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07 Apr 2012 22:02:42
The borders should be illegal instead of the people

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07 Apr 2012 21:07:21
if there was no calender and no clock i think life would be a lot easy and less stressfull,no worrying about getting to work on time, birthdays/when to eat /when to get up etc etc does anyone else think that who ever runs this world has prob has created a calender to keep us regimated.

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In this day and age we have to work to survive, companys wouldnt be happy when there employes show up whenever haha, we need money to live but we should never live for money thats where alot of people go wrong!

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Thats my whole point if there was no calender i dont think we would need to work for corparations,it would be more tribal.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - the calendar is mostly there for the benefit of farmers mate.}

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People who hunt for food or grew it have threwout time knew when to grow food when to hunt,might have something to do with the pinal gland a few of the posters mentioned,and the tribes in the amazon untill a few years ago b4 they were discoverd just used the sun as a guide, some interveiw i watched mentioned we are inslaved and restricted by the concept of time,if there was no time or clock it would free our minds.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - the calendar is just a way of setting out the sun's timetable. It is hardly enslavement mate. It is just a way of making it easier for us to understand even when we can't see the sun.}

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You have to accept edd that especialy the western world we are obsessed by time,people chat about not enough hours in the day to do this and that, and lets just say the calender is done for everyones benefit(farmers etc)how do you explain every wild animal and insect on earth?to me its engrained in them they rely on sences not a calender and clock to know when hunt/eat/move/sleep,
which brings me bk to the pinal gland theory were we are told its time to get up,time to eat etc.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - no, that is not the calendar that is at fault, that is humanity abusing the calendar for its own ends. Doesn't make sense to get rid of it, you might know when to get up, but how do you plan crops? I mean if you don't know when Spring is you will end up like those flies that come out as soon as there is warm weather and get wiped out in the next frost. That would be what would happen to the crops.}

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Agreed its to late now to change anything,my belief is when ever the calender was drawn up was to get us regemented,i watched something on youtube that new year was in march/april and the vatican changed it, not sure why,but anyone celebrating new years eve in april were laughed at as idiots, hence april fools day, now when u have religeon mesing around with calenders it makes u think why?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - you are mixing up a tool with the use it is being put to. A calendar is just a tool, no more.}

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Lets say edd we agree to disagree,i am not denying it does help but i think its more than this than meets the eye.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - yes, the way it is used. But the calendar itself is a useful tool, it would be stupid to get rid.}

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