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06 Sep 2013 22:07:21
I have just read this on another site, thought provoking, so I'm off to try to find out for myself. I thought that some of you may know more about this and I would appreciate anyone providing some links, etc. Thanks in advance and this is what I read :

Back in 1969, a man named Herbert Krugman conducted a series of experiments regarding the effect of television on a person's brainwaves. What he found was pretty startling:

Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person's brainwaves switched from Beta waves - brainwaves associated with active, logical thought - to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.

'Beta' is considered a normal, awake state, while 'Alpha' waves are experienced in a deep relaxation or 'daydreaming' state. When in the Alpha state, a person is subjected to a passive learning experience with the right side of the brain at the wheel, leaving critical thinking skills behind.

TV effectively numbs the left side of your brain and renders you helpless to your right brain which is incapable of decoding and critically analysing the information being presented to you. Essentially, you go on 'auto-pilot'.

Thus, everyone is put into a hypnotic state that author Wes Moore says, "produces highly functional, mobile bio-survival robots." There's a reason he dubbed television an "opiate of the masses."
TV, programs us. We tune in, drop out and stop asking questions.

Incidentally, have a look at how much it costs to place an advert on tv and then try to tell me that Krugman is wrong!

copied from the Propaganda/Public Relations /Mind Control topic, because this is why we can't wake people up. Less tv, more reading and talking!


Like I have mentioned a few times for the last 3/4 years I have barely watched any tv apart from the odd exemptions and footy, another example is when you have a holiday, you communicate more and interact more becoming more aware, television should be renamed tunnelvision.

07 Sep 2013 11:58:46
te-levi-sion; the evil noise? Eh no, Murp? pea

I hardly watch TV either, it was a gradual thing and not a conscious decision I made.

If in the house myself (a luxury) I normally don't have the TV on. Love the peace and quiet.

I don't mind the football

08 Sep 2013 15:59:24
To be honest most of the time there's hardly anything on, its wall to wall reality s****, cooking shows or crap fly on the wall documentaries exploiting other peoples misery. This week sees the return of x factor, a quest by nobodies to become famous, and then we have the auditionees themselves. I watch the football, I like a good drama or police show or thriller, I usually watch films or a star trek dvd. I like gardening shows. Soaps I avoid. Mort

Surely the cost to have an advert on television is relative to a) the potential number of viewers at any given time ie prime time b) The specific audience you wish to target and to certain channels they may be designed for ie kids channels etc and c) the amount of time per advert will last and for how often you wish it to be shown.
as for being in auto pilot whilst watching the tv, I don't doubt that watching television may alter your brains state but I don't believe that this is due necessarily to the actual technology intentionally being designed to do this. logically peoplein general watch a tv to relax. its a passive pastime if you like. you sit, watch and listen while the information is fed to you so you don't have to think about it. if you watch a film you become engrossed in it but all the details are being fed to you. if you read a book you have to imagine the scenes, you build a world in your head. I play a lot of video games, it requires a tv (sorry to sound condescending!) but even though the sounds and images are still fed to me I need to think, to react. to a degree its not like watching a movie or tv show. i'd argue you can't play call of duty or fifa on auto pilot. just a thought, maybe i'm playing devils advocate but I just don't go for the ides that tv is used to control you in this way. sure news and certain tv shows use propoganda to sub conciously control people but not th tv itself. RedLeigh75

09 Sep 2013 12:51:07
The student fish said, "What is this 'ocean' you speak of?". pea

Funny, after reading about the t. v on this page one of the small ads has a cartoon person glued to a t. v with the caption 'its easy to let things slip during the holidays'. lol yeah now we know why.