely UFO's but it is unexplained and I know the dusky orange zigzag has been seen in Burnley too.

There were reports a few them according to tom slemmen (Liverpool ghost and UFO writer)that seven reports of a disc-shape UFO flying from the north 1.20am this morning, passed over Anfield, Old Swan, Wavertree, Halewood, Runcorn hours Saturday ,never seen nothing myself but was not looking , just passing on what i have read.

Tom Sleman writes great stories


True Aaron.